20 Top Flannel Shirts for Men Ideas [2020 UPDATE]

When summer starts to end, the weather starts to get somewhat, and everyone gets in a dilemma of what to wear, jacket or just full sleeve, and how to also look stylish. That’s, when flannel shirts for men comes to play. The popularity of check and flannel shirts sky rocketed during 1990s, thanks to the 90s grunge and some most popular bands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana.

So, what do we wait for, read along what I have for you regarding best flannel shirts for men.

  • History of Flannel shirts
  • How to style flannel shirts for men?
  • Here are the best flannel shirt brands for men
  • Occasions to Wear a Flannel Shirt
  • Types of Flannel Shirts for Men
  • Best Flannel Shirts for Men 2020
flannel shirts for men

History of Flannel Shirts for Men

Many bands made the check and flannel shirts famous. Today, many luxury brands like Saint Laurent and Givenchy, as well many stapes clothing brands like H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, are using those popular fashion statements into there menswear clothing line.

Love or hate flannel and their cousins shackets, but they are the most perfectly functional application, as they give the much-needed texture and patterns. There is more to the illustrious cloth than meets the popularly cultured eye.

Flannel shirts are not only just a cloth, but with synonymous with plaid a pattern. The fabric is for tightly woven fabric most commonly of either cotton or wool, milled, raised and sometimes brushed.

Flannel shirts gives throwback to grungy days of early 90s fashion. These flannel shirts are comfortable, warm and quick to dry, and they are not going out of fashion, not any time soon. Easily to take care and pack and they are low maintenance, which makes them perfect for all weather clothing.

flannel shirts for men 2020

How to Style Flannel Shirts for Men?

You are going out for a trip, the weather is warmer during the day and colder during the night, and you need something in between, because why ruin a good jacket, that needs to take care of. Then why don’t you carry a good flannel shirt for men?

There is lot of room for the flannel shirt for men, in your wardrobe, whether a trip or Sunday brunch, they are perfect for all. And there are many brands option available from high to affordable price option to pick from. Flannel shirts are becoming more familiar in menswear label.

flannel shirts for men 2020

You can easily layer your flannel shirt over a Henley or thermal shirt or rock it beneath crewneck sweatshirt. The rest is up to you, how you want to wear it yourself. The best men’s flannel shirts can handle anything you throw at them.

Here are the best flannel shirt brands for men:

Best flannel shirts overall: Off-White flannel shirt

Best classic flannel shirts: Woolrich

Best affordable flannel shirts: H&M

Best eco-friendly flannel shirts: Toad&Co

Best shackets: Outerknown

flannel shirts for men 2020

How to Wear a Flannel Shirts for Men

  • Make sure the pattern or check is not too much or weird angle.
  • Use basic colour like red and black, yellow and black, white and black.
  • Use minimal and neutral outfits.
  • Wear t-shirt, jeans and sneakers for a casual look.
  • For hotter days, tie flannel around waist, to give beachier look.
  • You can even tuck your flannel in chinos, contrasting belt and some suede derby summer shoes.
flannel shirts for men 2020

Occasions to Wear a Flannel Shirts for Men

A flannel shirt can be considered both casual and smart casual, depends on how you wear it. Of course, flannel shirts will always make up for a great weekend look, but there are several occasions when you can wear one. Occasions like casual dinner or special day like a date, this can be a good time to wear it. But remember, when it comes to business casual or cocktail attire or formal, then leave the flannel at home.

Types of Flannel Shirts for Men

Plain Flannel Shirts for Men

One of the basic and classic flannel shirts, they are great for replacement for your basic Oxford shirt. You can wear it un buttoned, over a T-shirt or layer it beneath a jacket.

flannel shirts for men 2020

Lined Flannel Shirts

Lined flannel shirts are ideal for wearing in outer layers, can be worn over the knitwear. Lined flannel shirts are very versatile, these provide inside pockets, so you can carry some important items like phone and wallets.

flannel shirts for men 2020

Flannel Shirt Jackets

Flannel shirt jackets has got your back, for all your outerwear needs. Many brands like Woolrich have built their entire brands around them. They are really warm, comfortable and easy to wear. Be it plain fabric, they will serve you well throughout the winter and beyond.

Hooded Flannel Shirts

Hooded flannel shirts can give a contemporary stylish wardrobe today. They also give a very casual look, very cool for college outfits. It has a functional outdoorsman, both comfortable and warm.

flannel shirts for men 2020

Green Flannel

Green is great colour to style, but it doesn’t get along with every colour. You have to carefully choose the colours you use this with. You can style it with some blue jeans and brown boots will complete the look. Green colour goes well with blue or navy checks. As such, this flannel colour appears particularly handsome on gents with pale skin tones and cool complexions.

flannel shirts for men 2020

White Flannel

Who doesn’t like white colour, and that too with flannel shirt, great way to rock this lighter tone. The white shade gives a lighter trans-seasonal dressing. Choose a style with a white as base colours and add a grey to nail this flannel shirt. As being a neutral colour, you can easily partner it with any of the outfit you like.

flannel shirts for men 2020

Best Flannel Shirts for Men 2020


H&M is the high street behemoth, has gained global reputation for the clothing label. Super stylish and affordable too.

This has got all fashion-friendly designs, tapered fits. Its very versatile and affordable addition to your wardrobe.

flannel shirts for men
Off-White flannel shirts for men

Can anything get more iconic than off-white. Off-white provides classic flag pockets, an oversize fit, a strong dose of black, red and gray pattern. No one is going to confuse you for the Brawny Man in this. Justin Bieber, maybe.

flannel shirts for men
Woolrich John Rich & Bros. flannel overshirt

Woolrich is really the backbone of the flannel shirts, it doesn’t get more iconic than Woolrich. They have doing this for 150 years now. This have still held a vintage look and also the 2020 style. Woolrich flannel shirts fit well, feels great and comes in different colours too like cobalt blue. And its affordable right?

flannel shirts for men
Faith Connexion knitted two tone shirts

Faith Connexion knitted, is really great and has the kind of 3D texture to it, which makes different from others. This gives a great vintage flannel look. This is a great flannel shirt which gives a complete look. Gives more of NBA superstar arriving and not just a lumberjack bro.

flannel shirts for men
California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel

Everyone’s dream to be at California, wants to be a Cali boy. And these Cowboy High Sierra Flannel will definitely separate itself from the crowd, especially in winters. they are the best finds in flannel style, a premium blend of both flannel shirt and shirt jacket made from a Japanese-Portuguese flannel blend that will not only feel at home in sub-freezing temperatures this week, but also inside your favourite pub at happy hour.

flannel shirts for men

How many times you wished you could bottle the effortless cool style of someone, but unfortunately, it can’t be one. But you know what, next best option is shopping and from where A.P.C, the French Label a reputation earned over global market. It has great range of mens clothing label.

The have some great fits from European productions, fits straight off the rail and timeless appeal. Their clothing material, will be fresh and clean for years and years. And they’ll look after you as long as you look after them.

flannel shirts for men
Eddie Bauer Wild River Lightweight Flannel Shirt

The best thing about this Eddie Bauer Flanner shirt is that it is, lightweight and super-soft made from a Tencel lyocell and cotton fabric blend. They are very eco-friendly, cellulosic fibres produced using environmentally responsible, closed-loop process. But the main thing you want to know is these look super awesome and also you are doing your bit towards the environment too.

flannel shirts for men
Buck Camp Flannel Shirt by Legendary Whitetails

Buck Camp Flannel Shirt are affordable and high quality, even after several washes they maintain their shape. The fabric used in Egyptian cotton and collar and cuff are made from smooth layer of corduroy. This flannel holds its structure, all day long. Flannel shirts tends to become loose and doesn’t hold for long, but Buck Camp does.

flannel shirts for men

Some Ideas for Flannel Shirts for Men 2020.

flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men
flannel shirts for men

So, these are the best flannel shirts for men 2020. You can use these ideas for your next smart casual outfits for men.

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