Dan Bilzerian Net Worth, Crazy Lifestyle. The King of Instagram!

Dan Bilzerian, notoriously known has the “King of Instagram”, because of his insane lifestyle and all the parties. He’s a playboy, a professional poker player, he hangs out with some of the most famous celebrities with likes of Floyd Mayweather and DJ Steve Aoki and he constantly boasts about its 20 million + Instagram followers.  In this article, you will get know all about from Dan Bilzerian net worth, crazy lifestyle and the crazy Instagram.

Five seconds of looped video were all it took to make Dan Bilzerian an icon.

The clip, was of a TV coverage of 2013 Worlds Series of Poker in Las Vegas, shows a player sitting at a table, we $7 million in the pot. Or at least that’s what you think it shows the first time you watch it. Bu the clip repeats and repeats several times, finally you start to notice the staring… He’s sitting in the spectators’ gallery, bathed in blue mood-lighting, watching the game. More to the point, there’s a young woman draped over him – black dress, long hair, adoring eyes – who appears to be employed for the sole task of, well… stroking his beard.

Thus, the internet – and the world – was introduced to the strange and unsettling phenomenon of Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian, the 35-year-old son of an exiled Eighties corporate raider.

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2020

Dan Bilzerian net worth of $200 million as of in 2020. Dan Bilzerian net worth majorly from his poker life and his super-premium cannabis brand, Ignite is the first-ever high-end global cannabis brand and – today – features premium quality THC and CBD products.

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We coming @ignite

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Dan Bilzerian Early Life

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida on the 7th of December, 1980. Dan Bilzerian age 40. He is the son of Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian. He has an Armenian descent from his father. Dan was introduced to poker by his brother Adam who is also a poker player.

Dan joined the Navy in 1999. In 2000, Bilzerian went on to undergo SEAL training, and completed two hell weeks, but he was kicked out of the program a few weeks before graduation after having a disagreement with one of his administrators. The disagreement reportedly involved a safety violation on the gun range. After leaving the Navy, Dan enrolled at the University of Florida where he majored in Criminology and Business.

Dan Bilzerian Acting Career

In addition to his poker playing, he has also appeared in the films, “Olympus Has Fallen”, “Lone Survivor”, “The Other Woman”, “Extraction”, “The Equalizer”, “Cat Run 2”, and 2016’s “War Dogs.”

Dan Bilzerian Social Media

Dan Bilzerian has received a level of notoriety recently thanks to his Instagram uploads (he has over 26 million followers) which chronicle an amazing playboy lifestyle that would make Hugh Hefner himself envious. He has dubbed himself the Playboy King of Instagram. Dan has already had three heart attacks before the age of 32, with lifestyle he is used too. Dan was featured on Joe Rogan’s podcast on YouTube where he explained the run up to his poker career and current lifestyle.

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Don’t worry, be happy @steveaoki @joeyswoll

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Dan Bilzerian Real Estate

Dan has lived most of the last decade in the Hollywood Hills, Bel Air and Las Vegas. For tax purposes, Dan’s primary residence is Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2014 he purchased a 5-bedroom home in Summerlin South for $4.1 million. He sold that house in 2017 for $5.1 million and then purchased a new house nearby for $10 million. In 2018 Dan rented an absolutely enormous, four-story, 12-bedroom Bel Air mansion for a reported $50,000 per month. He had been previously spending $39,000 per month to rent his home in the Hollywood Hills. In his new mansion, which he aims to make feel like a night club, there’s a two-lane bowling alley, a wine cellar, a movie theatre, a sports room, and five bars.

With his insane lifestyle, he does some of the insane parties on his yacht, buys new pick-up so he can carry around his 20mm anti-tank gun. He risks millions on betting on poker games and he takes mobile phone portraits of himself next to his customised Gulfstream IV jet, which has his personal trademark – a headshot of his pet goat, Zeus – painted on the tail. He is the ultimate antidote, in other words, to adorably posed selfies of Justin Bieber.

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My boat bigger than your sugar daddies boat

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Gym photo

Being in this insane lifestyle, for that he has maintained his physique , although he has skinny, hairy legs, a bone-deep tan, and a laser-treated chest that resembles a ribbed condom filled with rocks – he is typically dressed in a pseudo-military get-up of dark T-shirt, boots and cargo pants. His captions are good enough to make a strong twitter fanbase of its own. “Parking has proven to be less of an issue than previously anticipated,” he wrote recently, linking to an image of his six-wheeled, $625,000 Brabus G63 AMG, its rear tyres mounted on the stairway of what appeared to be someone’s LA home.

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There’s always time for the gym @thorbjornsson

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Major Dan Bilzerian net worth comes from poker, so surely, he calls himself, the “Bill Gates of Poker”. In an interview in 2017, Dan claimed he had gone broke in his sophomore year, he said the mixture of alcohol and poker and want to win every pot, that is a deadly combination. Since then he has won millions while playing poker. He’s won over an incredible $50 million through playing poker alone, with an insane $10.8 million on a single night.

Survived Two Heart Attacks Before 30

We can say, with his insane lifestyle, there comes a few drawbacks. Considering how he lives his life to fullest, after almost partying 5 straight days, gambling ,crazy sex life, no sleep, consumptions of several drugs, snowboarding, 200 milligrams of Viagra, Dan had his first heart attack on the 4th day and while still in hospital got his another 2nd heart attack in just 12 hours later of recovering from 1st one. Dan had some strong will to survive and recover in 2 weeks.

Race Car Fanatic

With living the likes of him, everyone would be drawn towards a car collection ofcourse. Dan once bet wager of $400,000 drag race against fellow enthusiast, Tom Goldstein. Goldstein with his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia and Dan with his ‘tricked out’ 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra went head to head in this high risk, one-of-a-kind quarter mile drag race, it’s a high stake damn it.

Always Surrounded with People Partying

With clearly the best Instagram account till date, Dan post some of the best incites of his parties. From what appears to be his mansion in LA, by flaunting a gun collection that would put an evil dictator to shame.

Dan Bilzerian Instagram can make anyone jealous. See for themselves.

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Life before bats

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So, with this lifestyle, who know how much more Dan Bilzerian net worth is? But seriously, can you out a price tag on this kind of lifestyle. With this lifestyle, sure he has proven why he is “King of Instagram”.

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