Reasons Why the Clean Shaven Look Is Better than Beard Look in 2020!


Beards have been popular for the last few years and many men have embraced facial hair. Men have been keeping beards now for ages, and many has embraced facial hair. However, you may be wondering if beards on their scruffy last legs and set to go the way of man buns or are beards still in style? Should you grow a beard or shave it off? Read the article below to see clean shaven look.

Well of course beard trend won’t be going anywhere, but trying on clean shaven look once in a while, won’t do bad. Clean shaven look gives more well-groomed look. Facial hair trends tend to change quickly, read the article to know more about clean shaven look vs beard look.

The overall verdict is that people are still confused to keep the beard or clean shave it. But the thing is if you are not able to get a decent scruffy beard then the clean shave is the way to go, otherwise beard is the way to go, no questions asked. Read more to know more about clean shave vs beard.

In this article i will answer your questions


  • What is better beard or clean shaven?
  • Does clean shaven look better?
  • Is it more professional to be clean shaven?
  • Are beards still in 2020?
    Do girls like clean shaven or facial hair?

Relive That Clean Shave Moment

Clean Shave movement! Perhaps after the hipster movement, that had everyone emulating 70s dad fashion.

Peak of the beard has passed. It’s time to take a step back. Go towards the mirror and just rub it off. Let’s just take a step back from your old school trending beard and go for that glorious clean, fresh-faced feel once more.

You need to take off a little and care to avoid any acne to your freshly shaved becoming red raw before giving up in the itching.

Clip it down to stubble, check here to find the best trimmer to shave.

Both clean shaven men and bearded men are perceived very differently on the first impression. While some perceives bearded men as more confident and sexier and some consider clean shaven as hotter and cool. If you prefer no facial hair, they may perceive you as someone more approachable and the list goes so on. Let’s look at the article ahead to debate more on is clean shaven look better than bearded look?

The Clean Shaven Look

The clean shaven look has been for a long time. Be honest, it’s unlikely that your Grandad will be rocking a beard any time soon. Personally, My Grandad is 92 and he feels uneasy when he hasn’t had a shave. He shaves daily, it’s been conditioned into him from his time in the Army.

Does clean shave look better?

Yes, women have been shown to find clean shaven look more attractive then beard, although beard style may give your more respect, but its unlikely to get you more dates.

The Next Step Beyond Beards

The Clean Shave look gains momentum. In 2016 43% of US men shaved every day, according to Mintel, we expect those numbers to start going up. Beards have become more maintained and trimmed, the next step is a cleaner, younger look.

The Beard Argument

Now the beard isn’t something we are completely against, but a lot of men rock beards when it really doesn’t suit them. If you can’t grow a beard or you grow a patchy beard, trying to grow a beard shouldn’t be high on your agenda. Honestly, if you struggle to grow a beard it’s time to give into genetics and opt for a clean shave.

But a lot of men do suit the beard and we’re not disregarding it completely, but the clean-shaven look is definitely something to consider more in 2018.

clean shaven men

But the benefits of a clean shave are as follows:

  • It can help remove dead skin (which could lead to acne and bad skin)
  • It often makes you look younger
  • It will compliment a formal appearance
  • Women often prefer clean shaven men

So how do we get the cleanest shave possible, in the quickest time possible?

Invest in The Right Shaver

There’s a lot of overpriced products that underperform when it comes to male grooming. But when it comes to a clean shave, don’t be afraid to invest wisely.

A good razor should always be the main focus, as cheap razors can lead to skin irritation and honestly are only good for a few uses before you need to replace them. On the other hand, a good razor can speed up the process, it can leave you with a cleaner shave and it also reduces the risk of cuts.

7 Reasons Why the Clean Shaven Look Is Better than Beard Look in 2020!

1. Grooming a beard

Growing a beard is easy, but maintaining it is a task and not everyone is good at that. Only a few can carry off that perfectly shaped beard or trimmed stubble. For the rest of us, it might soon end up being an Amazon forest. But with clean shaven perks, you don’t have to trim with perfection, just shave whatever facial hair you see.

2. I’m lazy and I know it

Beard looks rugged, rough and sexy but it often sends out a message that “I am lazy or lousy or going through a bad time”.

Sometimes, men often tend to relate stress with their looks, if you are having bad mood or having stress over the weekdays, then anyone by your looks can say you are stressed, with beard it becomes even more obvious. With clean shaven look you won’t stressed out, instead even in stress you will look more energetic and enthusiastic.

3. It takes a hell lot of time and money to groom your beard

If you fancy your beard, then get ready to spend a lot of money and time in using grooming kits for your beard to make it look presentable and also keep it in a good condition.

4. Let’s face it! Clean Shaven is Evergreen!

With almost everyone is styling the bearded look, after certain point the beard look might go mainstream. Women might get bored of seeing everyone in beard and with clean shaven look, facial feature show their plays. If the sexy beard look, scruffy beard, might become very common, then it won’t be attractive anymore.

5. Beard makes you look Mature but Old.

It is a known fact that men who have thick beard look older. But, men with clean shaven look younger than others.

6. For you it might as well be a ‘goatee’ or ‘soul patch’

Beard grows naturally, you can groom it for sure but you cannot change the way the facial hair appears on your face. Accept the fact, not everyone can grow a beard, a full beard or is stubble.  I even who doesn’t want to look younger?

7. Not all women prefer a fur-ball / itchy kiss

Your beard might look hot, but when it comes to kissing it might feel very itchy and women might not appreciate it. Also, she might end up coughing because you did not take proper care of your beard. For a clean-shaven look, kissing is like cake-walking.

People will always have an opinion with everything, in this too, people will debate over which looks better, beard or clean shaven look. But to think clean shaven look that won’t be anywhere. Even for interviews or professional places, clean shaven look is preferred will always make women drool over it.

clean shaven look is better than beard look

Bonus Points

It takes a lot of time to groom your beard.

If you think women takes time while doing make up then even men do take time to groom their beards. Research found out that the beards have more germs than dogs carry in their fur (jeez!). However, this is not the case with everyone. Germs cling onto the beard if they are not properly treated and used bad products. beards take lots of time and must be consistent with them.

Some women prefer men with a clean-shaven look.

There is no need to worry if you can’t grow facial hairs, there are many women who prefer clean shaven look more than the bearded look. Also, if you don’t maintain your beard, no women would want to kiss you anyway. Women cares a lot about the hygiene and if you are not then time to change boys and be a man.

How to Get a Clean Shaven Look? 

Shaving can be a challenge for both men and women. Here are dermatologists’ tips to help you get a clean shave:

Shaving can be a bit challenging for anyone, so here are some few tips to make sure you have the best shave.
1. Shaving on a dry skin can be very dangerous, so first wet your skin and let it soften. the best tiem to shave is after shower.
2.Applying shaving cream is a very important step to maintain your skin. a sensitive skin might get cut here and there, so make sure to take care while shaving.
3. Another tip is to shave in the direction hair grows, this reduces the chance of razor bumps and burns.
4. Rinse after each swipe. this will help to see if you have gotten any cuts, so that you wont over do it.
5. Razor must be kept in a dry area otherwise the razor might get rusty and can damage the skin.
6. If you have acne then you should not shave in the area of acne. use trimmer to trim the area around the acne.

10 celebrities with Clean Shave and with Beard

Steve Carrell

The Office actor becomes almost unrecognisable with addition of some salt and pepper facial hair.

clean shave


The Popstar rocks the five o’clock shadow or a full beard that neatly frames his face.

clean shave

Adam Levine

Adam Levine has never been afraid to play with his looks and he shows some best scruff beard and clean shaven look.

clean shave

Paul Rudd

The chocolate boy has been baby face and bearded man.

clean shave

Jamie Dornan

The 50 Shades of facial hair with Jamie Dornan, flaunting both clean shaven and bearded look.

clean shave

Chris Pine

Chris Pine has been rocking the clean shave look most of his acting career, is now here to sport some serious scruff for some time.

clean shave

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick used to wear a scruff as Black Panther, but when he’s not one of the avengers then he used to dabble a smooth look. RIP Legend.

clean shave

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine was rarely seen clean shaven. The man is made for a great looking stubble.

clean shave

Christian Bale

Its either a bearded serial killer or clean shaven superhero for Christian bale.

clean shave

Kit Harrington

Kit without the beard could pass for 12-year-old boy look.

clean look


Growing a beard can be a great way to express your personal style and every guy should try growing one at least once in his life. I am not saying bearded look is bad or clean shaven look is better, but its your personal choice to have clean shave or not. And it might be easy for some people to maintain a beard, but clean shave? Everyone is able to maintain a clean shaven look.

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