Eminem Net Worth 2021, Feud, Personal Life

Eminem aka Marshall Mathers III aka Slim shady, is one the best-selling artist and rappers. From doing odd jobs in Detroit to becoming best selling rapper, Eminem has seen it all. In this article, we will tell you more about Eminem net worth 2021, life, feuds and songs.

Eminem Early Life

Marshall Bruce Mathers III also known as Eminem or Slim Shady was born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. He spent his childhood around Missouri with his single mother before they settled in Warren, Michigan. Before the divorced, his parents Marshall Sr. And Deborah “Debbie” Rae Nelson were actually in band called Daddy Warbucks which they used to perform together around the mid-west, primarily Ramada Inns.

After his parents got divorced, Marshall and his mother shuttled between Michigan and Missouri, and never stayed at one place. In school, Marshall was quite a loner who was bullied frequently at school. In his teenage years they lived in a black dominant neighbourhood of Detroit.

Eminem in young days wanted to become a comic book artist, but that changed after his first rap song, Reckless – featuring Ice-T. off the soundtrack to the movie “Breakin”. The album was a gift from his brother Ronnie.

eminem net worth 2021

At 14 he started to adopt rap persona “M&M”. At 17, Eminem dropped out of high school. He worked in many odd-jobs to meet the ends, whole writing songs and participating in rap battles around the town.

Slim Shady

Eventually Marshall started hip-hop in Detroit, he gained respect and recognition in the local hip-hop scene area. He joined a group called Bassmint Productions, which renamed to Soul Intent. He recorded some track in there, with Mashin’ Duck Records, all while handling a minimum wage job as a cook and dishwasher. Through that, in 1996, Eminem released his debut album “infinite” through a record company called Web Entertainment.

Through his hip-hop scene, he started to adopted an edgier, violent persona “Slim Shady”. He rapped about sex, violence, drugs and murder. In the spring of 1997, he recorded “the Slim Shady EP” which was released by Web Entertainment.

Meeting Dr. Dre

In 1998 March, Eminem featured in the Source magazine’s unsigned hype column. After that, he was evicted from his home and decided to travel to Los Angeles to compete in the Rap Olympics. He placed second, but what was important was that, he was loved by an Interscope Records staff member, he heard and passed The Slim Shady EP on to company CEO Jimmy lovine.

Jimmy Lovine played the album for Dr. Dre who also, released his own imprint on Aftermath Records and was looking for someone new and talented to sign. Dre’s initial reaction to Eminem’s demo:

“I was like: what the fuck!?, and who the fuck is that? In my entire career in the music industry, I have never found anything from a demo tape or a CD. When Jimmy played this, I said, ‘Find him. Now.'”

Eminem was then found and quickly signed a contract with Aftermath Entertainment to a polish The Slim Shady EP with Dre as Executive Producer.

What is Eminem net worth 2021?

Eminem is a multi-platinum selling American rapper, actor and producer. Eminem net worth is $230 million. He is one of the best rappers and highest-paid entertainers in the world. Every year, Eminem makes around $20 million a year. In years where he is actively touring to support an album that number can easily approach $30-40 million.

The album became an instant commercial and success. It got certified 4X Platinum in US alone and earned Eminem a Grammy for best rap album.

Also, his next album became even more successful. In May 2000, Eminem released the Marshall Mathers LP. It was the of that time fastest-selling hip-hop album in history and eventually sold more than 21 million copies. His next did even more, 2002 was Eminem’s show, he sold more than 27 million albums.

In total, Eminem has sold more than 170 million albums worldwide. Which makes him ninth best-selling musical artist of all time behind Pink Floyd, Rihanna, Led Zepellin, Madonna, Elton John, Michal Jackson, Elvis and The Beatles.

Shady Records/50 Cent

In 1999, Eminem founded his own Aftermath Records called Shady Records. The first act to sign for D12, a group of people from Detroit Eminem knew.

In 2002, Eminem was shooting his movie “8 mile”, he got introduced to a rising underground New York rapper named 50 Cent. Eminem already heard his songs and mixtapes and eager to sign him to the label. Soon, 50 Cent become the first solo artist signed to Eminem’s Shady Record. In that same year, in his movie 8 Mile, Shady Records released the album which sold more than 11 million copies worldwide.

50 Cent’s debut album, sold more than 14 million albums throughout the world and during his career till date, he has sold 30 million albums. Eminem net worth grown each and each year.

eminem net worth

Eminem Awards

As of 2019, Eminem has won 15 Grammy Awards and has been nominated for 43 nominations. He has also won many other awards from MTV Video Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, and ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, among others. In 2009, Billboard magazine named him artist of the decade.

In 2018, Eminem got the sport of No. 4 on Forbes list of richest rappers. According to the magazine, Eminem is the best-selling rapper of all time and sold more albums in US than any musical act in the genre. Although Drake got the artist of the decade award.

Eminem Net Worth After 8 Mile

After huge success in music industry, Eminem tried film industry. He would start in a biopic of his own life, 8 Mile. The film portraits a young rapper from Detroit looking for people to hear his voice, from problems with his personal life and family issues.

The movie went to become a huge success but a cult classic. The film even won the Academy Award for Eminem’s original song, “Lose Yourself” (ICONIC). His style of witty performance in 8 Mile led to even more recognition for Eminem and opened doors for more film opportunities.




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Eminems net worth

Music is not the only source for Eminem net worth. Like any celebrity, he also makes money through advertisements and endorsement deals. He collaborated with Brisk iced tea for the 2011 Superbowl commercial. Furthermore, the rapper is also a producer, write and director. As of today, Eminem net worth is $230 million.

In his music career, he’s achieved record sales, toured, and sold merchandise clothing…

He was rewarded for his success not only with huge wealth but also:

  • 21 Grammys
  • 8 American Music Awards
  • 17 Billboard Awards
  • 100 Million Record Sales
  • 1 Academy Award

…That’s quite the list!

Eminem also made a move to acting with his movie ‘8 Mile’. Over time, he has come has guest star in many videos such as ‘The Walsh’, ‘The Interview’, and ‘Crank Yankers’. In 2002-2003, Eminem released a web cartoon, “The Slim Shady Show” – following about his alter ego. He published his first book “Angry Blonde”. In 2008, he published his autobiography – “The Way I Am”- focussing on his life struggle poverty, drugs, fame, depression and heartbreak. Later that year, his mother published “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem”. He also launched his own business venture, which he collaborated with many brands like Beats by Dre, Brisk, Carhartt and Casio.

Some pretty big brands.

He has had some great sneaker collaborations with Nike, here are some of my favorites:

  • 2003 Nike Artist Series ‘Shady Burst’
  • 2004 Air Force 1 Low ‘Shady Records’
  • 2006 Charity Nike Air Max 90 ‘Eminem’
  • 2008 Air Jordan Retro 2 ‘The Way I Am’
  • 2015 Air Jordan 4 ‘Eminem’

Singers make most amount of net worth through their shows. Eminem propelled four visits between 2000 furthermore, 2012: “Up in Smoke,” “Outrage Management,” “Home and Home” and “Recuperation.” They joined to sell 11.94 million tickets for an all-out gross of $751 million. 

 2002 Eminem’s, movie “8 Mile”, had a gross net collection of $242.88 million, along with the Academy Award for the best original song.

Tours brings so much money. Eminem has seen this plenty, but his joint tour with Rihanna back in 2014 was the great money stealer. It brought almost $40 million (highest grossing tours of the year) and they only played six shows. So, basically, they made forty million for six nights of work. Its just great, I’m not jealous.

How old is Eminem age?

Eminem age is 49 years old. Born on 17th Oct, 1972. One of the best-selling artists.

What is Eminem height?

Eminem height is 5’8”.

Real Estate

In 2000, Eminem has an 8,900 square-foot home in Clinton Township, Michigan, for $1.4 million. He has made this his primary residency throughout the years. In 2003, he spent almost $5 million on a 15,000 square foot house in Oakland County, Michigan. The house previously of Kmart CEO. Visitors be warned, Eminem has protected his house with electric fences and guard booths that are manned 24 hours a day by security. Also, entire neighbourhood is gated and extra security is added. But he listed this house for sale for $1.9 million.

In 2016, Eminem net worth grew by $11 million, he performed in only three shows, yet every one of them was enormous swarms at South America’s form of Lollapalooza.

Eminem pushed a lot of boundaries for rap music in the late 2000s. His prosperity was total to the point he keeps winning more and not many rappers were pushing the boundaries at that time.

Eminem is also a big fan of cars too. He has two luxurious cars. Porsche Carrera GT ($448,000) and Porsche ($184,000).

And of course, like any other rapper, he likes a bit of jewellery. He has amazing collection and one of his necklaces which priced at $450,000 and he likes the Rolex Date-just Silver Jubilee in watches which is priced at $6,400.

Eminem beef with MGK

Eminem’s beef with MGK started when Eminem in his album took shots at MGK, Kamikaze. In the song, “Not Alike”, Eminem referred to a 2012, tweet by MGK. MGk tweeted about Eminem daughter.

MGK quickly responded with a diss track on Eminem, “Rap Devil”, an inversion of “Rap God”. MGK accused Eminem of various things like blackballing him from appearing on certain outlets. He claimed Eminem demanded apology, for the tweet. He also mocked Eminem’s fashion choices, his height and age and Eminem has lost his touch.

After that, Eminem responded with a diss track “Killshot”. The Rap God himself took the stage and pulled the most savage diss track. He mocked MGK’s hairstyle, success.

Nick Cannon Eminem beef

Eminem’s beefs list goes on with Nick Cannon. The feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon revolved around relationship between Mariah Carey. This is a decade old beef but resurfaced in past several months.

The feud begins back in the day, 2009, when Eminem dated Carey for a brief period of time. Though the chanteuse has denied anything. In his album “Bagpipes from Baghdad” from his Relapse album calling out Carey and her then-husband Cannon directly. “Mariah, what ever happened to us?/ Why did we have to break up?” he raps before adding, “Nick, you had your fun, I’ve come to kick you in your sack of junk.”

eminem net worth 2021

Same year, in November, Carey also retaliated with her hit song “Obsessed”, which was widely believed put shades on Eminem. She mocked his dressing sense in her music video.

Since they have exchanged a lot in between but not directly. Then the feud resurfaced in 2019, with Eminem verse on Fat joe’s new song “Lord Above”, rapper calls out couple directly. “I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note / But that other dude’s whipped-that p—y got him neutered,” he raps. “Tried to tell him this chick’s a nut job before he got his jewels clipped / Almost got my caboose kicked / Fool, quit / You not gonna do s–t / I let her chop my balls off too before I lose to you, Nick.”

Cannon released a diss on Eminem, called “The Invitation”.

“Call Kim/Somebody get Hailie/ And that other kid you raisin’ that ain’t even your baby,” he raps, before adding, “My baby-mama killed you off a decade ago/You’re still cryin’ about it, bitch, now who really the hoe?”

December 9, 2019 – Eminem’s Twitter response

Eminem responded on his social media to set straight on one lyric from, “Invitation,” in which Cannon raps “I heard your chauffeur got a video of you suckin’ a c—.”

Mathers tweeted, “U mad bro? Stop lying on my dick. I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f—.” He went on to “demand an apology.”

In response to Eminem’s track, Cannon aired out his thoughts. “@FatJoe album is [fire emojis] Star studded, he even did some charity work and dug @Eminem out his grave I mean cave!!” he wrote in a scathing post featuring Fat Joe’s album art with Eminem’s face blocked with a grandpa emoji. “LOL FLAM FLAM! BLAM BLAM! NICK CANNON!! Bring your Ass to @MTVWILDNOUT to Battle like a real legend Grandpa Marshall!!”

Best Selling Eminem Albums

  1. The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
  2. The Eminem Show (2002)
  3. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)
  4. Encore (2004)
  5. Recovery (2010)

Best Eminem Songs

Lose yourself

Rap god

Till I collapse

Not afraid
Love the way you lie

Eminem Net Worth and Earnings By Year:

Year Earnings
2004 $10,000,000
2005 $14,000,000
2006 $16,000,000
2007 $18,000,000
2008 $12,000,000
2009 $14,000,000
2010 $8,000,000
2011 $14,000,000
2012 $15,000,000
2013 $10,000,000
2014 $18,000,000
2015 $31,000,000
2016 $11,000,000
2017 $16,000,000
2018 $23,000,000
2019 $50,000,000




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