13 Healthy Mens Hair Habits for Daily routine 2020!

With so much of pollution in the world, you are bound to take care of your hairs to make them stay healthy for long period of time or else you would be having hair loss at a young age. So, today I will be giving you tips on healthy mens hair habits for daily routine you should include for daily routine!

#1 Get Regular Haircuts

All experts agree on this: Avoiding the salon is not going to help you to grow more hairs, rather the dry dead ends, will hinder the growth of hairs.

I recommend a trim every six to eight weeks. Yes, these healthy mens hair habits for daily routine will give you better healthy hairs.

#2 Avoid Hot Tools

If you insist on blow-drying your hair every day, be smart: Don’t concentrate the highest level on your hair for a long time. “

#3 Take care of your scalp just as much as the hair that grows out of it.

A healthy scalp is essential to hair growth. If you’re dealing with dandruff, speak to your dermatologist about ways to remedy your itchy, flaky scalp. Some quick tips: Shampoo every day with a formula that has zinc pyridine. And use a product that has salicylic acid in the ingredient list to exfoliate flakes away.

#4 Don’t over-wash your hair

This might be a very common mistake by almost every person, is that washing your hair quite often. Just stay limited to twice or thrice a week and always condition your hair. This will ensure you healthy mens hair habits which will long lasting.

Did you know I have already made an entire blog about how to keep your hairs healthy and that blog has completely different content. Do check it out.

#5 Dry your hair gently, don’t rub it

Just after a shower or any other water activity like swimming your skin gets a little tender than usual, so try to be gentle. Don’t just start rubbing them out, after you come out of shower. Go soak some sunlight to dry them off or do it very gently, don’t scrub, pad on them. This will not put stress on the scalp.

#6 Wash Your Hair with Raw Eggs

This might sound bit of weird but people have been using egg yolk as a natural hair treatment from as early as the 11th century. Nowadays, people are still doing it.

Unfortunately, there is little research to prove this, but it’s hugely popular as a natural remedy. There’s logic in the chemistry – a key component of egg yolk is sulphur, which is an essential component of hair.

So, does above points seems to be true, then make sure to read the whole healthy mens hair habits for daily routine article to keep your hairs healthy for longer.

#7 Deep Conditioning

Guys like Simon Baker and David Glover have thick, voluminous hair that’s tough to beat. None of it lies flat, it stands and keeps a soft texture.

Can every guy do this? Yes, with a deep weekly conditioner. Use a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. The reason for this is that sulphates strip the moisture in your mane and leaves it vulnerable! Adding that weekly conditioner in will give it a bit of an extra push toward perfection.

#8 Protect your hair from chlorine

When I used to take swimming classes, my coach would always say this first that, “go wash your hairs before you enter the pool”, I didn’t understand what he meant by that. But then after some research I found out that, the chlorine in pools can be extremely disastrous for your scalp as it causes your hair to become dry and brittle. So, to prevent dryness of your hairs and scalp, moisturize or wash your hairs with clean water, alternatively, you can wear a swimming cap.

#9 Use less products on your hair

Too much of anything is bad. Using too much of any hair product will make your hairs look dried or you can even start to have hair loss. I would suggest you to not use any unnecessary products but if your job like modelling still requires it, you should definitely follow all the tips I have been giving you in this healthy mens hair habits article.

#10 Protein-Rich Diets

Since hair strands are mostly made of protein, then protein naturally aids them. The more protein you eat, the better your hair grows.

#11 Avoid tight hats

Caps and hats have the purpose to avoid sunlight or just very little to style. So, don’t wear a tight cap. And always for girls making tight ponytails can cause serious damage to your hairs and can cause hair loss, permanently.

#12 Take a cold shower

Cold showers actually block the blood capillaries in scalp. So, don’t take a cold shower but that doesn’t mean that you can take a hot water shower, that will make your hair very weak.

#13 Stay natural

Don’t colour your hairs if they are already weak or don’t colour them every one month that will obviously make your hairs weak.

So, these are my tips for healthy mens hair habits for daily routine that you should definitely try out.

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