What is Cocktail Attire for women Mean in 2019?

Fancy cocktail? Summer cocktail? T&C experts weigh in on what to wear to your next party. Is cocktail attire for women, by definition, is fairly straightforward. But we all know it is never that simple.

For many such we at The Fashion Wolf have surveyed many Fashion Mogul and also many young fashion influencer teams are there to work upon the looks provided to you in these articles!

For women, cocktail party dress might range for a dress which should finish at or above the knees, which could be paired with high heels. Although cocktail party is a formal event, you should always look sophisticated. They can also be fun with mixture of colours, cuts and unique accessories.

Is cocktail attire for women being a standard dress code for parties and evening functions? Yes, it is.

The approach: This event usually occurs at the evening and does not stretches to night, before the dinner, with women in dresses at or slightly below the knee.

Adjust to accommodate the season and location. If you know the host’s personality that can also give a clue into the general vibe of the party.

For an unexpected take on the “little black dress,” Fashion Experts suggests wearing satin trousers with a nice t-shirt or knit instead.

Summer Cocktail

The Approach: It might be a classic cocktail, but if the event takes place by the beach or in a garden, adjust accordingly.

“I tend to be more casual in the summer—and definitely wear less make-up,” says Experts. “Add a colourful, fun piece of costume jewellery.” This is also a great time to bring out a cute straw clutch and strappy sandal.

Formal Cocktail Attire

Black dress is the staple for any party, be it formal or informal. But ofcourse, the length of your dress you be decided in accordance with the type of event. LBD that fits well and is made from high-quality material makes an excellent option for these kinds of occasions. Just make sure that yours isn’t too short and that you pair it with sleek accessories for a suitable appearance.

The Approach: As already mentioned, cocktail parties are formal events, usually means more conservatives dresses.

You could opt for a long dress in such a situation, but it is not necessary you can always experiment with your looks.

A little secret to share. Think of the occasion as an office meeting. Select your dress as to you don’t want your boss to see you in. In case you needed a reminder, a cocktail party dress is different than a girls’ night out.

Fancy Cocktail

The Approach: A relatively new dress code. It is typically used during the holidays and for weddings. “Fancy cocktail means a bit more formal attire which typically can be identified through the fabrics,” she explains.

is cocktail attire for women 2020

Experts agree this is the time to “bring out the sparkle, shimmer, and shine.” suggests adding a fabulous cocktail ring, sequin top, or eye-catching bag to up the ante.

Cocktail Attire Key Pieces

Sticking to the basics are always the key to well look. These few specific will provide you with a full-proof method to look gorgeous. Such key pieces for cocktail attire include a dress, shoes and accessories.

Cocktail Dresses

When it comes to dressing for a cocktail function, a dress will always be a safe bet. While you can experiment with two-piece ensembles and jumpsuits, nothing beats a polished party dress. Just make sure it finishes around your knees.

Cocktail Shoes

For cocktail events, heels are almost always a must. Heels are idea for such events, and pairing them in black or nude colour with your dress is a dream look. Choose between a sandal or pump style for a smart and understated look that will let your dress shine. Or on different side, choose a bold shoe and pair it with a simple dress to create a bold statement.

Cocktail Accessories

What is cocktail attire for women accessories? Ofcourse you can style up by using accessories, such as bad and jewellery. When selecting your accessories, choose pieces that are chic yet exciting and attention-grabbing.

cocktail attire for women

Cocktail Attire Occasions

When dressing for a cocktail event, it’s important to consider the exact type of occasion to ensure you select an appropriate outfit. By taking into account the occasion, along with the setting and level of formality, you’ll be able to choose an ensemble that perfectly suits the day or night.

Cocktail Attire Dos & Don’ts

Don’t think too much about cocktail occasions, they don’t need to be over complicated. By following just few simple rules, you will pull off your next best outfit look!

#1 Dress Formally!


  • Dress should finish at or above the knee.
  • Keep things fun with unique cuts, colours and embellishments.
  • Add playful yet sophisticated accessories.
  • Get the dress tailored if not of perfect fit.
  • Keep Hemlines and Necklines Appropriate


  • Choose an outfit that is overly revealing.
  • Wear a gown.
  • Be afraid to ask the host to clarify the dress code if you’re unsure.
  • Forget to complete your look with polished hair and makeup
  • Wear Anything Too Revealing

 #2 Casual!


  • Wear Jeans
  • Wear Sneakers


  • Wear Sleek Trousers
  • Wear Heels

You don’t have to wear a dress if you can’t, no need to panic on that. Just that, don’t go with jeans. Pair up your any of your polished trouser for the evening. As cocktail party is a formal event, trousers are perfect formal item.

#3 Accessorizing


  • Carry an Oversize Bag
  • Wear Too Many Statement Accessories
  • Show Up in Wrinkled Garments

cocktail party for women


  • Use a clutch instead of oversize bag, as its elegant.
  • Choose One Standout Accessory
  • Use a Steamer

Regardless of the colour or material of your clothing, wrinkles are always noticeable and unprofessional. Using a steamer is one of the best (and quickest) ways to get rid of wrinkles.

Even the Coco Chanel recommends not wearing too many accessories. But ofcourse, the one or two you choose should be the one which has the look to stand out accessory that you really love.

No sneakers, don’t at any situation. Be it stilettos or block heels, getting even an extra lift is helpful, when it comes for a formal event. At worst even flat pair may work, but sneakers Big NO!

So, what is cocktail attire for women? You got the idea? Then great try to also mix things up and make your best outfit for the day! After these tips that I gave about the cocktail attire for women, you can also check more about women fashion