How to Grow Beard Fast?? Is it possible?

Want to know How to grow beard faster? Just dont use trimmer or razor dont experiment That’s it!

That’s all there is to it!

…or so most men would have you believe.

The fact is there is a lot to learn about how to grow beard, if you are into style – which I know you are.

Do you want to learn how to grow beard faster naturally? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. There are millions of men, just like you.

Men who are looking to speed up beard growth rate and even stimulate new growth on areas they normally can’t grow facial hair (this is possible, and thoroughly explained in this post from start to finish).

In fact, a study showed that 77% of the men in New York without a beard, would gladly grow one if they could. Stats like that clearly indicate that there’s a real need for some actually useful beard growth tips.

It’s not a coincidence that a lot of these men suffering from what can be called “beard envy” resort to fake and scam beard growth supplements and other products like growth oils, beard growth serum, and what not.

How effective are those you ask?

Well, to be perfectly honest. Most do nothing but suck the money out of your pockets.

Does this mean there’s nothing you can do to help your beard grow faster naturally?

No! Despite the fact that some snake oil salesman’s guarantee wasn’t able to help you grow more beard, it doesn’t mean that nothing else would work.

In fact, in this article of nine fastest and most effective ways to make your beard grow, you are going to learn exactly how to gain more facial hair from the comforts of your own home.

And this is no basic “use our beard oil, drink water, eat some protein” unhelpful info either. All of these beard growth tips are backed by science.

Growing A Beard: Tip #1. Give It Time


It’s really the first and foremost step. The good news is you’re simply required to NOT shave.

The bad news is waiting…and waiting even more. Does anyone like to wait? No. But growing a beard takes time and patience. There’s no shortcut to it.

It’s important to know that the hairs grow at different rates. You’ll notice more thickness on certain spots earlier on because of this. But don’t be alarmed or tempted to even them out.

It’s all part of the process. Also, note that your beard-to-be can feel itchy in the first 1-2 weeks. It’s the reason why many guys stop and go back to shaving. But if you’re determined…you’ll man up and tolerate the discomfort (with the help of beard oil or a similar product). After that period the beard becomes softer, more manageable, and far less itchy.

Tip #2. Groom the Beard

One of Eric’s motivations with Beard brand is to abolish the stigma of beards and bearded men. Not all guys who have beards are “lazy” or “unkempt.”

There are guys who grow beards and take good care of them. Well-groomed beards – if you read up on the science of facial hair – can actually make men look mature.

Beards are pretty much the second batch of hair on the opposite end of the face. If you groom them just as well as you do your hair…you’ll come across as more mature, more responsible…and more powerful.

Here are some basic grooming products Eric recommends for first-timers:

  • Beard Oil: It helps deal with flakes or itchiness in your beard; keeps your facial hair moisturized and smelling great
  • Soft Goat Scruff Softener: It makes the stubble softer (as well as more kissable for your partner) during the early “stubble” phase of your beard
  • Boar Bristle Brush/Beard Comb: Use this to undo any tangles on your beard before leaving the house

As for trimming your beard, there’s only one major rule you should follow – do NOT trim too close to the area between your chin and neck. The beard’s overall structure needs a good base. If you leave all the hair on that region too short, it can look a little odd or incomplete.

Tip #3. How to Get a Beard Fast? Sleep More, Exercise…

Exercise that’s right to naturally boost your beard growth.

When it comes to any bodily process, one should start from optimizing certain lifestyle factors.

You know, daily habits like these. ↓

– Consider sleeping more. Many of us neglect this nightly task, but studies have shown that men who sleep for 8 hours have nearly two times the testosterone of the guys who sleep for only 4 hours per night. This will definitely have an impact on your natural beard growth rate.

Tip #4. Eat Right to Speed Up Beard Growth Rate


To help stimulate new beard growth, you have to dial in your nutrition.

This part is not going to bring quick results as minoxidil does, but it will slowly improve your growth rate and enhance all the other steps mentioned in this article.

Eating right is necessary to sprout hair from beard follicles, as well as be optimal for the production of beard growth hormones.

You may have heard the claims that since hair is mainly protein, a diet rich in protein is the way to go.

Instead, a diet heavier in carbs and fat, with medium protein appears to be best for the production of DHT and testosterone, and therefore optimal for speeding up your natural beard growth rate.

Tip #5. Some Supplements Can Promote Beard Hair Growth

Many wonder that what is the answer for

Are there supplements that promote facial hair growth?

The answer is yes, but the ones that work are not the ones with “beard” on the label.

There are at least ten scientifically proven compounds which stimulate the production of testosterone and DHT and thus make your beard grow faster at the same time

Tip #6. Enhance the Good Parts of Your Beard

The truth? There’s virtually no right or wrong way to grow a beard.

There are different styles of beards you can experiment with. You can choose to go big and wild like Santa Claus (without the white colour) or you can try a neat version with shorter hairs and straight lines.

Maybe your moustache grows nice and thick. Or a goatee goes perfectly with your jawline. Or distinct sideburns can complement your hairstyle. So, you’ll want to check for the “lush” areas of your facial hair early on. That’ll help you decide which beard style to go for.

Remember that it’s no big deal if you attempt Style X and then realize it doesn’t work. Why? There’s a good chance you’ll easily find a Style Y or Z to switch to. It can be a matter of trimming here and there…before you’ll end up with something more suitable.


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