What is a Canadian Tuxedo? How to wear Double Denim!


A story back in 1951, according to Levi Strauss, Christmas crooner Bing Crosby, was almost denied entry into a very fancy hotel in Vancouver, why? Because he was completely dressed in denim. When Crosby’s friends caught the story, they contacted Levi Strauss, who actually was the designer of the denim tuxedo jacket for the singer. Who would know the look now would become as American as apple pie, the Marlboro Man or Madonna singing a Don McLean song against a ten-foot American flag? The Canadian Tuxedo has been popular since then!

the canadian tuxedo

There’s more all-American than all-denim. This story become the certain stateside invention for the Canadian Tuxedo!

This look of all-denim was deemed the ultimate fashion faux pas, later on it become the look which our favourite stars and the look was wore on the biggest shows during the fashion week.

The Canadian Tuxedo

Today we look at the history behind this amazing outfit of all-denim or double denim, which is worn by our some of the favourite celebrities, “the Canadian Tuxedo”, which has given some amazing and iconic pop culture moments of all times.

Lately, the Canadian Tuxedo is not been just worn in the red carpets but also in runways. Raf Simon’s debut collection with Calvin Klein tapped into the brand’s all-American denim DNA, showing tight and skinny jeans worn with matching denim shirts. Tom Ford’s buzzy spring 18 collection included navy coloured Canadian tux accessorized with matching handbags and denim shoes. Adman Selman’s fall/winter collection of 17 denim jumpsuits – skinny, motorcycle style, the same channelled hip-hop culture adding lining to an oversized denim jacket, with matching slouchy jeans – OG Tupac’s iconic 90s denim looks.

the canadian tuxedo

Why do they call it a Canadian tuxedo?

The Canadian Tuxedo a term for wearing shirt made of jean fabric or denim jacket with denim jeans. The term originated in 1951 after Crosby was refused entry to Vancouver hotel. After learning that, Levi Strauss & Co. made it popular!

How do you rock a Canadian tuxedo?

Styling tips for both men and women.

For Men

  • Wear light or dark wash denim
  • Go for Logos.
  • Wear a little loose Denim Jacket.
  • Pair with a partner.

For Women

  • Swap Jeans for a Mini.
  • Go for Logos.
  • Define ‘Denim’ Loosely.
  • Again, Pair It With a Lover.
the canadian tuxedo

Although the Canadian tuxedo was born in Canada, it was actually first created by Levi Strauss & Co in the US Levi’s caught the word what happened with Bing Crosby in Vancouver. And Levi took the advantage of the situation. The jacket was manufactured from same material used for Levi’s classic jean with copper rivets. Levi’s eventually reproduced Crosby’s iconic jacket with a limited run of 200 Canadian tuxedo jackets identical to the original for its Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

the canadian tuxedo

Though the tuxedo jacket had some humorous commentary of Crosby’s situation, but this idea broke the boundary concept in fashion. The rise in pop culture moved the denim away from its roots as a working-class textile and closer to an innovative fashion statement.

Elvis Presley’s iconic mugshot wearing a denim shirt and jeans, the future Rockstar, embodying the bad boy image of the time.

The denim-on-denim combination has been a hit for few years, the went away, seen everywhere from the streets of Milan to NYC. Style stars like Mecca James-Williams and Monica de La Villardière have shown us many ways to layer this fabric by adding contrasting materials – we promise you’ll look nothing like early 2000s Britney and Justin.

Although the new combinations might not be intimidating, so you need some inspiration. In this article you will see great Canadian tuxedo or double denim outfits!

Justin Trudeau wore one to Final Trafically Hip Show.


The Canadian 2021 olympic team swapped the denim for khakis to complete their tuxedo look!

the canadian tuxedo

In 2014, Levi’s reproduced Bing’s famous outfit with a limited run of 200 Canadian Tuxedo jackets.

double denim

After fifty years of Crosby’s situation, celebrity couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake attended the 2001 American Music Awards wearing a matching Canadian tuxedo or double denim power look. Spears went for belted fitted gown with matching denim bag and diamond choker. Justin Timberlake opted for a denim suit, a cowboy hat and ombre shade. This denim moment become a vitality in pop culture history. The look sustained its fame through these years, defining the early 2000s fashion moments. The iconic look has been created many times, but couldn’t compete with Brits and JT.

4 ways to wear The Canadian tuxedo or double denim!


Stick with Dark Washes

Instead of going for same light wash or medium ash, go for a darker wash. Like black jeans, black trucker and a stripped tee with black Chelsea or Western boots. And for a more grunge-y street style vibe, pair super faded dark blue denim with graphic tee and canvas sneakers or chucks.



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Try Dark wash denim with light wash.

Instead of going full dark or light wash, you can mix things up, with mix of denim shades and go darker on top and lighter on the bottom. Try a light wash pair of jeans with dark wash denim shirt or white Henley. With classic converse sneakers for a dialled-down look or your favourite high-top retro sneakers for something trendier.



Style a denim top with a denim jacket.

Double denim doesn’t necessarily mean jeans and a denim top. You can also go entirely on the upper half of your body by mixing a dark denim trucker jacker or chore coat with lighter denim inside.

the canadian tuxedo
Mix it up with multicolour denim.

One great thing about fashion is that denim now comes in many colours, which means you can do a more subversive outfit in colour that, from far away, doesn’t even look double denim. Just make sure that your denim colours are pretty much neutral so you don’t look like a 3rd grader whose parents let him dress himself.

You can go for an olive-green trucker jacket, a white button down and a vans or converse sneaker. For summer vibes try white jeans with a dusty pink trucker jacket, a pair of suede loafers.

But the easiest way to really hit the style without seeming rustic or Western? Saddle up and buy both items from the same company to keep it streamlined and studied. Make sure to get the correct fit size and finish it off with a cool pair of sneakers.

People want to double down but don’t know how!

While the first two are down by celebrities but this point is on us. Over the years, denim jackets have been attempted in more ways than one can count.

There is clear desire to keep this classic alive but there is no clear cut, culturally accepted method of wearing a jean jacket with jeans.

  • Do we match our pants or mismatch?
  • Can you wear black and blue together?
  • Sleeves rolled or sleeves long?
  • Baggy or fitted?
  • Raw/washed?
the canadian tuxedo
Step 1. Own Jeans

Everyone already owns at least one denim jeans. And if you don’t have a jeans then you may have to play in little league before you win the world series.

Step 2. Choosing the Right Jean Jacket

Like everything there are thousands of varieties to choose from, full range of quality, style and price points. The decision might be tricky but make sure to try whatever you intend to buy.

Wear At the Same Time

You’re ready. It’s time. Welcome to the big leagues.

Last year, 2020, has been a social fashion reform, Harry Styles vogue shoot controversy. Still takes a brave soul to face commonplace double denim shaming.

It has been seventy years of the invention of the Canadian tux and twenty years to heartbreak of JT and Brits split – its time to accept the fact jean jackets and jeans are made for each other. Its time for you to show your affection towards these fabrics. To wear double denim with pride and to accept the fact that anything double is better.

So, now you know about the Canadian Tuxedo! Do you like this style? Tell us!