21 Best Caesar Haircut for Men 2021

Short haircuts are very easy to manage, that’s why you see so many men have short hair. In accordance to that, we have a covered a new style, Caesar haircut men. Caesar haircut for men is a horizontal-cut short fringe styled forward. In this article, we are going to show you the best Caesar haircut for men 2021.

Caesar haircut for men was given its name after the famous historically Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and sometimes referred to as a French Crop.

It is created by styling the hair forward, which creates a short fringe. Perhaps, to hide early-onset of baldness, Roman Emperor used to do that. Whether it’s true or not, the Caesar haircut for men is indeed a good choice for men with receding hairline or guys who simple just want short and in fashionable hair.

If you are looking for a hairstyle, which is not so common and fashionable, then the Caesar haircut for men fits the bill. It needs bare minimum maintenance and styling and won’t even require any touch ups in the morning. Just wake up, take a shower and boom your hair are styled.

Traditionally, the Caesar cut was worn by men who had receding hairline or hair thinning. Although now it now been infused with various style, textures and shapes. Now more contemporary versions of this cut are styled to be more taper faded and textured.

The best part about this cut is that it requires no touch-ups and a little maintenance of just cutting them short every 2-3 weeks is required. No wonder many Hollywood movie actors like Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Russel Crowe have sported this hairstyle sometime in their lifetime.

This article will give you a collection of best Caesar cut which has te best appealing effect! But before that read more about the best Caesar cut.

Without even giving a hint you can cover your hair loss or receding hairline. It can easily cover up your hair problems. From short to long or modern, we have all different types of it!

What Is a Caesar Haircut for men?

The Caesar haircut, named after the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, this features closely trimmed hair on the sides and back with a short fringe. Fringes are called bangs, but the front is brushed forward to cover the uppermost portion of your forehead. Taper fade or undercut is also options to include in this hairstyle.

With the old one getting a bit rusty, the new modern adaptions have taken into consideration which provides a refreshing take on the original.

If you are bored by getting a fade every time you go to your barber, then this haircut is good option because as its short and works well with different types of fades too. All you need to tell your barber is that, keep the hair short from all parts.

Caesar style was basically the aesthetics, popular in 90s fashion. But since then, it’s taken a fall and been replaced by a more retro style like the undercuts. While it may not be first choice but good for a change and a low maintenance cut that suits a variety of hair types and face shapes.

How to Get the Caesar Haircut for men?

As it is a very staple and basic haircut, almost all the barbers and stylists know how to cut a good Caesar. Even, you can do it yourself.

For the classic one, keep the hair on the top to around 0.5 – 3 inches. Since the hair are meant to be short, the lower end of this spectrum will suit the style better.

Also, you can taper to your haircut. For this, hair on sides and back are cut slightly shorter than the top.

How to Maintain a Caesar Haircut for men?

One of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. Just wash your hair with good quality shampoo 1-2 times a week. Also, if you use a good conditioner, that will make your hair healthier and more alive.

You don’t have to visit your barber regular, just once a month trimming might be enough depending upon your growth. This will help you to preserve the shape and condition of your hair.

21 Best Haircut for Men 2021

Caesar Cut with Brushed Up Hairstyle

You can’t say it’s a perfect Caesar cut but you can change some rules, right? Since the hair is longer on the top. but the spirit of Caesar cut is intact.

caesar haircut for men

Caesar Style Crop

This is similar to French crop and this hairstyle will give a very contemporary and casual look.

The French crop and the Caesar cut are closely related, and this hairstyle blends them both w

Credits – @ kipp_hair

caesar haircut for men

Low Maintenance Caesar Cut

Doesn’t this style look similar to George Clooney’s style? That is because he styles this style. Very easy hairstyle to get, just tapered the sides and volume all over and on top, just brush your and boom! You’re ready for the day!

caesar haircut for men

Tousled Thin Hair with Semi Curled Line Up

With sharp lines and clean low fade, this is the funkiest you can go with Caesar cut. Sides are cut short in different length then top. Kind of semi curls.

caesar haircut for men

Caesar Fade

Caesar fade is blend of classic and modern cut which any guy can pull off. With taper on sides and back short buzz or crew top, this is a very trendy, fresh and fashionable.

caesar haircut for men

Short Caesar Cut

Men who don’t like fringes then this is a suitable hairstyle for you. Low-maintenance and easy to style, with crew cut on top and short fringe that doesn’t hang too low. Resembles a French crop.

caesar haircut for men

Long Caesar Cut

If you have long hairs and don’t wanna get too short then this long Caesar cut is for you. Similar to fringe or Ivy league, this haircut offers more options and flexibility. You can also go for fade of the sides. Suitable for men with curly hairs.

caesar cut

Low Caesar Haircut

This hairstyle is suitable for business professionals who need a clean yet modern look. With a low fade and short hair on tope, it’s a soft and smooth style.

caesar cut

Caesar Style Haircut

Crop top fade is a very popular hairstyle right now, and this Caesar cut resembles it. While the classic cut is equal all around, this has strands to drop over the forehead, cropped hair on the top with faded sides is an effectively a modified Caesar.

caesar cut

Classic Julius Caesar Haircut

The Classic Roman Hairstyle, cut short all over, this has a military-style buzz cut.

caesar cut

Modern Caesar

Tapered sides have become the modern style of every hairstyle. With these short cuts, you can wear it fashionably anywhere. Unlike the classic Caesar cut, where all the hair are buzzed on all same length, the modern contrast by making the sides shorter than the top.

caesar cut

Textured Caesar Cut

Smooth texturing a haircut can change it completely. This modern textured hairstyle will allow hair to style naturally for an effortless finish. You can use hair products like a matte pomade or clay to create a fuller texture.

caesar cut

Asian Caesar Haircut

Asian hairstyles have taken a huge popularity. Hair should be bald over the ears and around the head. The long hair on the top does the magic, cut horizontally at the same length.

caesar cut

Caesar Cut for Long Hair

If are not a fan of short hairs then try this long hair Caesar haircut with the perfect touch of modern style. Hair cut in short layers with style moving forward towards the forehead.

caesar cut

Round Caesar with Fade 

No look defines those cheekbones quite like a rounded Caesar cut. Here, hair is cut at virtually the same length all around the head but maintains some seriously irresistible texture up top. A fade keeps it fresh, so adjust it either high or low according to your personal preference.

caesar cut

Caesar and 360 Waves

This is suitable for black men, with 360 wave hair. You can add texture to this precision cut. When you have natural curls, finding the right haircut is very important, because wrong haircut might be the turn off. This wavy Caesar is the cut for you, this adds great with textured hair, because it works with your waves.

caesar cut

Extra Short Caesar Cut

One of the simplest haircuts, you would come across. If you want to make it wearable today, add a beard with it.

caesar cut

High Fade Caesar

This high fade is suitable with anyone having really thick hair, it’s important to find a haircut that complements your style and your hairs too. This haircut features a thick top section brought front to form a chunky fringe.

caesar cut

Razor Cut Caesar

You can cut you hair with razor instead of doing layers of clipping, this offers a lot of benefits, one of which is total precision.

caesar cut

Blurred Temples and Nape Line

This is a very standard with short length all over the head, except for the fade on the temples and toward the nape line. The fringe is traditionally cropped and straight.

caesar cut

Long Top Mid Fade Caesar

You can leave the top of your hair to create some kind of personalization to your hair. This one feature makes it similar to another hairstyle faux hawk, which also another popular short hairstyle for men.

caesar cut

So, these are the best Caesar Haircut for men 2021. Do you like short hairs? Then this is the hairstyle you have been waiting for! Go style it!

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