The 9 Best Hair Products for Men Hairstyling 2020.

Before clothing, I think the first good impression is of a great hairstyle. With just hairstyle correctly, your appearance can increase at incredible amount. Whether thick and unruly, shiny, short or any other hair, there are always hair products that will get you most of your hairs. So, in this article I will show you the 9 best hair products for men hairstyling 2020.

If clothes truly do maketh the man, his hairstyle should be recognised as the single most important accessory to completing this transformation. Whether thick and unruly, shiny and slick, short and rigid – one’s hairdo of choice often says more about a man than what he wears, says or does. Having said that, one can hardly be blamed for getting lost in the overwhelming shuffle of hair products that easily inundate our favourite store’s shelves.

Different Types of Hairs.

Straight Hair

Not many people are blessed with straight hair. There is no limit to usable hair products. Mould to any hair styling with almost any product. The think to worry is just how much shine and hold you desire.

Curly Hair

best hair products for men 2020

I have curly hairs and if I don’t use products then, it can go out of control and when it does (might wanna cut it asap). However, for a little control, applying a styling cream would do great. You might also consider a mousse for definition, texture and a healthy-looking appearance.

Short Hair

hair products for men

The beauty about short hair, they are easy to maintain. Mostly all hair product works just fine. Just consider hold and shine to suit a chosen look.

Thick Hair

Yes, there are people suffering from thick hair, where not many products can get hold of. A stronger hold styling product is required to maintain desired hairstyle. Pomade or clay is great choice to start with, depending upon how much shine and hold you require.

Despite there being a plethora of men concerned with hair loss, believe it or not, some men do ‘suffer’ with thick hair. Thick, weighty and dense by nature. A stronger hold styling product is required here to maintain a chosen style. A pomade or clay is your weapon of choice, depending on your required shine.

Thin Hair

With thinning or receding hair, to get textured and volume might be difficult. But don’t worry there are always solutions. Choose a lighter, water-based styling product to avoid weighing hair down. Wax, pomade and clays are heavier and often oil-based, which will bind hair together, making it looking thinner. For that reason, these are best avoided.

The 9 Best Hair Products for Men Hairstyling 2020.

#1 Hair Paste for Mens Hairstyling

For short and medium hair, paste is your best option. Get a hold of your paste, which suits your hairs. It is also re style able controlled hair when applied to towel-dried hair, meaning your style won’t feel suffocated despite the paste’s all-day staying power. It provides medium hold and light shine on dry hairs and high hold and medium shine on applied hair.

BluMaan hair paste. My personal favourite for best hair products for men.

#2 Clay Styler

Clay is a very versatile styler. Dry your hair and use the clay to get both hold and shine. Clay gives more texture than any other hair product. But it is not re-workable. So be sure you don’t need to wear a hat or anything which disturbs your styling. Clay gives a medium hold and low shine when applied dry and high hold and medium shine with applied on damp hairs.

Firsthand Supply clay hair styler – Buy from here 

#3 Styling Cream

If you have longer hairs than usual then styling cream is best suited for you. It gives feather-light look. It gives neutral feel and coaches everything into a specific direction. Cream provides light hold and light shine too.

Fatboy Boss Dog Styling Cream

Fatboy’s Boss Dog Styling Cream is a lightweight barely-there formula. It has a strong enough hold to tame flyway’s but won’t leave your hair feeling packed with product. Described as a hybrid styling gel/cream, the formula contains hydrating sunflower seeds and ingredients to shield your hair from harmful UV Rays.

Buy from MR PORTER

#4 Gel

Back in the days gel was highly popular but for a great reason. It delivers a strong hold and plenty of healthy shine. Choose a gel which provides conditioners to avoid a heavy “crispy look”, which can cause heavy unwanted residue. There are many different varieties of gels available in the market, make sure to suit your desired outcome and hair type.

Ofcourse to use hair product you need to know which hairtyle you want to have, read these to know more – best mens stylish hairstyles , haircuts for receding hairlines , long hairstyle for men.

#5 Hair Spray

Hair spray is a great option to hold your hairs intact. And for good reason, it offers the perfect balance between hold and volume.  But remember don’t overdo it, otherwise the residue will settle on the hair and will look bad.

Schwarzkopf Glued Blasting Freeze Spray: This provides strong hold, to fix a chosen style in place all day long. Schwarzkopf claim your hair will metaphorically freeze – until the next shampoo.

#6 Pomade

Pomade is one of the classic ones to be on this list. Original hair styler, delivers generous amount of hold and shine. Slick style that last for long.

Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade: Malin + Goetz Hair pomade a classic one to hold styling without hassle of residue and heavy-feeling hair.

#7 Lotion

A lotion is great for those who wants control over there hair, with a natural look and not like styling product. This gives a slight definition to your hairs. This gives a perfect look with styled look with minimal effort.

American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion: Best suited for thin or fine of different lengths, results in a perfect natural look. This is an excellent choice for those who want light control in their hair without using a lot of styling product.

£15.90 from AMAZON

#8 Texture Powder

Texture powder, doesn’t necessary gives texture but gives a lot volume to your hair. Take a small amount in your palms and distribute into your hair, make sure your hairs are dry. Try to get from roots of the hair to top too. It’s just a layering product, so just make sure to apply something heavier after like a mousse.

American Crew Boost Powder: gives a powerful matter finish, increase thickness and gives an instant lift to hairs. Just sprinkle it lightly and evenly on dry hair.

£15.20 from JOHN LEWIS

#9 Mousse

Mousse has not been a very popular choice for men but a foamy mousse will surround hair strands properly with compounds called polymers. This provides a fuller appearance. Many mousses specifically formulated to thicken fine hair; this makes it perfect for hair to start thin up top.

Moroccan-oil Volumizing Mousse: This designed to achieve a full volume and lift. Its flake free and doesn’t makes hair look that anything is applied on it. Its flexible and holds the hair a lot longer. It contains the argan oil and other good hair chemicals for healthy-looking hair.

These are my recommendation for the 9 best hair products for men hairstyling 2020. Tell us if you have any other suggestion for hairstyling.

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