20+ Best Elephant Tattoos for Men 2020


Elephant tattoos for men has a lot of meaning with them, they are loyal, walk in a herd, gives a good positive feeling. So, in this article I’m going to give ideas for your next tattoo, elephant tattoos for men 2020. but read these tattoo mistakes.

History of the Elephant Tattoos

During the era of the Silk Road trade route, the elephants were the main modes of transport for traders. They have more strength than any other animals, to carry a heavy load of goods. And traders and merchants adored and took pride in them, to show off their appreciation for the animal, a few of them would draw an image of an elephant on their bodies, so that they can show their loyalty and remember it when they pass on.

elephant tattoo

One of the most famous people, king of Pyrrhus of Greece, used elephants in wars. Many noble figures and a lot of historian credit him for that, for using elephant as a way to win in battles. Because of the elephant size, people fear, tremble and flee and people in ancient times developed a fascination with elephants. That’s why you can get an elephant tattoo on your body as a sign to show cast your courage and strength.

In Hinduism, the god Ganesha has the head of an elephant and the body of a human, you can read it in Indian mythology. Ganesha also known as Kangiten in Buddhism. Ganesha represents wisdom, endurance, determination and foundation. So, for Indians, this holds a lot more meaning for them. This allows to hone your memory and wisdom.

ganesha tattoo

Where to get elephant tattoos?

Elephant tattoos on hand, elephant tattoos on thigh are great options. You can get small elephant tattoo on forearm, fingers or neck, and get large one on the leg,  thigh or calf.

What are Elephant Tattoos Meaning?


What does an elephant tattoo symbolize? Elephant represents prosperity, wisdom and luck. They are largest and physically powerful, elephants are known for peace and their intelligence, long memories and strong family ties. As a result, elephants are also known for their loyalty, patience and unity, making them a perfect choice to get inked with.

elephant tattoos for men 2020
Mom and Baby Elephant Tattoos

The most adorable moments are of the mom and baby. They are not just cute but also meaningful. Elephant travel in herds, which makes their bonds stronger, so mom and baby elephant tattoo makes perfect sense. It’s an excellent choice for the man of family tribute most important people in his life.

elephant tattoos for men 2020
Elephant Tattoos Small

One of the largest animals on the planet, and making them small, they look adorable. Their design and appearance are so recognizable. A small elephant tattoo can be placed anywhere, the best place for a small elephant tattoo is arm, finger, wrist, forearm or neck. although you can have it on shoulder or chest too.

elephant tattoos idea
Elephant Tattoos Simple

Simple tattoos are very versatile and as so elephant tattoos. They can be left very simple or very creative. If your style is minimal or just prefer simple black ink tattoo then, this simple elephant tattoos is a great option. Try a cartoon elephant and simplified on elephant inking.

elephant tattoos for men 2020
Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Geometric elephant tattoo has so much unique design that you can get. In the middle of the design, there is an elephant head. I think it looks a great design.

elephant tattoos meaning
Carrying a Balloon

This adorable tattoo, looks really great. Anyone who notices it, will surely would like to talk about it. And the red balloon makes it better.

elephant tattoos for men 2020
A Splash of Colour

In India, there is a festival, Holi, colours are used to play with. And that concept, splash of colours on an elephant tattoo would look great. This realistic and detailed tattoo design and another tattoo which if full of bright, beautiful colours, this shows your cool and calm attitude.

elephant tattoos ideas
Creative Elements

You can go as creative as you want, it’s your tattoo. Add different colours, different patterns, you can portray a story with a tattoo, an elephant tattoos meaning. Geometric shapes are also very trending now.

creative elephant tattoos
Using the Finger

Finger tattoos are real big mystery, if a person notices it, either of two things, one really interested in you or the tattoo is fire, both are good right?

Fingers doesn’t have much areas but the most adorable and powerful designs can be inked there. Still elephant can still fit in a really great way, can easily identified by their huge ears

elephant tattoos for men 2020

In ancient times, elephants were the main means of transport for the traders because obviously, as their size is large, they carry more.

Many merchants took pride in their animals and showed their loyalty and gratitude by inking elephant tattoo on their bodies.

Forearm Elephant Tattoos for men
forearm elephant tattoos
Mosaic Elephant Tattoos Design

Mosaic pattern is a very unique one. And to include it with an adorable cartoon small elephant done in mosaic design, and with different colours.

elephant tattoos
Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephants lives in a group, makes them family-oriented animals. They make the unbreakable bonds and even mourned for the deceased partners. These qualities give them a particular elephant meaning. If your family is your first priority then, this elephant tattoo family is perfect for you.

elephant family tattoo
Tribal Elephant Tattoos for Men

Tribal tattoos have their own presence. Tribal art general uses black ink, curved lines and unique patterns. They resemble strength, power and culture, and tribal designs are powerful. They are inspired by the natural world. Tribal design with a elephant touch will reflect the human connection to the wild.

elephants tattoos
Indian Elephant Tattoos for Men

Elephants are greatly respected in Indian culture, and the country is home to thousands of native Asian elephants. In ancient times, kings and higher authority rode elephants that were brightly decorated with paint and fabrics. Try to introduce a touch of Indian culture, by taking cues from Indian art by incorporating its decorative patterns and symbols.

ganesha tattoo
African Elephant Tattoos for Men

Africa is home to majority of elephant’s population of the world. So, combine African element with your new elephant tattoo. To give a touch African is to give it a shape of African continent. And also, to give it more African touch is to draw savannah background complete with tree, grass and a sunrise.

African elephant tattoos for men

So, these are the best elephant tattoos for men 2020, so if you thinking to get an animal tattoo then try elephant or wolf.

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