Most Stylish Crew Cut Haircut for Men 2020

Everybody wants to look good, and what to start with? A cool mens haircuts! So, choosing a haircut might be difficult for someone who doesn’t know his style. Some people have damaged hair and can’t grow smooth and silky hair, they suffer a lot. So, in today’s article, for people to keep short hairs, I have a perfect mens hairstyle for you, Crew Cut Haircut for men. Not only crew cut haircut for men looks cool, it can also be played with designs all over the head and also perfect to beat the summer heat.

It works well on all sorts of face shapes, which is why you might see plenty of it in day-to-day life. Luckily, there’s one classic mens haircuts that all gents can turn to for a sophisticated look with minimal fuss.

Crew Cut


The crew cut haircut for men is one of the classic hairstyles for men. Not only does it exude confidence and appear sharp, but this short haircut is also simple to maintain and easy to style. As such, it’s perfect for any gent who values looking good without expending a lot of effort.

So, if you need a look that’ll see you through from nine to five and beyond without costing you valuable time every morning, these are the top masculine crew cut hairstyle are probably what you need in your life.

What is a Crew Cut haircut for men?

Crew cut is very popular among military personnel. The style has a strand on the top, with minimal sizes of sides. These strands are typically graduated in length with the longest hairs at the hairline and the shortest strands at the crown to create a mostly flat, horizontal appearance for the side.

Crew cut can range from crew cut with fade, crew cut and pigtails, crew cut short and long, crew cut low fade. Crew cut for men has evolved a lot in the recent years. With many who can grow smooth hairs are shifting to crew cut and buzz cut hairstyles for men, in order to decrease the work on hair and its simplicity.

When did crew cut started? HISTORY OF CREW CUT.

The crew cut dates all the way back to the 18th century in the year 1927! While this haircut is trendy around the globe, its origin can be traced back to the United States – where it got its name as a crew cut.

While we do not know the exact specifics about how the crew cut came to be, we do know that Jock Whitney, a rowing team member at Yale cut his hair that way and the rest of the team members followed suit. It is possible that crew cut came into play for rowing teams since long hair could easily get into their eyes as they steer their boats with both hands.

Although the style has been around since the 18th century, it became most popular in the 1920s and 1930s. During this time, the cut received its current name thanks to its popularity amongst Ivy League students and university crew teams.

How to Get Crew Cut for men?

Before, just going out and blindly cutting your hair short, think what kind of crew cut you want? Do you still a little bit length or just going all out? It might be tough decision because not everyone can look great in everything. After all, it’s not typical to see this cut with any hair longer than, say, an inch or two.

Does Crew Cut Haircut go well with a beard?

Oh, hell yes! If you want your crew cut to make you look more manly, keep a neat beard. Not wild stubbles, and definitely not something patchy with a few hairs.

Crew Cut Lengths

Here’s what you need to know. The length of the guards used on your hairstylists’ barbering clips, whether it’s 1/8th of an inch, or 1 whole inch, have a number dedicated to it. When you have a haircut with a 1/8th of an inch guard, that’s how long you can expect your hair to be after the haircut. Generally, crew cuts can be divided into 3 different lengths – shorts, medium & long.

Short – Refers to either length #1 or #2 which stands for 1/8th of an inch and 1/4th of an inch respectively. That’s really short!

Styling of crew cut!

Because of the short nature of a taper cut, styling might not be possible (let alone necessary). However, if you choose to leave some length on top, then you can style it as you wish. Some good suggestions are to just gel it upwards in one direction, or brush it to one side.

Below are the Most Stylish Crew Cut Haircut for Men 2020

#1 Curly Crew Cut

This curled crew cut is a no-frills hairstyle (well, not literally) for the everyday guy. Need a clean and easy style? Look no further.

#2 Slicked Crew Cut with Line

An easy way to kick any hairstyle up a notch is by trimming a line into the top on one side. Here, that disconnect is the accompaniment to a side-slicked crew cut.

#3 Classic Crew Cut

As seen on Conor McGregor. Here’s where it gets tricky. Buzz cut are very similar to crew cut haircuts. What is a buzz cut? Buzz cut is very short for all the angles. What makes crew cut haircut for men different? In crew cut, there are strands on the hair left, which are not lengthy but more than buzz cuts. This allows you to style or add some product and texture. This cut, and the following one, are two of the most universal + always flattering styles you can get. And go figure, they have a lot in common.


Prefer your crew cut a little grown out and tousled? You’ll need a different maintenance method! A longer crew cut usually means that you have long hair at the top. Just be sure to comb or gel them well before you go out. Otherwise, your ‘tousled’ look will just appear messy to everyone else.


Have a longer top? You can brush them towards the front for a short, textured and modern look. Depending on your hair type, this look might appear slightly tousled at times as well, even if it’s brushed. For best effect, keep the back of your head short from the mid-part downwards!


Leave only a comfortable length in the centre, and deliver a thin taper to the remaining sides. If you have sharp facial features, you’ll find that you can even pull this hairstyle off with a well-kept moustache and light beard!


A thick top and neatly tapered sides are all you need to achieve this highly-contrasting look. Keep some well-groomed stubbles to enhance this effect! Works best if you wear your hair top slightly tousled for a more natural look.


This is perfect if you are intending to grow your hair out on top and might want to style it differently every once in a while. Pair this hairdo with a high collar shirt and a sweater and you’ll be rocking the 2018 Hipster Looks!


This look works best if you have a thick top. Just highlighting the lengthy part can give a very different look, which ofcourse looks great! This photo uses a medium-length top, and you’ll need to be prepared to use some hair gel while you comb your hair if you have a longer length.


This look will require you to have a high volume of hair on your top. You will need to maintain a much shorter length along your sides and the back. Get that quiff look by sweeping your thick hair at the front upwards!


You can go around telling people that “I woke up like this” and it will be 100% believable, which is the best perk of this hairdo. It looks entirely natural, and messy – but in a good way if you keep a clean-shaved look otherwise. With this you don’t have to worry if they looking not managed, because fluffy hairs can look good right?


Be amazed at how polished you’ll look with the classical high-and-tight haircut. If you are looking for that contrasting line between your top and sides, simply do a comb-over to get the effect!

#13 Crew Cut Short

The crew cut short can be sustained at one- or two-inches max. Any more length than that makes it long crew cut. So, make sure you get the length correct.

#14 Textured Crew Cut


most stylish crew cut haircut for men

#15 Messy Crew Cut + High Bald Fade

most stylish crew cut haircut for men

#16 Thick Natural Crew Cut + Tapered Sides

most stylish crew cut haircut for men

#17 Thick Crew Cut Hair + Shaved Sides

most stylish crew cut haircut for men

#18 Long Messy Crew Cut + Low Taper Fade

most stylish crew cut haircut for men

#19 Brushed Up Crew Cut

The best thing about the brushed-up cut is that it doesn’t look very short and gives an added touch to play with your hairs more. I highly recommend to style this haircut, before going to very short ones.

This cut blends a brush up with a crew cut to create a heavily textured look that goes perfectly with just about any style.


I think, crew cut haircut for men is perfect who doesn’t want to invest time and money on his hairs. This doesn’t mean that this hairstyle is bad, it looks really sexy, women attracter I would say. So, make sure to try these hairstyle recommendations to look great. If you have any other hairstyle send us to our social media and let us know! And Get a chance to feature on our website and social media!

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