Starting to notice your receding hairline? You might try many products but sometimes luck is just isn’t with you. So, instead of making it an insecurity try to cover it up with a hairstyle. In this article, I am going to show you best haircuts for a receding hairline.

Most people give up and takes the defeats and start to forget to take care of their hairs.

And I get it––no man wants to have a receding hairline. But it’s also not as big of a deal as some people make it out to be.

A receding hairline has become very common type of hair loss. But not all has to shave it all. Whether its just starting up, it might stop before it gets bad. In that case you can easily deal with a hairstyle which cover ups your receding hairline. this guide will show you the best hairstyles for a receding hairline. From a taper fade or undercut on the sides to a buzz cut, crew cut, comb over, or mohawk on top, there are a number of good short and long hairstyles for men with receding hairline.

The good news is that this first phase of hair loss is the easiest to conceal. Just grow hair longer at the front into short or medium bangs. Versions of the classic Caesar haircut is a major trend right now. Camouflage isn’t the only solution though. The peaked hairline is interesting to look out and can be embraced with a buzz cut or slicked back hair.


If you have a receding hairline, you basically have three options:

1) Shave it all off and go bald.
2) Hide the receding hairline.
3) Accentuate the receding hairline.

Best Haircuts for Receding Hairline

The best receding hairline haircuts include the buzz cut, crew cut, comb over, faux hawk, slicked back, messy styles, mohawk, spiky hair or a clean shaved head. You’ll quickly notice that guys have many receding hairline styles to choose from, and hiding a deep hairline really comes down to proper styling and using good hair products.

While there are different types of receding hairline, we’ll provide examples of these classic and modern hairstyles to help you find the right look for you. Here are the most popular haircuts for men with a receding hairline.

3 Basic Hairstyles for Receding Hairline!

Short Hair

I think short hair are a great option has I consider you don’t have a really bad hair fall too. There are many options for short hair like buzz cut, crew cut with side swept hair tape into your receding hairline.

An extreme solution might be to just shave your head. While a clean-shaved bald head doesn’t look flattering on everybody, for men with masculine facial features, it can be a sexy choice.

Long Hair

This one is really difficult to pull off. Long hair can be harder to maintain for obvious reasons. However, there are definitely long hairstyle you can style, with ofcourse don’t mix it up with hair loss.

A classic long hairstyle pulled back for a bro flow or man bun is another stylish idea. You’ll need to experiment with different long styles to see what looks good on you.

Clean-Shaven (The Ultimate Solution)

Eventually clean shaven may be the ultimate solution for most men, many men look really great and manly in clean shaven look. If you have really bad hairline and have the face shape to pull this one, go ahead and have this and be badass.


#1 High Fade Haircut for receding hairline

High fade has been in trendy styles for a long time now. You can try high fade if you just have started to have receding hairline.

#2 Old School Comb Over hairstyles for receding hairline.

If you can grow a good beard but its better to concentrate more on beard than your receding hairline. That will get more attention and you can easily cover your hairline with that.

#3 Angled Fringe + Messy Styling

When first signs of receding hairline come, start growing hair longer. This cool short hairstyle for thinning hair has longer hair styled into angled bangs int a stylish way. One of the trendiest hairstyle for men in 2019.

#4 Short brush up Haircut for a receding hairline

Short brush up, just a basic hairstyle if you get late to work where ever. If you have short hair, then this is your go-to hairstyle.


If your receding has out gone out of control then this is a great option to start with. Super fashionable and stylish. Modern pompadours have been taken to new heights (literally) but you don’t need a ton of volume to get a suave pomp.


Got kinky hair? Then this medium fade is perfect option for you. Kinky are naturally very think and lush, so you will have some hair on top of you.

#7 Thin Brushed Back haircuts for receding hairline

Don’t think as your are suffering for receding hairline, you might have written off your chance to be stylish. Its bit of harder to work with, but, the answer to it is this – Thin Brushed Back hairstyle.

best haircuts for a receding hairline 2020

These best haircuts for a receding hairline 2020 can also be sustain with good hair products with enables growth of hairs.

#8 Ivy League haircuts for receding hairline

Ivy league is a kind of crew cut with some length on the top. It doesn’t necessarily have a side part. It minimizes the appearance of a receding hairline and big forehead. The textured cut and style are totally on trend for this year.

#9 Short Combover Fade Haircut for Thinning Hair

Short combover might the seen the staple hairstyle for receding hairline but its much better than reputation it has. With proper styling and cut, it might become your favourite hairstyle!

#10 Slick Back + Quiff

Slick back is a dapper style with a short-medium length haircut. any gentlemen experiencing receding hairline, this is for you my friend.

#11 Crew Cut hairstyles for receding hairline

Crew cut is already a great hairstyle to begin with. Even if you don’t have a receding hairline, you can still style it. Its short, easy and cheap to maintain. The sides are usually pretty short and not much long at the top.

#12 Mohawk

The mohawk is styled by shaving your sides completely. It might sound drastic (it is). But this way your hairline won’t be vulnerable. But make sure the mohawk is short. As long as you get a mohawk with trimmed sides, you can customize the shape, width and height of the hair on top any way you want.

#13 Faux Hawk Haircut for receding hairline

Good thing about faux hawk is that you don’t have to take drastic step to shave your head from sides and back instead makes it short-faded hairline

#14 Side Part

If your hair is receding from one part of your hairline then you can just side part the opposite side to counter it. This way if styled properly, the gentleman’s side part haircut almost takes advantage of your deep hairline.

#15 Mid Bald Fade haircuts for a receding hairline

A mid bald fade is a really great option as it’s a low maintenance cut that keeps the head cool during warmer months. And perfect if your hair is thinning.

Check out these Hair growth line products that might help you get your hairline back!

Well, ofcourse there are many products to make your hairline better, but why not take a first step with proper haircut and be proud and not ashamed of yourself! So, did you find a haircut that suits you?

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