By the success of the John Wick Chapter 3- Parabellum ( which is indeed an awesome movie), and the surprise on the E3 2019 , this is how Keanu Reeves becoming everybody’s favourite and stole the heart of everyone in the E3 conference.

Wonder what this 52 year old do!

Keanue Reevs as Cyberpunk

Keanue Reevs as Cyberpunk

The actor is the darling of social media today, with exploits of his charm and nicety off-screen adding to his mysterious allure

The year is 2019. The world is in the grip of Endgame. Even such summer blockbusters as Godzilla, Pikachu, Aladdin and others have paled beside it. Against all odds, we have one man, unflinching in the face of the Marvel cinematic might, who has managed to win over the Internet time and time again. This 21st-century Internet phenomenon is none other than Keanu Reeves. Some would know him better as Neo – ‘The One’ – from the Matrix trilogy, that first catapulted him into super-stardom.

So who is this marvel of a man and why has the Internet today become ground-zero for all Keanu-centric content?

In over thirty years, Keanu Reeves, who is now 54 years old, has had a diverse career in the entertainment industry. In his career, Reeves has acted in a number of movies and has proved himself to be a versatile actor. Among them are, John Wick series who’s third installed released last month and another is his hilarious cameo in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe.

Keanu reeves in John Wick chapter 3

Keanu reeves in John Wick chapter 3

There are lots of memes for the actor on twitter –


#KeanuReeves stealing our hearts

— Alhanamatata (@alhanamatata) June 13, 2019

Continuing to be the man of the moment in reel and real life, the public love for the deep-voiced actor has reached a fever pitch. And now, the actor is being dubbed as the internet’s newest boyfriend.

However, Reeves has been clueless about the whole thing. “I’ve been what? I didn’t know that” he told People. “That’s, uh, that’s wacky. Well, the positivity’s great.” said the actor adding, “It’s really special how John Wick was embraced, and working on Always Be My Maybe, great, you know.”

Meanwhile, the fourth installment of the film has already been announced for 2021.

“You have served. You will be of service. John Wick: Chapter 4 is coming – May 21, 2021,” Variety reported.

However, No other details were revealed by the Hollywood studio.

The first John Wick movie opened in 2014 and collected just USD 90 million total, while its 2017 sequel made USD 172 million lifetime. Parabellum picks up right after the events of John Wick Chapter 2, where Reeves is in a desperate lookout for partners to help him survive the international killing contract of USD 14 million.

The name Keanu, which in Hawaiian means ‘cool breeze carried over a mountain’, fits him to perfection. He carries an aura of tranquility on and off-screen that has endeared him to millions. This year in particular will go down in history as “The Year of The One”, with fans across the world gushing over the Canadian-American’s many exciting projects.

These include his return as the ‘Baba Yaga’ John Wick – an indestructible super-assassin who is driven by a deep fondness for dogs in John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

“Hehehe… puppies,” exclaims Keanu with a glimmer in his eyes, as he plays with pups during an interview. Keanu as John Wick reflects the Internet’s obsession with dogs, which is one reason the blockbuster action flick reached great heights at the box office.

The ‘Matrix’ star’s surprise entrance at this week’s E3 Gaming Expo was greeted with thunderous applause as he announced his presence in the upcoming CD Projekt Red video-game, ‘Cyberpunk 2077’.


WATCH: Keanu Reeves gets heckled in the middle of his speech at the Microsoft #E32019 conference for “Cyberpunk 2077”

IDK about you guys, but we agree with the audience member ❤️ #HomeRun995

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“Walking the streets of the future is breathtaking,” said Keanu, as he talked about the game. “YOU’RE BREATHTAKING!” screamed a fan, leaving him blushing. He then responded with a prompt “No YOU’RE breathtaking! You’re ALL breathtaking!”

A few moments later, sort of laughing, Reeves asked the crowd to let him get through his lines. “Alright, alright, alright, I got to finish this!” It seemed a genuine moment for Reeves and the audience.

“They were so nice to him and everything, he was really blown away, which I thought was cool,” Spencer said.

In a press conference packed with news of new games, new technology, new hardware at a show designed to celebrate technology, it was the off-kilter, slightly taken aback appearance of Reeves that stole the show.

“I was talking to him before he went out and I was trying to explain that this isn’t going to be like another corporate gig,” Spencer told Variety. “I said, ‘You’re going to go out there and the fans are going to go crazy.’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, that’s cool.’”

Spencer said Reeves spent his time in the green room checking out “Cyberpunk 2077.” Reeves appears in the game as one of the title’s main characters.

“He was in there with CD Projekt Red looking at the build of the game and stuff and then he just went out.”

It was immediately obvious that the reaction to his appearance on stage sort of startled Reeves. Fans jumped to their feet screaming.

A still from Speed

A still from movie Speed

“I think he was kind of blown away by the response,” Spencer said. “And I loved how we just wallowed in it. and then when he came back off he was just like, ‘wow.’”



Young Keanu Reeves 1987

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No wonder why Keanu Reeves becoming everybody’s favourite. Because Matrix looks.

Last year, it was announced that the studio and Starz are developing a spin-off TV show titled The Continental whose executive producers include both John Wick franchise director Chad Stahelski and Reeves.

This is the reason why Keanu Reeves becoming everybody’s favourite!!

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