How to dress for prom which matches your date?

You have a date, a time and a place — now you just have to figure out how to dress for prom. You don’t have to perfectly match your tux or suit to your girl’s prom dress, but you certainly don’t want to clash. Talk to her beforehand to make sure you have a plan.

First the two basic thing on how to dress for prom!


1.Keeping Styles in Sync

Check the school’s dress for prom code. Creative black tie, black tie optional and semiformal all offer options other than the more formal “black tie.” If your date chooses a dress for prom rather a long gown, you might go more casual, too — even a suit and tie might be an option, sometimes with sneakers instead of black shoes if you want a quirky touch. If she’s pulling out all the stops with a formal gown, plan on a traditional tux and black tie, with black jacket and matching trousers, and black or white vest or cummerbund.

2.Color Matching

Firstly, match your tie or vest to her dress. Don’t just play with colours, it can cause a really embarrassing moment. To overcome this just ask before hand the colour or if you are already close just go shopping with her. If she’s wearing a neutral color, there’s still plenty of room for originality — “Seventeen” suggests a white-on-black bow tie, all-black tux and shirt or even gray instead of black if she’s wearing a white dress. Remember united we win, divide we fall, just leave the style to individual.

What Flower Does the Boy Dress for prom?

Although prom is highly anticipated, it is also an anxiety-inducing event with a long list of decisions — selecting a tux, getting shoes to match and choosing the appropriate tie. As if prom-goers need one more thing to worry about, there’s the matter of the traditional boutonniere. Don’t stress, because selecting the proper posy isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Prom is the most anticipated event of the year for the final years of high school. The moment won’t return. So, you have to look your best. Everyone looks forward to the prom and its post prom party.

But you know there is a big pressure to look best on that day. 😀

Dress for prom can be really tricky to choose!!!!!!

Relax and take a deep breath……

Getting dressed for prom is fun. And there’s one simple trick that, more than any other piece of advice, will guarantee that you’re one of the best-looking guys there:

So, here are the tips on how to dress for prom.

Clothing which makes a proper dress for prom

1.The Jacket

Tuxedo-style jacket plain black with shawl collar.
The lapels or collar can be faced in black satin or left the same surface as the jacket, though the former is more traditional and a bit sharper-looking.
If you plan on wearing a boutonniere flower (which I recommend), make sure there’s a working buttonhole for it.

2. The Trousers

Match, I repeat match your clothing. Match your trousers with jacket.
There should be a stripe of satin (the same satin that’s on the lapels) down the outside of each trouser leg. You can choose to use suspenders, that will give a classy look and not using belt.
Don’t use cheap suspenders which will expose themselves while dancing.

3. The Shirt

Plain white with a stiff vertical band (called a placket) in the centre where the sides join. The buttonholes will be holes on both sides, fastened with studs rather than sewn-on buttons.

4. The Tie

A plain black bow tie. Take the extra five minutes to learn how to tie one yourself, rather than using a clip-on.
It’s about as easy as tying your shoes, there’s easy how to guides online if the rental outfit doesn’t come with one, and it’ll look much better. People will notice

how to dress for prom

5. The Shoes

You easily rent out shoes, but I think as a fashion blogger, you should own a pair of classy black formal shoes. Because they are the time pieces which will come with help.
A night of dancing is a tough way to break in shoes you’ve never worn before..

Things to remember on how to dress for prom.


1.Rent a tuxedo or get a suit jacket.

Prom can be a very formal event, so choose according which you can get better tuxedo or suit jacket. An actual tuxedo jacket will make you look sharper, but suit jackets are the cheaper option.

If you do go with a tuxedo, rent instead of buy. Tuxedos are expensive, and since you’re still growing, you’ll probably only wear this piece once.


2.Choose the color of your tuxedo or suit jacket.

It’s a known fact black goes with everything. You could also choose different colours to stand out more like white or navy. For example, if your date wears black dress, you could choose black or white. If your date is wearing white, you an stand out by wearing navy or black.

You could also choose more bolder colours like maroon or green, but choose accordingly with your dates dress for prom.

match your dress

3.Match the trousers to your jacket.

Trousers should match your jacket. They should be of the same material, if it’s a tuxedo then pants should have satin strip down each leg.

Just for change instead of belts try out suspenders, they look more stylish, they work better than belts.

4.Choose a plain white dress shirt.

Nothing can beat a simple plain white shirt. Just wear a white shirt collared one, it will classy and stylish and nothing overdo.

If you don’t want a traditional look, choose a shirt color that compliments the color of your date’s outfit instead of white.

Remember to take cuff style into consideration. Barrel cuffs are simple and the most common on buttoned dress shirts while French cuffs are a little fancier.

5.Wear a boutonniere.

Plan ahead before anything. Talk to your date what flowers she likes and does flower colour matches her dress for prom.

Your flowers should complement the color of your dress for prom. Example, red flowers goes with black outfits.


So, wear a plain white pocket if you are wearing suit or tux, to complete your look.

Whatever you choose to wear, good luck — and remember that the most important part of your outfit is your demeanour and your respect toward your peers and your companion for the evening.

So, these are my tips on how to dress for prom at its best! Have another point to add for how to dress for prom? Comment or mail us! Feel Free.

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