30+ Cross Tattoos for Men [2020 Update]

The Cross tattoos for men carry a deep religious and symbolic meaning, which expresses one’s spiritual and religion. The symbol cross has a long history way back 5th century, and also is timeless symbol. One of the most recognized symbols and worn alongside other symbol in a respectful way ofcourse.

In recent times, cross tattoos for men have been very popular choice for small tattoos, arm, forearm and neck regions too. They hold many distinct meanings depending on each person. Although, everyone thinks cross only signify a religion, but they hold many meaning to specific bearer. Cross tattoos designs show courage, honour, spirituality, peace, dedication and many more different deep meanings.

cross tattoo

In Christianity, cross symbol identifies and holds deep meaning. However, there are other religions and cultures have a connection the symbol of cross to spirituality. Cross tattoos for men will never go out of style going by the deep symbolism its associated with.

Cross tattoos for men carry such a deep meaning, with which people identify with. With your cross tattoos for men you can express your own element influenced that you can use alongside the tattoo. Also wearing cross symbol, is a sign of remembering the death of Jesus Christ. Some of the meanings associated with the cross tattoo include;

  • Spirituality
  • Death
  • Freedom
  • Devotion
  • Love and more.
cross tattoo

There are many different designs of cross, like Celtic cross tattoo, Maltese cross tattoo, we suggest refraining from having it coloured in red. That red colour could lead to some different meaning, so simply leave it in black and grey to avoid confusion.

Best area to get cross tattoo on?

From my side, cross tattoos on wrist, forearm or neck. Try these regions, if you want a small cross tattoo.

cross tattoo

Egyptian cultures have a history in cross tattoos for men. Often seen in paintings and sculptures on Egyptian gods. They have form of Ankh, the Anhk combines both Mars symbol associated with men and Venus which symbolize life and associated with women.

cross tattoo

There’s a lot of customization that can be done with cross tattoos for men. A cross tattoo small, you can easily customize it with many different other small designs’ tattoos. You can pair a cross tattoo with a rose tattoo to give a tribute to a lost loved one. You can pair it with a symbol of heart, to express your relationship. Also, can be made with tribal style which can cover up a large portion.

cross tattoo

Cross is a holy symbol in Christianity. It signifies faith, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice to save humanity. Cross tattoos for men signifies spirituality, strength and power, and you can combine it with many other symbols and art styles. You can give your own meaning to it, with your unique design. A simple design or a Celtic cross tattoos design represents your faith.

cross tattoo

Best Cross Tattoos for Men 2020

Rose and Cross Tattoos for men

Rose in Christianity represents purity, joy and martyrdom. That’s why many pair up a cross tattoo with flowers such as rose. The rose cross tattoo also represents patriotic inking for English people. That’s because English flag bears a red cross and rose it’s the national flower of England, representing Saint George.

rose cross tattoo

Three Cross Tattoos for men

A Three Cross Tattoo has meanings attached to it. One of them represents three aspects of God in the Christianity faith: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also, it symbolizes Christ and other two who were crucified with him at Golgotha. It’s the way to remember humanity of Jesus.

triple cross tattoos for men

Jesus Cross Tattoos for men

Jesus Cross tattoo emphasize the Christian symbolism of their cross tattoo. It represents Christ himself. Christ saviour of humanity. This a very religious and spiritual king of a body art. A Jesus cross tattoo can also be combined with symbols like drops of blood, flowers or representation of Christ’s crucifixion, joy and suffering.

jesus cross tattoos for men

Cross with Wings Tattoo

Wings are associated with angels; they are very popular choice. They represent wearer’s guardian angel or the spirit of a loved one who has passed away. It also represents the freedom of a person when they embrace their faith in God.

cross wings tattoo

The cross signifies many other things such as devotion, sacrifice and unconditional love. The design below is not only looks good but creates a visually appealing outlook.

The wearer of cross tattoo symbolizes his self-sacrifice and devotion. The tattoo design can express the wearer’s spiritual journey too. And the customization depends upon the artist you are getting inked from.

cross tattoo

Combine your cross tattoo with words, that is a great way to express your design. This shows a deeper meaning and understanding of a tattoo.

Historical reference to cross tattoos for men

Tattoos have been for a long time, several cross tattoos, from simple Latin cross of Medieval centuries of the Celtic, Greece, the symbol cross contains deep meanings. By getting inked with these tattoos people find it as a way for connecting with their culture and traditions.

historical cross tattoo

3d Cross Tattoos

3d cross tattoos have taken huge popularity, the design is realistic and looks good every part of body. The three set of cross tattoo represents a reflection of what Bible says about crucifixion of Jesus. It expresses about one’s spirituality.

3d cross tattoos for men

These Celtic features and pattern look great when done in a single color, brings out a magnificent outlook for the design. As stated, these cross tattoos provide a deep religious way to express faith.

cross tattoo leg

Placement of Cross tattoos

Though cross tattoos can be placed almost anywhere, and its great for show too, but, as it contains religious teachings, don’t go below lower back, although its your own choice. The most common area where cross tattoos are inked are neck, forearm, arm and also on chest. Ensure that you select an area where the tattoo is beautifully reflected. as scene on the above picture, this leg tattoo looks great.

Beautiful Cross tattoo ideas

The placement of any tattoo, you should be feels comfortable with. You can a Bible verse with the tattoo which enhances the meaning associated with the design. Now if you consider to get a beautiful cross tattoo, then consider fitting it at a place where it reflects well, shows your personality.

cross tattoos for men

You can combine florals and cross to create a spectacular design, using dark and grey layers. This below tattoo justifies the design, fits well on the arm. Consider the tattoo size, before going to the artist, otherwise you might regret this tattoo mistake.

This is for an edgy personality. This is a very wild design; the wide design is captures beautifully and also enhances the wearer’ features. The cross makes a good combination and adds contrast to the entire design.

This simple cross tattoo has a sinister facial feature of an animal. It is a demonstration of power and strength bundled up in a black in.

cross tattoo animal

Compass cross

You can create your own unique design. Like this, compass cross, this can express your spiritual religious journey you took, which holds a special place in your heart.

compass cross tattoos for men 2020

Well, these are the best cross tattoos for men, that you can get. You could also add your touch to the tattoo. If you have anything deep meaningful, you can add it.