18 Top Curly Haircuts for men 2020




With also having curly hair, I can understand when I see someone with straight hairs, “I wish I could get that my curly hairs to do that”. Curly hair can get a bad reputation for being to work hard on them. But it can be made as versatile as any as other hair type. From short curly hairstyles to long curly hairstyles, in this article I will show you best curly haircuts for men 2020. Mens curly hairstyles are difficult to maintain for a long period of time but still they look more intuitive then other type of hairs.

Every man with curly hair knows the struggle is real. Mens curly hairstyles can be really hard to maintain and hard to tame most of the time. While some may think that curls should be shaved off or may not work for their face shape, we’re here to tell you otherwise. To show you how to work with your natural texture instead of against it, we’ve rounded up a selection of stylish looks you’re sure to love.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

How to Manage Curly Hair for Men?


With summer coming and the threat of frizz and humidity, curly hair can be hard to keep in check but one benefit is that you don’t need them to wash them as frequently compared to straight hairs. Many experts stated that, “Most people with curls know that it’s tricky to deal with if it’s washed frequently. The natural oils help control the curls, so be careful not to strip them out.  I have experience this many times. Washing makes your curls lighter, looser and giving them a frizzy look.”

There are many ways to maintain your hairs. Check out the some healthy mens hair habits.


Curly Haircuts for men 2020

The best products for curly haired men are “sulphate-free shampoos (SLS) because they contain less of the harsh detergents that strip the natural oils from the hair.” Experts says “it’s important to match the right styling product with your type of curl and texture and choose shine-free styling aids.” As a general rule, he says, “air drying is preferable” and to “try to limit blow drying.”

That doesn’t mean you need to freeze in winter: “if it’s cold out or you want to speed up drying, use a hot sock diffuser over the nozzle to give a gentler diffuser effect. Please don’t tempted to use a regular sock,” warns Tim, “it’s probably a fire hazard.” He also says it’s wise to “never dry your hair more than 60 per cent – the curls need to retain some moisture to hold their shape.”

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

What to maintain curly hairs for men?

Men’s Curly Hairstyles: Tips & Tricks

  1. Make sure you pick your haircut which suit of your specific type of curls.
  2. Try to opt for versatile and easy to maintain looks.
  3. Don’t shampoo every day, limit it to 2-3 days to keep hair from getting dry.
  4. Invest in high quality shampoo and conditioner without sulphate to ensure your curls stays intact.
  5. Use a wide-tooth comb to remove the knots and avoid brushing, which can create frizz.
  6. If your goal is tight and tidy curls, use a high-hold, matte-finish styling product, and work it in from the roots when your hair is still damp.
  7. If you want to maintain volume in your curly mop, use a moisturising sea salt spray.
Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Men’s Curly Hairstyles: How to Wear Curly Hairs?


After mastering art of maintaining curly hairs, let’s get down to next step to hairstyles. It’s up-to you if you want long or short curly hairstyle, luckily there’s plenty of inspiration from the fashionable fellas of Hollywood.

Game of Thrones heartthrob Kit Harington is a prime example of long curly hair done right. The actor keeps his tresses shoulder length and fuss-free. If you’re partial to a shorter style, One Direction’s Harry Styles and Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley make a statement with styles that are longer on top and cropped around the years.

Different Types of Curly Hairs?

Type I: 2 to 3 inches to form a curl

Type II: 1 to 2 inches to form a curl

Type III: 0.5 to 1 inch to form a curl

Type IV: 0.125 to 0.5 inch to form a curl

Type V: up to 0.125 inch to form a curl

Before going to check out curly hairs check these Stylish Haircuts for men!

And to maintain your hairs you should use best hair products and right kind of shampoo for dandruff.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Here Are 18 Top Curly Haircuts for Men 2020.

Make sure you choose according to your preferable length for your hairs. Because growing curls are difficult again and these haircut for man with curly hair having all from long to short curly haircuts for men 2020.

Short Curly Haircuts for men 2020

#1 Blow Out Haircut for men

The blow out haircut came before and continues well beyond the popularity of Pauly D and the Jersey Shore. With volume at the top and a low fade, the hairstyle is meant to like you stuck your finger in a light socket. For curly hair, it’s all about texture.


Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#2 Modern Afro Curly Haircut for men

For guys with tight kinky curls, the modern afro is a cool option. With a taper at the side burns and neckline and update shape, this isn’t your 70s style globe but a cool look that makes the most of curly hair.


Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#3 Curly Fringe

A pronounced swoop and a tousled head of hair make this hairstyle stand out from the rest. The curls take centre stage, flowing downward to give this style a sense of motion.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Liked this Hairstyle? Then check out different beard styles and moustache styles that goes with this haircut!

#4 Sweep Back for Curly Haircut

This cool wavy curly hair has a hint of surfer style. Get that fresh from the beach look with a salt spray that defines and controls curl.


Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#5 Side Part Haircut for Curly Hair for men

This side part haircut is a classic men’s hairstyle adapted for curly hair. Hair is short enough to be straight around the sides while the top is long enough to bring out curls.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#6 Taper Haircut for Curly Hair for men

The medium length taper haircut is a growing trend for straight, wavy and curly hair. This cool style sweeps long curly hair straight back and ends with a clean-cut neck taper.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#7 Wavy Curly Hair

Wavy curly hair is left long and cut to form side swept fringe. A shaved curl behind one ear echoes the texture of longer hair on top.


Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#8 Side Swept Disconnected Undercut

This extreme style pushes the boundaries of the disconnected undercut. The hair on the sides is almost non-existent, emphasizing the flowing hair on top of the head


Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#9 Heavy Angular Fringe

Angular Fringe works on the messy curly hairstyles. This works with fade on the both ides and overflowing head of hair. This provides a presence of lot of volume.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#10 Curly Fade Haircut

This is kind of skin fade variation with cleaning the hairs on back and both the sides. If you want to emphasize your curls and nothing else check this out.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#11 Quiff

This hairstyle works for all age groups. It’s a classic and very well suited to gentlemen with curly hairs. Quiffs are styled by brushing the hair upwards and away from the face but obviously some with curl back onto face.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#12 Tight Curls

These are the worst curls. Believe me consider lucky you don’t have them. Toughest to work on. And whatever you do for them, no matter how much you spent. After some time, they come back to their old shape. But still for temporary work you can enhance your natural curls with a pomade or styling mousse, working product in with your fingertips, then build your way up to using more should you feel the need for it.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Medium Curly Hairstyles for men 2020.

#13 Beach Curls


haircuts for man with Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Well suited for casual days, beachy curls rely on much more texture than a typical glossy ‘do. Beach curls are also a great statement hairstyle for relaxed gents as they offer more freedom when it comes to drying your hair and applying the product. Yep, that’s right; beachy curls are best done messily. That said, achieving messier hairstyles can at times be more difficult to perfect. Our tip is to find a great sea salt hairspray for carefree styling when your curls get unmanageable.

#14 Pompadour


The thing about pompadour is that it can be categories in all three size of curly haircut for men. But it suits best in medium length curly hairstyles for men.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020

Long Curly Haircuts for men 2020. 

#15 Long Messy Curls


In this hairstyle, there’s nothing but curls. The hair is grown out long and styled to create this vibrant style.

Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#16 Glossy Curls

A different way to channel longer curls is to style them with a product that has a subtle gloss. Ensure your curls have a bit more shine and are well-styled, as opposed to flaunting drier or more textured finishes. A low slicked back ponytail is also another way to channel longer curls for dressier occasions, adding a bit of sleekness to your longer curls, and still making a statement.

haircuts for man with Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#17 Man Bun

Tying all your hair up into a man bun is an easy and fashionable way of taming curly hair. We especially like this combo because the curly hair gives the hairstyle a unique texture and appearance.

haircuts for man with Curly Haircuts for men 2020
#18 Dishevelled

If you’re the kind of gent who suits a rugged and unrefined appearance, then long messy curls are made for you. This laid-back hairstyle projects a stylishly carefree look that is ideal for casual occasions. To ensure your hair doesn’t appear too out-of-control, however, be sure to do some subtle styling, such as sweeping it back or adding a simple side part. After all, while this look requires minimal styling, it’s still essential to ensure you appear stylishly dishevelled instead of completely unkempt.

haircuts for man with Curly Haircuts for men 2020



  • How to Manage Curly Hairs for Men?
  • How to maintain curly hairs for men?
  • Different types for curly hairs?
  • Short Curly Haircuts for men
  • Medium Curly Hairstyles
  • Long Curly Haircuts for men


I know maintaining can be tough but I think curly hairs can really suit some people without even maintaining them. Just carry them with full confidence and you’ll good to go. So, do you like any curly haircuts for men 2020 in this article? Let us know!

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