What is an eboy fashion? Eboy haircut, Eboy Outfit?

TikTok has started to trend many things, words like simp, and latest thing “eboy outfit”, what is an eboy fashion? Eboy style has been popularized by majorly by TikTok at this time around. In this article, i am going to show you eboy outfits, eboy aesthetic and much more.

The Eboy aesthetic are leaned more towards a younger audience, but many of the style can also be incorporated into an alternative style for attending informal events like parties too.

mens fashion 2019 trends

While a total eboy outfit might not be for everyone, there is an edginess in an eboy outfits, which won’t be necessary in everyday looks. It’s a pure urban eboy aesthetic look, can be interpreted as a skateboarder look, or a typical 21st century Hype-Beast or men’s fashion lover for internet style icon.

In this article, I will tell you what is an eboy fashion? What are eboy outfits, eboy haircut and how can you incorporate eboy style in your everyday lifestyle.

mens fashion 2019 trends

Major inspiration for eboy outfits comes from emo look. The eboy look is heavily influenced by emo appearance. A typical skater-boy look, many mens Korean fashion brands style, 90s grunge, 2000s to Billie Eilish, represents a true eboy fashion or egirl look.

What Exactly is Eboy Style?

Eboy style is highly popular among teenage boys and young men, it provides an alternative fashion aesthetics. Eboy aesthetic means a young male with an edgy, alternative fashion style that incorporates what is currently trending. With TikTok being its culprit to make it popular, it has quickly garnered attention from younger audiences. The style can be typical scene by a skater boy and in some punk rock bands.

mens fashion 2019 trends

While Eboy style is very typical for some category of men’s fashion as whole, it can be made a lot of individualization within it. The look is influenced by K-pop, 2000’s goth, 90s skateboarding and punk music. You can try to incorporate different elements into their personal style. By influencing punk fashion, they wear more layered jewellery, while other being skateboarder wear less of jewellery and more of oversized t-shirts and vans.

The Origins of the Eboy Clothes

Although first emerged online in the late 2000s, but influenced by 90s grunge and punk music. Again, popularity by TikTok in 2019, video-based platform for the Gen Z audiences, (information before it gets ban).

mens fashion 2019 trends

The Eboy Outfits and Look in Pop Culture

Today’s stars like Timothee Chalamet, has upgraded the fashion level high, with great example of celebrity Eboy fashion, both on and off screen. His signature eboy haircut, floppy curls (which I have too, by seeing him of course), and fashion-forward red-carpet look, grabbed the attention of millions online. With a basic eboy outfits with includes a layered oversized t-shirts and cuffed pants. You can take some tips by his looks, his looks from his leading role in Beautiful Boy.

eboy haircut eboy outfit

Eboy outfits that you should definitely have.

  • Oversized white T-shirts (relaxed fit, longline)
  • Long sleeve striped T-shirts (layer underneath a short sleeve shirt)
  • Vertical stripes (button-ups, T-shirt, pants)
  • Crewneck sweaters
  • Distressed denim (any wash works fine)
  • Black joggers
  • Grey trousers (slim or skinny fit)
  • Denim jackets
mens fashion 2019 trends

Eboy fashion is more than just your clothing. It’s a lifestyle and personality trait. So much that majority of them sports the same long, flowy hairstyle. Its very popular among the trend’s followers, to dye their hair, likely a result of the trends K-pop influences.

You will find many with light green locks. Eboy is an emerging trend which is likely to be wash off in few years, though not completely. Edgiest of Eboy aesthetic has been dubbed “Cruella Devil Hair”. This is achieved by dying only half of your hairs.

From Johnny Depp’s impersonation of Wade “Cry-Baby” to soft boy of the decade timothee Chalamet, Hollywood has it know share of famous Eboy celebrities. With punk rockers being first.

Generally, some basic and good eboy outfits includes a Thrasher t-shirt (black in colour) and worn over a long sleeve’s hoodie, Vans, chains and black nail polish. Personally, I hate the nail polish, we tend to mimic other styles, so try some other brands too. With their gothic personality, they are not made fun as much someone who calls himself goth because their looks are seen by girls nowadays as cool.

mens fashion 2019 trends

Layering is an essential part of the eboy aesthetic. Stripes, plaid joggers, crewneck, if you know how to layer them up, then you can easily get yourself an eboy outfit. Wearing between 2-3 layers, combining with button ups, denim, zip-up hoodies, the whole point of eboy outfits are to look as unfit as it can be.

Jewellery. Chains, bracelet, lockets, earrings, flashy belts around, make your eboy outfit as decorative and as functional as it goes.

An Eboy outfit I unisex, gender-neutral aesthetic. A boy can wear same as what girl is wearing and vice versa, every combination works as long as you know how to layer them. With wearing 3 layers, the aesthetic is soft and feminine too, while maintaining the skater, urban guy look. The curtain haircut or curly haircut, dyed hair + K-pop style haircut.

Black Nail polish

With the rise of nail polish trends, you would have seen many social media influence guys, rocking nail polish not only of black but other colours (personally I think, this is too much). Chipped manicure, things look like you don’t care, but you do is the key component.


Most important component to complete the outfit. Leave your shoes or sneakers untie, while walking down the streets like wearing streetwear. Pair of vans or converse suits the best for eboy fashion.

mens fashion 2019 trends

Crewneck are great for a not so warm weather, anything under warm weather, crewneck is the best choice.

Here check out the best crewneck in the market.

For a quick eboy outfit, layer the crewneck sweatshirt with a collared button-up and a pair of trousers. Style them with black or white sneakers (depending upon the crewneck colour) or oxford and white tube socks. Make sure the length of trouser is just a little short.

Although eboy outfits is mocked by many, if you look closely, each of the element of eboy aesthetic is taken from an already hyped with item. So, if you remove the major elements, you are still rocking a decent looking eboy style but a modern touch.

what is an eboy style

As the look was getting popular, they were mocked on the app. The eboy look become an undesirable character.

A key component for an eboy style is the eboy haircut. The haircut and style go on hand to hand and are essential to complete the look.

There is certain trend that help the eboy haircut.

The look works best with dark hair, preferably black or dark brown. Curly hairs are the ultimate answer for the eboy haircut.

what is an eboy style
what is an eboy style
what is an eboy style


So, now you know what is an eboy? The eboy style has instantly picked up a lot of pace. Although the style combines multiple modern fashion moves, its unlikely the eboy trend will last on a bigger scale, although you can easily spot an eboy in a skate park.

With being in quarantine, the look has already becoming outdated. As the app is on its closing time in US, after India ban, it filtered into other communities and mediums.

The original trend of complete eboy style will dry out and a modern and simpler approach would be taken and some elements will disappear and some would last long as they are timeless pieces.

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