25+ Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men 2020


We’ve posted gold ton of hairstyle articles that have stood the test of the time, from modern mullet to fade to classic gentleman’s side part. While the buzz cut hairstyles for men is the newest addition, it’s also a fantastic men’s hairstyle option. In this article, I will show you the best buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020.

Buzz cut hairstyles for men is a low-maintenance style and you can even cut it yourself at home. Cut short and usually uniform in length, buzzed hair doesn’t kink, lie lank or curl across your forehead, which means you won’t spend half an hour wrangling your locks, every day.

Here’s everything you need to know, from what to ask your barber and show what you want!

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Buzz Cut hairstyles for Men Maintenance

The allure of the buzz cut styles are lack of upkeep. Compared to other hairstyles, buzz cut styles are one with maintenance is minimal, but that doesn’t mean it is maintenance-free. The main thing is that you have to cut it more frequently. The shorter your hair is, the faster it seems to grow. You need to cut at least every week or two. If you keep up with the line ups, then you need to touch them up more often, depending upon your hair texture and density.

Do buzz cuts look good?

Buzz cuts looks best with people with lean face, strong jaw and good cheekbones and you’re a shoo-in for buzz cut look. Tightly cropped hair will probably not be for you. If you don’t want much attention on jaw then grow out some beard.

Is A Buzz Cut Right for You?

Buzz cut styles are very versatile, it’s not a typical one size fits all style. The lumps, the scars and the curvature of your cranium.

As versatile as a buzz cut is, it’s not a one-size-fits-all style. Lumps, bumps, scars and the curvature of your cranium are all things that play a part in determining how suited you are to a buzz cut, and which style of buzz cut works best with your head – so before committing to one, consider the shape of your bonce.

How to Style A Buzz cut?

The thing about buzz cut is that you don’t really need to worry about styling it. After the cut you just have to simply give it a rub with a towel once you’re out of shower and that’s it.

That said, if still keep some length at the top then you might need some products, like a light pomade or just coconut oil to keep your scalp healthy and smelling sweet.

But if you have long hairs then check out these long hairstyles and medium length hairstyles too!

How short is a buzz cut styles?

The length around the edges is done with 1 clipper. This will leave the hair about 4/8-inch-long on top and taper down to ½ inch on the sides and back and tighter finish at hairline.

What do I need for the buzz cut?

The good thing that you don’t need much hair to get the spiffy buzz cut. This is one of the best hairstyles because you can have it with nearly any hair type, any hair colour and any face shape to get a buzz cut looks good. But ofcourse you can just have medium hairs, if you are interesting in.

For this haircut, your barber just has to get clippers in number 1, but you can save the trip to the barbershop and have a good set of hair clippers around, you can even yourself a buzz cut at home. This cut literally is just named after the buzzing sound of the clippers and that’s it.

Can buzz cut damage your hair?

The short answer to “Should I shave my head?” is only if you want to look fresh with latest crop of celebs with buzz cut hairstyles. However, buzz cut or shaved head will not affect the hair growth, instead if you grow your hair after you get bored of buzz cut, the hair quality will grow even better than before.

Cool Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men 2020

Military Induction Buzz Cut

Military induction buzz cut has been for longer time then I could think of. It was a mandate for the new army recruits. It wasn’t just the aesthetic of the sharp edges and hyper masculine dimensions. This was a logical haircut to prevent spread of lice amongst the army camp. Even from all the sides with very little hair. One of the shortest versions of the buzz cut. This hairstyle is perfect for oval face shapes. And if you are tired of taking care of your hairs then this military induction buzz cut should be your go to haircut.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Burst Fade + Nape Shape

This buzz cut is little longer with an interesting fame created by a line up, burst fade behind ears.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Hot Pink + High Fade

Colouring your hair is great way to make them unique and stylish. And a fresh way to decorate the pate by dying the scalp like cross line ups.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Buzz Cut Fade

Very basic yet fashionable fade. If you aren’t ready to shave all your hair, then this is a great option before you go all out.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
New French Crop with Faded Sides

French crop is a very stylish hairstyle and short top makes a great panache. The top is buzzed with tinge of French crop. One would need some hair products to keep it under control. The next thing is beard, keep the beard denser than the tip to add more overall style to the look.

Some of the buzz cut hairstyles for men are very easy to get and maintain, so don’t worry while getting them.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Sharp Line Ups with Strict Buzz Cut

The sharp line ups are like a blade. Plus, the taper fade looks incredibly fresh and neat. The top is neatly buzzed with forehead being fringed in a straight line. Can this hairstyle get any fresh and cleaner? This looks best with clean shave.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
The Classic Buzz cut Fade Sides

The classic buzz cut fade sides hits different with its thin texture and clean taper fade on the side. The line ups give it a very edgy look. The overall top hair is slightly higher which makes the top dense, this balances with the beard.


buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
High Fade with Line Up

The wavy buzz cut fade is the key. The line up makes the look fresh. The temple fade makes the beard pop out with longed beard sideburns. The whole focus comes on the top bowled texture.


buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
High Buzz Cut Fade

This is a very classic buzz cut with a blonde pocky thick texture. The top is still dense to keep the hair thick. The sides are clean shave and the whole looks fresh and clean with no beard. This look best with tuxedos and bet there is no coming back.

buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Short Crop and Hard Part

This modern buzz cut with some hipster twist to it. The side shaved is what makes it pop out. Can it get any modern than this? Hell no. The undercut on the sides also has a fade to make it a complete package.


buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020
Pocky Spiky Top with Faded Sides

A very modern style to have buzz cut. To begin with the tapered sides with temple fade which is almost a skin fade. Plus, you can use hair products to bring out more volume to your hairs and margined hairline always adds the perfection.


buzz cut styles for men
Tight Organized and Sleek Buzz Cut Styles

The black men hairstyle afro hair being slightly thick textured by default makes it perfect for a fresh buzz cut. The top is clipped with size 1 or 2 clippers with side taper faded.


buzz cut styles 2020
Tough yet Classy Shiny Buzz Cut Styles

This classy shiny buzz cut is all you need. The sharp lines, a clean subtle taper fade, it’s just as clean as one can get. The top is slightly above buzz cut length but all is laid down to rest while the products help gain the shine.


buzz cut styles 2020
Tom Holland Buzz Cut Men
buzz cut styles 2020
Zero Buzz Cut Men

The zero-buzz cut technically just means you just went bald for one day lol. With no guard on the clippers and cut hair down to the skin. Close to a shaved head. It’s a very tricky edgy style that leaves a slight shadow for a clean-cut look. So, unless you are The Rock, Vin Diesel, or Jason Statham then don’t consider it.

buzz cut styles 2020
Skin Fade Buzz Cut Men

A buzz cut with a skin fade is the one you commonly see on everyone today. When sides are short it gives your face a thin look, pop ups your jawline. Ask you barber for a low, medium or high bald fade. This is a very trendy and charming, a skin fade buzz cut is a cool hairstyle that looks better with some beard style.

buzz cut styles 2020
Buzz Cut with Beard

Buzz cut with beard looks a very fresh and stylish. This look will give you a rugged style. If you want your simple buzz cut to standout then a cool beard style is the thing you are looking for. You need to be well groomed and styled because with short hairs on top, more focus comes on your facial hair.

Check out these best beard styles for men and beard products.

buzz cut styles 2020
Long Buzz Cut Men

The long buzz cut shouldn’t be technically buzz cut but mix with most popular crew cut on the sides, then it became the trendiest haircut. This is a great look for men, a long hair buzz cut offers additional styling option that are not in shorter cut. You can use mousse or wax or pomade or clay for extra volume, textured, natural look that adds volume and depth. Alternative would be a peaky blinders haircut too.

Check out these hair products for men.

buzz styles 2020
Short Buzz Cut Men

A short buzz cut is very short and you can clip this with number 1 guard, achieving a cut close to the head. Three best examples of short buzz haircuts are military, burr and high and tight fade. While not quite zero, these buzz cuts involve number 1 for all over a close cut and taper fade on the side.

buzz styles 2020
Induction Cut

The shortest buzz cut hairstyles for men you can get without seen as bald. It is kind of a military haircut; the induction buzz cut can be trimmed to same length all around the head or paired with shaved sides. You should be comfortable be having this low haircut, many don’t like this haircut after getting it.

buzz styles 2020
Burr Cut

The burr cut is also another shorter buzz cut hairstyles for men that is perfect for the men who want a very close-cut style. Slightly longer than an induction cut, the buzz cut looks best on guys with thick hair and full hairline. Good thing about this is you can get this short hairstyle by yourself at home with some quality clippers and trimmers and make it a uniform haircut all around the head. this is a great haircut for if you have receding hairline.

buzz styles 2020
Brush Cut

The brush cut is a very stylish style of buzz cut hairstyles for men that looks good on any men. With some hair on the top, unlike a traditional buzz cut and so, it needs to be style and maintained more. You can use hair products like mousse or wax to add more volume.

And if you have curly hairs, then this buzz cut hairstyle for men is perfect for you. Suited men with a heart-shaped face cut.

All though don’t mind, Robert Pattinson looks great in everything!

buzz cut
Knuckle Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is one of the best haircuts to have when you having some hairline receding issues. Because a longer the length of hair then it could downplay them and visually add more volume in the process. See the picture and cut down everything you can get off on your fist through knuckle.

buzz cut
Buzz Cut Fade

This is a very military-inspired induction cut might be too extreme for anyone’s taste, the buzz cut fade may be cater to your hair needs. The fade relies on dimension, your barber to carve with his razor.

buzz cut


Do girls like buzz cut hairstyles for men?

Some women like short hairs like buzz cut men or crew cut, some don’t. if a girl likes you, then she probably doesn’t care about your hair, at first. If you have an oval face then a buzz cut men may not be what you want, as it will make your head look round.


Can a buzz cut hairstyles for men be professional?

To conclude, yes, buzz cut men do look professional. However, with so many variations to choose from, it’s important to take each on into consideration on case-by-case basis.

So, these are the best buzz cut hairstyles for men 2020. Do you like these short haircuts? Then show us your style and get featured in our blogs!

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