40 Best French Crop Haircut for Men 2021

 French Crop Haircut is a classic and professional hairstyle.

The French Crop haircut is a timeless, iconic and one of the most elegant short haircuts for men. Due to the neat and clean chit, this haircut is suitable for all men, as it requires less maintenance and stylish. So, in this article, we will show you the best French crop haircut for men 2021.

The French crop haircut is a very classy hairstyle which can combined with different tyles like a fade or undercut. Since it is a very versatile hairstyle, it can be made with many variations. Also, it may be confused with Caesar cut but there is a minor difference is that, French crop hides the receding hairline.

How Can I Get A French Crop Haircut?

The French crop usually works well with every hair type like curly, wavy or straight. Also, serves well to all the face shape. You can get an idea from your barber or take a picture of a similar French crop that you want to style.

French Crop is a short haircut, so your hair doesn’t have to be long for this, but of course you can have longer style version of this.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the top of hair defines which version hairstyle you are looking for. You want to have a long or short or no fringe. You can go for layered or textured look, which you should specify your barber before.

When it comes to this hairstyle, the simplest part is about the styling and managing it. In fact, you don’t need to do any extra styling to your hair. Till medium length you wont require stylish, but if you are looking for a long French crop then stylish with pomade, clay and gel for styling is recommend.

40 Best French Crop Haircut for men 2021


Blunt Fringe + Texturized Crown

This blunt friend and texturized crown makes a jaw-dropping haircut. with the texture giving a very cool and modern look, but if you want to style it up more then choose for a taper fade. The taper fade blends with the crown. You highlight the difference in this haircut between the crown and the fringe.


Contrasting Side Lengths

This contrasting sides places the focal point on the sides of the head. It is not the usual taper fade which is just plain shaved sides, for this in contrast the side hair length rapidly increases. This jumps from one length to another creating a fascinating result. For this, start from the side lengths on the middle part of the temple. Sides do not dip down. they follow a straight line around the head which creates a square look. The fringe can be styled however you choose.


Curly Crop

This is purely for the people with curly hairs. Curls and French crop go hand in hand. It makes sense to combine the two. The curly crop sees the curly top in the fringe area with some texture in the crown. To style it even more you have a side fade and let the curls in fringe to do their thing. A low fade is a safe match with this. Too much volume can alter the French crop effect. A great way to give more texture to curl is by running some mousse throughout the hair and use a diffuser to activate. Curly crop is an excellent French crop haircut with tons of variations!


Short Fringe + Short Sides

This looks similar to a modern bowl cut. The bangs are cut very short and shorts are faded to show off hairline. You can create a blunt bang to wear this style.

Going short also means that it will show off your facial features. Styling the crown is an option, but make sure not to overdo it. The fringe and sides are to be the focus.


French Crop Hairstyles

With any cropped hairstyle, they allow for some really cool customization. A twist on the classic Caesar cut, the style gives you the option to make them spike or slick back.


Crop Top Fade

Crop top fade is one of the prominent short haircuts for men. Its sleek, fashionable, the French crop fade takes short hair to the next level. Men have the option of getting a low, mid or high taper fade on the sides and back.


Crop Top Low Fade

This alternative of Crop top fade is equally good to have. This provides a sophisticated and professional look. The low fade taper just above the ears and curves around the hairline for a less dramatic finish.


Crop Top Mid Fade

The mid fade crop has an edgy, fashionable and classic hairstyle in one cut. the medium fade on the sides with a French crop on top which doesn’t expose too much, but still highlights a youthful look.


French Crop Undercut

French crop undercut continues to be the trendy haircut which works well with all types of hair and styles. The French crop haircut provides a striking contrast since the sides and back are all one length. Unique and fresh, experiment with different styling to find a look you love.


Short French Crop

The short French crop is suited better for someone who doesn’t want to spend time on his hair. while the crop top is naturally a short cut, there are many ways to customize your style.


Modern Crop

The modern crop comes with taper fade on the sides. This is a popular version because its easy to style. This also gives a masculine look, allowing you to leave the top short or long to fit your preference.


Crop Top Fade with Straight Hair

Straight hair suits well with the crop top because its easy to pull off and maintain. You can use some hair products and comb your hair forward, this will give a stylish look, smooth, sleek and soft to the touch.

french crop haircut

French Crop For Receding Hairline

A French crop haircut helps to hide the receding hairline or the widow peak by using layers and texture. Important thing to note is to blend the top hair with layered fringe so that it pushes your hairline forward.

french crop haircut

Curly Hair French Crop

This is a great hairstyle to go with. Let your curls rise and shine. A curly French crop perfectly contrast and defines kinky locks. For starters, ask your barber for a short fade on the sides of your head.

french crop haircut

French Crop with Comb Over

With French crop haircut you can go for some easy hairstyle like just comb over the hair. Although the style is very unique but it is classy and sophisticated. It ideal for men with side swept hair. To style this you need to blow your long hair back.

french crop haircut

Fangs Fringe

if the simple French crop haircut is boring for you ‘all, then let some tufts grow out at the front. It gives a fang like appearance is fierce and unlike anything seen before.

french crop haircut

Blonde Textured Crop

If you are looking for something cool, then this textured crop with blonde colour is for you.

french crop haircut

Blonde Angular Fringes with Fade

These blonde angular fringes allow you to communicate through your hairstyle. Leave the long top and add plenty of spikes.

french crop haircut

Casual French Crop with Mullet

Mullet is a classic hairstyle. You can make casual French crop with mullet but it will take some confidence to rock it. Maybe not the perfect for professional or corporate option but great for backyard parties.

french crop haircut

What Do I Need For The French Crop Haircut?

French crop is a mens short haircut which do not require much styling. About 1 to 2 inches of hair length may be needed to get a fringe of right length,

How can I style the French crop Haircut?

Everyone has different ways to style their French crop haircut, but a nice way to get started is made with clay. Apply small amount throughout your hands and then placing it evenly throughout dry hair. some prefer to start at the back of their head and work their way forward to ensure that there is even coverage. Once the product is in, you can direct the hair in the direction you want.

How many times will I need to visit a hairdresser?

For a French crop you need to get your hair trimmed every three to five weeks depending on how long you willing to grow your hair.

What type of fade is best?

It totally depends upon different person. Everybody has different facial structures. Generally, a mid or low fade is safest option.

So, these are the best French crop haircut for men 2021, do you like short haircuts for men? then show us your hairstyle, and tag us in your stories!

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