50+ Best Hand Tattoos for Men 2020

Outside of the facial tattoos or the prison tattoo, gang tattoo or something like that, no style of body art gets more attention than the hand tattoos for men, forearm or arm tattoos. Previous we have covered forearm and half sleeves tattoo, but in this article, we will cover 50+ best hand tattoos for men 2020.

While stigma around the visible tattoos have been fading away in recent times, hand and finger tattoo still remain controversial topic but if you work in an environment where there is on issue of visible tattoo then you can get one no worries.

Many artists won’t do the hand tattoos for men and fingers because they require frequent touch ups and also, they fade very quickly.

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While many artists the love freedom which hand tattoos provide and style on the hands and digits can exemplify when etched with skill and design smarts.

Hands are the one place other than neck and fade which can’t be covered up or concealed. They need to be fragile or not offensive and be ready to confront society with confidence and commitment, but they are growing to be the best tattoos ideas of 2020.

mens tattoo ideas

Hand tattoos for men can represent many things from personal message to a quote or anything that you want to have like a memory, you can get a tattoo of it on your hand. Many cool hand tattoos for men are also motivational or inspirational, taking a meaningful message beyond the strength and masculinity the man holds. However, many times, it’s just to show off the art work.

Whatever is your reason behind to get a hand tattoo, in this article, we have gathered the most awesome and the best hand tattoos for men. On top of that, some of these small hand tattoos, will connect your whole arm or even flow to shoulder or chest or back or even neck too. So, check out the whole article to check out the sickest hand tattoos for men 2020.

Hand Tattoos with Meaning

mens tattoo ideas

Cool Hand Tattoo Ideas

In this article, you will some of the best hand tattoos for men collection, these works of art are deserved to be seen. From small and simple to more colour’s fun to tribal to traditional Japanese tattoos, we’ve put together best tattoos for the back of your hand.

This is very important if you are planning to have different tattoo ideas for your left and right hands. These are the perfect hand tattoo ideas for you!

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Another consideration you should have when you are getting a hand tattoo is the overall maintenance and the aftercare of the tattoo. You have daily contact with your hands with different objects, exposure to air and sun almost all the time, you wash your hands frequently (you should its pandemic time) which will inevitably cause your tattoo to fade or blur. This might get you more trips to tattoo parlour.

Each finger, each hand can be used as an individual canvas that relates to larger idea, you can illustrate with designs on the knuckles.

You can get from a special ring finger tattoo or a larger design from forearm to shoulder, or 4 different small design on each finger, there are endless possibilities.

mens tattoo ideas

Now that you know all about tattoos, here are the best hand tattoos for men, so that you can get your first tattoo inked. These unique hand tattoo ideas will surely get an idea for your own meaningful and fresh tattoo idea!

50+ Best Hand Tattoos for Men 2020

Tribal Flower with dot work

Very simple and cool design. This is a perfect option for your first tattoo. And it’s amazing. Look at the detailing of the dot work of this tribal flower design.

hand tattoos for men
Eyes, flowers, and symbols

With the fantabulous idea of having eyes on your hand, might freak out someone but those flowers and symbols are a match too! A special hand tattoo for women.

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Nightfall dot work

If you are a night person and wonders what happens in the magical night, then this is the design which you are looking for. Get ready for the wolves, UFOs and the night’s dark side.

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Sharp black rose

Just like a rose design, this black rose design is very sharp and looks more audacious. This is a great design for someone look likes black colour.

hand tattoos for men
Clock and rose Hand Tattoo

With this combination of clock and rose, this becomes an absolute masterpiece of design and art. A lovely rose that fits with clock.

hand tattoos for men
Japanese Hand Tattoo

Traditional tattoos like of Japan are very famous. Japanese tattoo designs have been around many centuries and hold many deep symbolic meanings. Among the most classic one is this one, which consist of bright colours, bold lines and striking patterns.

You choose from variety of designs like snake, or even a Samurai – all encapsulated with the culture and its origin. Importance and significance. Work up from ink from hand to sleeves for the ultimate impact.

hand tattoos for men
Buddha Hand Tattoo

Find your inner peace and strength with this beautiful and calming Buddha tattoo. An important symbol of Buddhism, this well remind you daily to feel grounded and straying true to yourself. Find an artist which really pay respect to the emblem of the faith, as it holds value for people. With this beautiful ink, you will surely show off it all the time.

hand tattoos for men
Dragon Hand Tattoo

With so much history of dragons throughout the world, this mythical creature represents many things like wisdom and power. A dragon tattoo is great art if you want to get yourself inked. Hands holds your strength so it becomes perfect sport to showcase its resilience. A traditional Japanese design will have the perfect idea how you want your dragon tattoo. It’s a very popular choice for lovers of classic tattoos.

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Star Hand Tattoo

This star hand tattoo is such a beautiful design. With symbols which represent strength and energy, fight against the darkness and ability to shine out from rest. Add a bit of sparkly to your design with detailing and shading and this will become the ink which will you surely show off a lot.

So, these are the best hand tattoos for men you can get for yourself. Do you have a hand tattoo? Then show us, tag us in your story to get a feature!
Bracelet Hand Tattoo

A cool replacement for your expensive bracelet, no? which you will never fear of losing. You can choose a lot of design for your bracelet hand tattoo. A series of line to single line to covered patterns and shapes.

hand tattoos for men
What does a hand tattoo mean?

A tattoo on your hand doesn’t mean anything, but the tattoo itself hold the meaning. However, both hands have their own significance with right being dominant, sun, mercy and left symbolizes emotion, moon, justice.

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Is a hand tattoo a bad idea?

A lot goes on getting a tattoo, and specially on a hand. As the hand is exposed all the time, it will be difficult to cover it up, while in your office. Some office environments prohibit getting inked. Although, tattoos are becoming more of mainstream, but they can still hinder professional progress. Hand tattoos for men are more prone to infection, damaging and fading as they are constantly under air, using them most of the time. Additionally, skin is exposed to sun, early aging, which can affect the integrity of the colours and design. Plus it will be hard to hide a bad tattoo, which you got while being drunk.

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How painful is a hand tattoo?

There are many bones, tendons and nerves which makes it very comfortable. As far as pain goes, hand tattoos are on the painful higher side. It’s the body part you use a lot, which can also make the aftercare a lot difficult and take much longer. So, yes, hand tattoos for men hurt a lot, but not more than head or neck.

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How much does a hand tattoo cost?

Rate of every tattoo artist is different, some charge by hour, some charge by size. Depends upon the artist experience, popularity and exposure. Approximately $120-200 per hour on average. Your hand doesn’t have much canvas, and you probably be getting a small tattoo, so it won’t take more than 1-2 hours to draw.

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How long do hand tattoos last?

Tattoos are generally permanent, but the thing is that their colour, detailing and design gets fading by time. As the skin is very different component from rest of the body and is prone to air, aging, sun damage this make your hand tattoo fade and blur faster. Within a year colours starts to fade, but you can re-colour them from your tattoo artist

mens tattoo ideas

So, these are the best hand tattoos for men you can get for yourself. Do you have a hand tattoo? Then show us, tag us in your story to get a feature!

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