Are Eboy Haircut 2020 and Curtain Hairstyle still on trend?

From classic leather jackets to ripped jeans 90s fashion era and punk fashion continues to inspire the way we look. The eboy haircut and eboy outfits have joined the ranks to make a comeback trend. In this article, we will show you the best eboy haircut 2020!

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Of all the hairstyles a teenager tries to get, the eboy haircut might be the easiest one. To replicate eboy haircut 2020, grow your hair out long enough first, don’t for a quick 2 weeks undercut or buzz-cut. The general length for this must be around medium length hairs, which can create bands from temples to the ears. Once your hair is long enough, part if down the middle with a comb or brush. The final look results in natural bands framing both sides of your face.

eboy haircut

Eboy haircut is a very low-maintenance style which is perfect for high schoolers and hipster ad ofcourse for BTS. Although, as simple it seems to look from outside, growing out and parting isn’t the only thing required.

Follow this guide to follow up what are the requirements and how to achieve perfect eboy haircut!

Best part about this hairstyle, is that, it can be worn with all hair texture from straight to curly. While thick hair can be coarse and difficult to style using the right.

What Is Eboy Haircut 2020?

To channel out your inner eboy look, you should know what it means. So, according to general eboy definition, it is a type of male haircut that features long strands of hair on top of head, which are middle parted and fashioned in representation of curtains.



Eboy Fashion have been very popular on TikTok and Instagram, where teenage influencers are cultivating brooding, seemingly unbothered personalities. While not all eboys have middle-part haircuts, it’s become a go-to hairstyle for teenagers.

Where does the eBoy hair trend come from?

Getting into the 90s era where some popular eboy charms were Leonardo DiCaprio, The Backstreet Boys and Joey from Friends, the look is pure nostalgic for any 90s kid. However, this Gen Z has picked up its own retro trend.

Today, many popular celebrities rock the eboy cut including the most popular right now are the Korean Pop band BTS.

3 Basic Tips for Maintain Eboy Haircut 2020

#1 Add A Fade or Undercut

This works on different levels of length. The most common are the bangs at the temple, the eye level, or around the ears. A barber or stylist can help you decide which length of bangs matches your face shape.  You can add layers to your hair, an undercut or a fade. All of these can turn a simple hairstyle to even an edgier one.

eboy haircut

#2 Wear It Dry or Wet

If you can wear the eboy haircut naturally then it’s great. Commit every day for a routine of brushing your middle part, it will eventually start to hand naturally. There is no real need to add any hair product.

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If you want the wet look, use a wax or pomade to comb your hair from the centre. The wetter the hair looks, the less eboy fashion. But it’s totally up-to you, but should refrain from overloading any hair product.

#3 Avoid Split-Ends

Medium length hairs are required for an eboy fashion like Johnny Depp, the thickness of your hair might result in split ends. Use oil, shampoo and conditioner for nourishment and strengthening the strands. Avoid heating from blow-dryer. Soak them in the sun. blow-drying everyday might end up damaging your hairs. Physical health also creates split-ends. Dehydration and deficiency of vitamins will show up in your hairs. Consult a professional about your hair health and then only start to apply hair products.

eboy haircut


There are 2 basic ways to create your favourite eboy haircut 2020, look for them below!

Hairstyling Method #1: Hair gel. 

A bit of hair gel is an easy way to style your bang. A bit of gel in palms and then work it through your hair, pushing your strands backwards. The goal is to create a wet look without much products.

Hairstyling Method #2: Hair mousse. 

Hair mousse are perfect for curly hairs. A hair mousse should be your go to hairstyling product of choice. Work a little through damp hair then use a blow-dryer with a diffuser to dry and tame your curls. The result?  Bouncy bangs!


Best Eboy Haircut 2020

Dishevelled Eboy Hairstyle

Tik-Tok star Josh Hewitt nails downs the eboy haircut. his hairs coarse frames his face, instead of splitting the hair from middle. To create this, look forward over your forehead with subtle space in centre for bangs

eboy haircut
Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

A little different from middle part, this establishes volume from side to side instead on the top. use a brush and a blow-dryer to give volume and round your hair outwards and back. Just a little hairspray will hold them.

eboy haircut
Slick Middle Part Hair

Wet hairs are easier to style but they not going to be wet all the time. So, once the hair is dry, it’s challenging to incorporate some hair products. You can use a slick aesthetic with pomade and mousse. Rub it on the strands taking from the roots with downwards after it down the middle.

eboy haircut
Thick Eboy Fringe

Thick here are often difficult to make the bangs stay at one place. After brushing hair, you can run a little pomade or wax through your strands and let strands settle. With right amount of hair product, you can control how laidback your appearance is.

eboy haircut
Two-Tone Punk Style

Many TikTok stars rock the two-tone punk style. Noen Eubanks with his off-beat comedy and music certainly does. He does a lot of mix of black and platinum blonde. There’s little effort here to polish his bangs.

eboy haircut
Wet Eboy Look

Try give an offsetting a part bit, or a classic spic up classic eboy. Especially if you have straight tresses. Side part gives an edgier and a sharper look by default.

eboy haircut
Celebrities with Eboy Haircut
Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chalamet looks the most perfect eboy celebrity. With a fresh twist of curtains hairstyle. It’s his natural hair texture, but he also moves the middle parting to the side.

eboy haircut
Charles Melton

Charles Melton has been all over right now. His middle parted curly hairstyle also resonates to a typical eboy fashion and he proves it. He also uses some gel, to give hold to his curls.

eboy haircut
Leonardo DiCaprio
90s leonardo dicaprio net worth
eboy haircut

So, now you know the eboy haircut, how to style them!

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