10 Best Denim Jackets for Men 2021

Mens denim jackets or Jean Jacket has been around for a lot of time. So, they have become the one of the fashion’s key sources of inspiration. The combination of practicality and durability carries onto every wardrobe and every style. So, in this article, you will see the best denim jackets for men 2021.

Denim jacket men could be rugged and be versatile and eternally stylish forever. It’s a piece of clothing that discerning gent shouldn’t be without. So, here we have gathered the collection of best denim jacket men and history of jean jacket men and where to buy the very best.

The History of the Denim Jacket Men

Denim fabric can be traced back to the indigo dyed work coats worn in 18th-century by Japanese firefighters. But it was Levi Strauss in the 1880’s who cut the denim or also called trucker or double denim as we know today.

The labourers loved the fabric, it gave the hard-wearing edge and still easy to move in, and US Navy troops also included it. It wasn’t long when they really got popular and Elvis Presley wore double denim in Jailhouse Rock (1957).

The most powerful advantage of a denim jacket men is its layering potential. Mens denim jacket can see you all the way though the winter, and also some warmth in rainy weather. You can wear the mens denim jacket over the jumper or under a wool topcoat, a mens denim jacket not only gives you cool look but also unexpected hit of rugged sex appeal – particularly if you go for a deep indigo or something a little roughed up. Choose a slimmer fit or a cropped cut so it slips nicely under your larger overtop. And go for a smarter vibe with dark washed colours, that will loosen up as you live in it.

Typically crafted to slimmer fit and it above the waist, the denim jackets are best in rugged, tough and seemingly convey practiced nonchalance. That’s why they look so great over everything from a classic white oxford to rugged Henley. But to start with a jacket that’s got so much history? We are taking the guesswork of buying new denim jacket men, then check out the whole article to know more.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing Denim Jackets for Men!


Denim as a fabric is very rigid and raw denim can be very stiff and uncomfortable at first but over time as you wear it again and again, it will mould and fade into something truly unique that fits you. And if you wash your denim then it will become softer and worn in right off the hanger. Pro tip – weight tends to indicate the quality, so the heavier the better.


The colour is very important as for every other clothes too. Black, white, grey denim jackets for men are the most basic ones and will go out with any outfit you try.

There are many other colours you can choose from but out recommendation would be a green or a bit of yellow mix in it. You know what I’m saying? A very untraditional colour but it takes guts to wear it but you look good too! It’ll surely gets you complement.

Types of denim jackets for men


The most classic and basic one. Trucker jacket features a cropped length, button pockets, collar, stitching done to front and often adjustments to the waist. It’s great for winters, as it can be used for layering up in winter.

denim jackets for men


A very lightweight option of denim, relaxed and versatile. A denim overshirt sits between a jacket and a casual shirt. With chest pockets, button closure and can be worn mid layer, top layer or just the overshirt! A great option for summer, as its light and not thick.

denim jackets for men

Chore coat

The chore coat is established workwear that has a rugged and stylish look. Commonly constructed from duck canvas but denim is a more common alternative. Features three or four pockets to front.

denim jackets for men 2021


As a standalone piece, denim doesn’t provide any protection against the cold, that’s why shearling-line version is great for tackling winters. it has a layer of thick woollen traps inside the denim, next to body, which provides enough heat and provide visual contrast and texture.

 The best part about having a jean jacket outfits are the endless layering potential. You can layer it up with almost anything. Hoodies, shirt, t-shirts, crewnecks, turtleneck, sweaters and even top it off with coat outsides. Not only it gives an essential rough, cool look but also an unexpected hit of sex appeal – particularly if you try to go different colours then basic neutral colours.

For a cool and smart look, go for a raw, dark selvedge, that will loosen up as you live in it. Choose a slimmer fit so that it slips nicely under your larger top layers.

Big Labels like Acne Studios and Balenciaga are redesigning the jacket with boxier fit and unique alteration which gives modern and traditional style at the same time. Labels like Visvim and The Workers Club – these brands are levelling up the denim game with good quality production and materials and crafting pieces with fabrics from finest denim mills in Japan.

So, in 2021, a jean jacket outfits can become the most popular and versatile garment in a man’s wardrobe. You can literally pair it with anything from tailored clothes to leisurewear. To help you in that endeavour, here is our collection of best denim jackets for men.

10 Best Denim Jackets for Men 2021


My personal favourite brand, H&M has everything you will ever need in menswear and even in womenswear. When it comes to denims, the trucker jacket, they have produced a great-looking variant which is also very affordable. They boost an attractive collection of denim jackets for men with traditional collars, buttoned chest pockets with durable side pockets. With iconic style, they have also introduced the adjustable button tab at the sides to keep the variant prim and proper.

denim jackets for men 2021


Zara is also one of my favourites, they have been making a lot of timeless style pieces and transitioning them into affordable options for the fashion-forward guy. Zara’s basic jean jacket men features all the traditional ones as well as lapel collar, buttoned cuffs and soft washed exterior design.

denim jackets for men 2021


Saturday’s Emil jacket is very subtle. They have a straightforward approach and doesn’t divert much from the traditional ones and bring some of the qualities, accents and textures to the silhouette.

denim jackets


Edwin’s Rainbow jacket is company’s E Standard collection, which translates to high quality and construction. Crafted in Japan which features a durable, dependable denim with chest pockets. This gives a tailor will with the buttons and straps, which buttons are cropped to the wrist at all times.



A.P.C has a wide range in denim clothing from jeans, jackets. They blend the prefect classic style and modern intricacies with ease. With engraved buttons and very unique op stitched that sets it apart from rest of the competition.

jacket men

Acne Studios

An interesting backstory, Creative Director of Acne Studios, started making 100 pairs of denim jeans and giving it to his friends.

Since then, the brand as evolved and matured and make super nice jeans and denim jackets for men. If you are looking for a casual, cool, over-dyed fit denim jacket men then you can check acne studios collection.


Citizens of Humanity

This denim jacker has a vintage and traditional look. Tasteful faded jacket, with cuffs and stonewashed buttons. Pair with blue and white t-shirts and you are ready for whole day.

jacket men

Levi’s Vintage Clothing

We have already mentioned the denim history, and Levi Strauss had a great hand in getting denim popular. Levi’s vintage clothing is a representation of traditional American label. The range takes inspiration from company’s vast archives, quality that surpasses any brand. The denim jacket is staple piece in brands seasonal collections.

jacket men

Taylor Stitch

Designed in Northern California, Taylor Stitch is a San Francisco label, has got some simple and rugged garments that are build different, that is, for long. The “Long Haul” jacket is one of the masterpieces of Taylor Stitch, a classic denim jacket men by using quirky details like slanted pockets.

jacket denim

Todd synder

Before launching his brand, Todd Synder worked with big brands like Gap and Polo Ralph lauren, then set up his own brand in 2011. Since then, it has established himself as one of the modern day go-to all-American brand. Offers great denim jackets options.

mens denim

So, these are the best denim jackets for men 2021, do you like them? show us your outfit! Tag us in your stories or post for a shoutout.

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