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20 Top Grim Reaper Tattoo for Men

Just a glimpse of grim reaper can scare anyone. Many people fear him. The grim reaper represents and is a pure personification of death. In several cultures, it is depicted as a robed figure with a long scythe. Obviously, with his association with death, the grim reaper is often connecting with negativity. In this article, I’ll tell you more about the grim reaper tattoo for men and what they represent.

With the darkness and the covered with black cloak, covering his skeleton figure and a scythe in hand to creep you more, it’s easy to get frightened by grim reaper’s presence.

Grim reaper didn’t make an appearance to the world until 1947 in England.

Since then, many people and many myths surround to have claimed different meaning but for the most of part, all revolve around the death.

grim reaper tattoos

What does grim reaper tattoo meaning?

Black colour has got lot of darkness, it’s your way to take it as you please, but with the skeleton of grim reaper, the black cloak, symbolizes the morning and death.

Not to mention his tool, the scythe, though some myths claim he carried a spear or crossbow. It should be a tool for cutting grain and grass, it serves as an eerily reminder of yet another year of death. Plus, think as crops are harvested, so are the souls make their way to the afterlife. It’s getting creepy right? Beware for more.

 grim reaper tattoo for men

If you are still here after reading the article, then my friend you got guts, then I consider you need more than a simple symbol of death, complicated grim reaper tattoo for men. For that, you can have grim reaper, riding a ghostly horse. This portrayal has roots in Christianity, where death as being one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However, grim reaper tattoo for men like that you require a much bigger canvas are such as back or chest area.

And for the pose? You can decide which way you want. Read the article further to have more ideas for grim reaper tattoo for men.

grim reaper tattoos

Okay, so, creepiness increasing, according to stories and myths, when a person is approaching to his death, grim reaper comes for that person, to sever ties between his soul and physical body.

This is why, in many illustrated drawings, the grim reaper is often shown in background, when person is about to die. With Greek mythology, Atropos, one of the Moirai, cuts threads when ending lives of mortals. Some says, grim reaper is responsible to guide the soul to heaven or hell.

As there, presence might not be the most charming but grim reaper tattoo for men are great and creative piece of artwork that it never appears to be repetitious and ubiquitous every time you see. The detailing of the artwork and superb quality of the work makes these tattoos very attractive and interesting.

So, as you know I have got a collection of creative and unique grim reaper tattoo for men, that have out of the box ideas to inspire you for your next tattoo.

20 Top Grim Reaper Tattoo for Men 2020

The Shoulder Shaded Reaper

Shoulder are ideal placement for grim reaper tattoos. It doesn’t take much space. In this tattoo light shades and outlines have been provided to look more real, than using every time black and grey colour scheme. This fits perfectly on the wearers shoulder.

 grim reaper tattoo for men
Creepy Reaper Side Tattoo

Side tattoos have taken a huge popularity. The creepy reaper side tattoo takes a lot of space on the side chest. The tattoo is large and the skull of the grim is seen holding the scythe in his right hand.

 grim reaper tattoo for men

Grim reaper is horrific, but this tattoo exceeds expectations. Consist of wide eyes that look sharp and ready to take you next. Everything about this tattoo represent the dark side of the tattoo. This is a fully fledge grim reaper tattoo, of good shading detail and sharp outlines, you should definitely think about this one.

The Whole Back Grim

If you are looking for a small grim reaper tattoo for men, then scroll more. This whole grim reaper tattoo for the back is not for everyone. It takes guts to have it. Whenever you remove your shirt, everyone will ask why such a big grim? People will get creeped out, but those who dare, never lose, right?

 grim reaper tattoo for men

In this tattoo grim reaper face is covered with clothes, background has a clock time for the next prey. This holds the truth of life, that life is finite.

This grim reaper tattoo for men, purely represents reminiscent of death. His black, dark, hooded clock conceals all of his skeletal frame except for his hands. This gives off a creepy, mystery or even so uncertainty, which obviously leads to fear.

A faceless evil, seems way more threatening than one whose face is exposed. With grim reaper holding the scythe in this his hand, the tool is quite common depiction of the grim reaper. It adds to the additional sense of danger to it.

 grim reaper tattoo for men
Grim Reaper Tattoo beneath your skin

Shading can make the tattoo more alive. Like in this, the reaper looks to move beneath your skin, in the way he holds the sickle that rips the flesh areas are made at the end of sickle. True artistic masterpiece. With so many details, artist needs an Applause. It seems like reaper is coming out of some dark cloud or is coming out if the skin. This can indicate you for a bad dream or a nightmare, that the grim reaper is coming for you.

 grim reaper tattoo for men
Grim Reaper with Hockey stick sickle

You can get creative with the tattoo by adding your touch. If you love a sport, then you add its tool, like here is a hockey stick, the one used by a goalie. The hood lying of skull and flowing tattered robe draping down from there, that can terrify anyone.

 grim reaper tattoo for men

In this masterpiece by the tattoo artist, you can sense the movement of the grim reaper walking on the skin and coming for you next. The details and shading are on point, clock and smoke really gives this tattoo a life.

 grim reaper tattoo for men

This black and white version of grim reaper, sure give me the creeps. It’s like he searching for his next target. This size of grim reaper tattoo is slim and well managed and narrow and the sickly made looks a tribal tattoo mix. Shading on this tattoo will also give it much needed 3D look which will make it pop more and give more creeps.

 grim reaper tattoo for men

Some more grim reaper tattoo for men 2020

 grim reaper tattoo for men
 grim reaper tattoo for men
grim reaper tattoos
grim reaper tattoos
grim reaper tattoos
grim reaper tattoos
grim reaper tattoos
grim reaper tattoos

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