What is a Goatee? Types of Goatee Styles 2020

First, let me tell you about goatee beard. Goatee is basically a style with not a full beard or even no mustache. It is becoming one of the most popular facial hair styles for professionals, and many college students too. There are lot of variations in goatee beard styles. So, in this article I’ll show you different types of goatee styles popular in 2020.

If you know how to shave the facial hair and then you can easily design and style your goatee style, you can easily make a difference in looking like a movie star or a hobo.


So, what’s a goatee? The goatee is a short, sometimes pointed beard, that is named after its resemblance to the tuft of hair on goat’s chin.

We define goatee styles as a facial hair that grows just from the chin. There are 5 regions where facial hair grows, chin one of them, other being mustache, soul patch, cheeks and neck.

goatee beard

You can combine your goatee style with mustache and soul patch to form a circle, which is called as Van Dyke.

Why Should You Grow a Goatee?

There are few reasons why you should decide to grow a goatee. First being it’s pretty easy to grow, no matter what style you choose.

For all those who can’t grow a perfect beard, it’s the best option for you. Even if you can grow a full beard, then try to change your style from time to time.

Some men struggle to grow a full-grown beard, then grow uneven facial hairs which tends to grow thicker on the chin and upper lip area. If you have any of these problems, then go for goatee styles.

A goatee provides an illusion and mask an undershot or weak chin, which gives fullness and shape, because of which your facial hair looks like a full goatee

Which Goatee Style Is Best for You?

Now you the reasons why you should a goatee, then you should choose which goatee styles will suit the best on you.

Choosing a goatee style is similar to choosing the right hairstyle. You don’t directly cut down to a buzz or crew cut then expect to have medium length hairstyle. Similarly, you have to go in slow manner from a full goatee style to landing strip (don’t get confuse, read below).  

goatee beard

Goatee vs Van Dyke Goatee Style

Ill provide the details of different types of goatee styles in the next section, but men get confused with a goatee and Van Dyke.

You’ll often goatee referred to as Van Dyke, but there are differences.

A standard goatee doesn’t have mustache. Its kind of a circle beard connecting, which gets confused and labelled as Van Dyke. The circle beard incorporates mustache and forms a circle around the mouth.

Best Men’s Goatee Styles

If you are sick by the maintaining a proper beard and want to try something new, then goatee may just be perfect solution. Although, you need to know the basics of maintaining a beard, like trim and styling. To help you decide which goatee will look perfect on you I have combined different goatee styles and ideas for you. Check out the photos below to check out long goatee styles to figure out best goatee styles.

Types of Goatees

Although all goatees have generally same style, you can design them in many variations, from one shape to another, by length. Read below to know different types of goatees.

Although all goatees generally follow the same look, what differentiates one from another is shape, design and length. Here are a few of the most famous types of goatees.

Classic Goatee

A classic goatee is what, which is a chin beard under your bottom lip. With your neck and cheeks clean-shaven and without mustache, this is the most classic goatee of all time and its easy to style and maintain.

long goatee styles
Full Goatee

When someone thinks of a perfect goatee, then the answer is a Full Goatee, this is what most of the guys picture when they think of goatees. With mustache and beard connecting in circle, some call this a goatee beard.

full goatee styles
Landing Strip

This looks kind of funny, but bold choice, not everyone dares it. You have to shave your beard and mustache except for a thick strip of hair directly below the centre of mouth. The strip must be smaller than the width of the mouth and extend to bottom of the chin.

goatee beard
The Van Dyke

If you have trouble growing a full beard or have a patchy one, then the Van Dyke goatee is a popular variation. Van Dyke goatee style combines a mustache and a soul patch. But make sure these parts aren’t connected.

goatee beard
The Anchor

The Anchor is identical to the Van Dyke, but the beard extending further up the jawline.

goatee beard

Special Mention

Tony Stark goatee

The Tony Stark beard, also known as the Iron Man beard, may be Robert Downey Jr.’s most famous beard style to date. More specifically, the Tony Stark goatee is a cool combination of an anchor beard and disconnected mustache.

goatee beard
Chin Goatee

A small and great option with concentrated tuft of hair right at the point of chin only.

goatee beard
Untrimmed Goatee

With no maintenance, this untrimmed goatee gives off a relaxed vibe, combine it with a long mustache and grown out sideburns.

goatee beard
Stubble Goatee

This is a perfect option with men having stubble facial hair. With this style, you can easily rock a great goatee.

goatee beard
Straight Edge Goatee

Straight Edge Goatee have a sharp and a more defined appearance.

goatee beard
Low Chin Goatee

This is a very unique style, with small goatees low on the chin.

goatee beard
Petite Goatee Styles

This is as simple as they get. If you don’t want your face to be dominated by facial hair, then this the perfect goatee style for you. With petite goatee, you enjoy a dynamic look without going overboard.

goatee beard
Handlebar Mustache Goatee Styles

Handlebar mustache is a classic take on the goatee. This will be your focal point of your appearance. If you want to give an old look like aristocratic vibe wherever you go, look no further. If you like this look, then it’s undoubtedly the goatee for you!

goatee beard
Chin Strap Goatee Styles

This goatee with chin strap, does make a great outlining of your face. It provides a perfect balance of what would have been isolated patch of facial hair. No matter what face shape you have, a chin strap goatee will do it justice.

goatee beard
Hipster Long Goatee Styles

If you love the hipster look, then get yourself a hipster haircut and this hipster long goatee styles, which is the centre piece of your look. This is the well-known hipster goatee. Here, it’s not about the length of beard, as it is about how your style it, with care and patience ofcourse.

hipster goatee
Semi-Circular Goatee

This is a good option for men with patchy beard, smooth shape which is not quite circular.

goatee styles

How to trim a goatee style?

Step 1: Trim down

 Start by using a beard trimmer to clip the hair to an even 3-5 mm. This length gives a proper goatee look and easier to style.

Step 2: Create an outline

Use a precise trimmer to create an outline of the goatee otherwise you can ruin your look in few seconds. You can have width according to personal preferences. Clip the extra looking hair from cheek and neck area, making area smooth and gentle. This works against the direction of hair growth.

goatee beards
Step 3: Style under the lip

You can also style under your lip, trim to create a triangle. Or completely remove the patch under your lip. Carefully style the edges of the hair with trimmer to define your lines more.

Step 4: Trim final length

Now you can use a beard comb to reduce the length of your goatee as desired and style it.

Things you would require while styling your goatee!

These are the best goatee styles you can get! Do you like goatee styles? then send us your picture on our social media!

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