14 Best Chelsea Boots for Men 2020

If you haven’t heard or don’t have legendary mens Chelsea boots in your wardrobe, then you have been missing out on one of the most stylish and reliable footwear options for men today. In this article, I will show you the best Chelsea boots for men 2020.

What makes the Chelsea boots men so popular? Mainly the ability and flexibility to transition from both casual and formal wardrobe. They can be worn with suit just as with jeans.

With history back to British monarchy, it was designed by J. Sparks-Hall, Queen Victoria’s personal shoemaker. The Chelsea boot proved to be popular for horse riders due to their durable nature and lack of laces to risk getting tangled.

First time it was spotted was in 1851, the stylish silhouette has persevered through thick and thin, becoming a piece of iconic footwear in the process. With simplistic exterior, defined solely by an elastic gore, sleek suede and three-inch heel, paying homage to Britain’s illustrious styles. Read on to know more features and details about the Chelsea boots for men.

Chelsea boots by beatles

Mens Chelsea Boots Material

The boots are majorly made of leather or suede, with each been made according to the seasons. Leather is great for protection against the winter and rain, and they become more and more comfortable after each use.

Suede, due to slightly harder to clean, best worn in summers. Suede boots comes in variety of colours, so plenty of options for you to choose from.

Chelsea Boot Style

As with other boots too, Chelsea boots for men can be styled and rocked in many ways. You want them to cover up till only ankle for men, for women you can go above ankles too. Although the higher the fit the easy to fit the jeans inside them. Lower fittings will let the skin show and nobody wants to see that, okay!

The style of the toe can differ from pair to pair too. Rounded toes are perfect for everyone. Pointed toes are harder to pull off. You will see them only on the rebellious types or the mod-rockers. And they also look great in formal occasions.

When was the Chelsea boot invented?

In late 1830s, personal shoemaker of Queen Victoria, invented the Chelsea boot for the Queen and it’s claimed she wore them on daily basis. However, in 1960s and 1970s when they become incredibly popular affluent in London streets.

What is the best colour for Chelsea boots for men?

Brown – one of the most seen shades for the boots, easy to dress up or down.

Black – preferable for more formal looks, cocktail attire.

Burgundy – good all-round option.

How To Style Chelsea Boots for men?

Aside from their stripped-back, stylish looks, the greatest thing about mens Chelsea boots is their versatility. This is footwear a man can wear at work, play and everywhere else in between.

Chelsea mens
casual boots
party boots

Best Chelsea boots for men

Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell is very famous menswear brand worth their style that you should be aware of. Not only like Common Projects, Oliver Cabell produces incredible sexy range of sneakers and also the main plot today, the Chelsea Boots men. Take this pair, finished with great rather unique truffle colour. The leather and suede sourced from Italy, before hand stitched in Spain. Being a luxury brand, Oliver Cabell breaks down the cost of making each pair of boots, so you know what you are spending on. Well made shoes and look at them, looks so good, sign us up!

chelsea men


Whenever I feel like not spending much money and get the best thing H&M is where I go. H&M is a juggernaut in the fashion space. H&M boast stylish and affordable options. To keep their selection up-to-date, the company introduced the mens Chelsea boots a while back. They feature basic suede’s comfortable affordable, good finishing, what more you want? H&M keep the things simple, without an exaggerated silhouette than delves into realm of high-fashion end.



Urban Outfitters being one the best affordable streetwear brand in the fashion space, they don’t certainly let them slip up in the footwear too. Urban outfitters Chelsea dress boots are refined and thanks to classic elastic gore, stacked heel, pairing perfectly with every outfit in Urban Outfitters case.

boots men

Clarks Clarkdale Gobi Chelsea Boot

Clarks Clarkdale Gobi has provided many timeless pieces. It incorporates a hybrid sole made suede, leather, crepe and rubber, giving comfortable composition hard to beat. This allows boot to foster a unique look. Pair it up with leather outfit, sock liner and enhance the shoe attractive nature.

chelsea men


Since 1829, the brand Northamptonshire-based shoemaker Trickers, has been manufacturing some of the great heavy-duty country footwear for England’s estate owners and landed gentry. Tricker’s aren’t the low-profile, slim-fitting Chelsea boots, tough. Instead, expect a commando soles, hard detailing and premium touch and hand-stitched uppers.

boots men


Historic British shoemaker Grenson was one of the first brands to capitalize on this process. The label, which also hails from Northamptonshire, has since developed a reputation as one of the best pioneers of footwear. Not just in Britain, but the whole world. If you want a Chelsea boot which will stand the test of time then go for Grenson.

mens boots

Saint Laurent

Few years ago, the Yves Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear collection was reintroduced and the house’s aesthetic was overhauled from all the French things. With the standard-bearers, as, every tiny detail they just absolutely crush, the ankle-hugging elastic, toe silhouette and smartly designed pull tab hidden inside the back that makes them. Sure, they are the luxury brand and not cheap. But think them as the Rolex of Chelsea boots for men, then you want them!

chelsea boots for men

R.M. Williams

Named after the founder, a travelling migrating labourer and bushman, thanks to his leatherwork became a millionaire, Australia’s R.M. Williams is known to make the some of the best shoes in the world. And his Chelsea botos are no less than perfection. Smooth and soft leather upper, sturdy soles and colours to choose from, what more you want right?

boots men

Common Projects suede Chelsea boot

Common Projects suede boots are perfect for first time buyers. White-hot Italian label, with super-minimal white sneakers into office or cocktail attire. The common projects no less tha Kanye West getting multiple pairs. These come in suede and has a high-cushion crepe sole. Brand label showing off on the heel-stamp. A perfect balance of looking a hopping DJ and elegant suited man, which also means you can easily sport them at the office and on your next bar crawl and brawl (they are hard and strong af!).

Chelsea boots for men


ASOS have been adventurous and stylish in the game for so much time. ASOS’s mens Chelsea boots looks very appeal and practically impossible to look unstylish in them.

chelsea men


The sturdiest Chelsea boot world. Founded in Australia, most adventurous footwear produced by Blundstone for all terrains, while looking stylish as hell. The key to their durability is in the sole, hard rubber can be tough to wear, but Blundstone is mixed with a cutting-edge tech shock protection system and EVA insoles more commonly seen in sneakers.

chelsea boots for men


Hunter is a very well-made brand. Hunter smartly adapted the festival essential in Chelsea boot crowd. Hunter used strong vulcanised rubber to keep your feet safer from all of the things, the boots are cut at the ankle to be at the more stylish way to take on typically muddy British countryside.

chelsea boots for men

Paul Smith

For me, Paul Smith is very versatile and provides every thing you need. The elegant and fashion-forward footwear sophisticated timeless masterpiece, with a unique and cheeky colour combination thrown in.

chelsea boots for men


Scarosso are made in Italy, these boots combine the old-school shoemaking philosophy with the 21st century modern design and sustainable practices. These Scarosso Chelsea boots for men great option which uses luxury material.

chelsea boots for men

Are Chelsea boots in style 2020?

Chelsea boots for men are #1 boot trend of fall and winters. It’s the officially winter season and boots season. There are many options to wear from casual to formal to anything but nothing beats them in style.

Are Chelsea boots good?

Yes, they are great for winters. Over the past few years, they have stepped up and emerged as the shoe of choice for style-minded men thanks to its versatility. As, it is both stylish upgrade to sneakers and badass option.

Can big guys wear Chelsea boots for men?

Boots look great with everyone. Makes your legs look long. They work great with jeans to suit or something a bit more casual go for work boots.

What Jeans go with Chelsea boots for men?

Slim fit jeans are very stylish when worn with them. They stick with the leg without making your lower body look skinny and slimmer leg tapers towards the bottom, so that it fits perfectly.

Why are Chelsea boots so popular?

Chelsea boots for men have retained their class and popularity because of its timeless characteristics. Its very versality and flexibility are only a few of its winning characteristics. The shaft should fall at ankle length. With rounded toes and low heel are crucial to its versatility.

Are Chelsea boots for men good for walking?

For men Chelsea boots are very much comfortable with the flat ones. As for women, these are the some of the best styles for travelling, as the flat heel makes them easy to walk in. Also, they are slip-ons so, it makes easy to wear at the airport during the security checks.

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