Perfect Tattoo ideas for couple!

In today’s article we will give you tattoo ideas for couple. With these tattoo ideas for couple you can get with your special one.

Getting similar tattoo with your someone special is indeed a perfect wat to show the permanency of your love and devotion. So, these couple tattoos in this article will give you inspiration to get your perfect couple tattoo with your special someone.

There are so many ways to show your eternal love for your partner and getting matching tattoos is a popular option. Getting inked together is a great bonding experience. For tattoo ideas for couple you can get inspired with these ideas.

What idea can couple get inked on themselves?

You can show your creative side when you choose a design together. More importantly, having a couple tattoo makes a bold statement about your relationship and shows the world what your other half means to you.

Many couples now a days are opting for matching inked rings on finger, rather than traditional of getting a band. Many other couples prefer different kind of tattoos like getting matching discreet numbers, symbols and illustration which defines their relation, which they tucked in a secretive part of the body, only they know about. You can choose whatever way of getting inked, you should take a pride rendering the tattoo on your body in the same likeness as your loved one. A masterpiece.

Here are some ideas to get you and your husband or wife thinking of what you might want your special tattoo to be. These couple tattoo design will give you more inspiration.

Couple tattoo ideas

Rings and Dates

These come in couple tattoo small. To mark your wedding day date, you can get inked ring or the date tattooed on your forearm. It will serve as an emotional reminder of your commitment that you can never take off. Some couples also have inked their ring finger with a ring tattoo.

couple tattoo ideas


You and your spouse go together like Mario and Princess Peach. Some couples are even getting pinky and brain tattoos! We’ll let you tangle over who’s who in the relationship.

Other ideas include peanut butter and jelly, a Native American brave and squaw, and pictures of male and female animals. Some of the best tattoos we’ve seen in this category are king and queen crowns. You can show that you’re going to rule your life together as the royal couple of your household.

Whatever your sense of humour or beauty, you can depict your relationship with any two things that go well together.

Poetry and Promises

Some people have matching tattoos in relation, like favourite lines from a poem or book. Others pick a theme together but get their own variations of it. One example is the infinity symbol below. One is very feminine with thin lines and flowers around it while the other is masculine with bold shapes and sharp edges. These tattoos define the couple tattoo love.

Completing the Thought

Whether you believe your spouse completes you or not, you can still show how close they are to you with a tattoo that finishes the other’s sentiment. For instance, you can get a tattoo that says “Til Death…” and let your spouse get one that reads, “…Do Us Part.”

Other ideas would be sayings that go together. One tattoo you’ll see below says, “I’ll keep you safe” while its counterpart says, “I’ll keep you wild.”

Shapes and Scenes

Shape tattoos which can match when two shape join together. One popular idea is for each person to have half a heart. Other examples include a flock of birds that coordinate with each other’s tattoo, a picture of a key and a lock, or a hummingbird taking nectar from a flower.

Piece of Me

Even more interesting tattoos that are coordinating picture motif are tattoos that show how much your special one is part of you. The best example would be a tattoo that shows a puzzle piece which only completes, which one is on other. A wackier version is the slice of pizza taken from one person is there on another.


You could also geta matching tattoo represent something that you two both bonds over, or the common thing you both started your conversation.

Also, you can get a tattoo of the place you both first met. 

#The classic twin heart design in thread like curves to form its shape for added texture. This small and delicate miniature hearts are inked on the wrists where the vein directly linked to the heart is located. A very meaningful spot for lovers and such a romantic interpretation of two hearts that beat as one.

These tattoo ideas for couple are good for inspiration if you are looking to get them.

#The goal should be to uphold love at all times. So, he says, guide me so I will always in the right path. Hold me, she says, so I will always have the strength to honour our commitment. The journey will be far from perfect, but these affirmations of love delicately inked on their wrists will serve as a constant reminder to uphold love.

#A magnificent and captivating rendition of the power of life in black ink filled with sacred geometrical pattern derivative of the flower of life symbolizing creation and that we all come from the same blueprint. Romantically, this illustration conveys that the couple consider one another as a symbolic gift of life, and that their union is a beginning of a beautiful and positive transformation.

#For the couple who loves deer, immortalized in minimalist design with geometrical patterns to complete the structure. The stag and doe, together forever.

These 21 perfect tattoo ideas for couple 2020! Tell us which one is your favourite and you want to get inked on yourself!

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