Difference between Button Down vs Button Up Shirts for Men 2020

Do you know the difference between button up and button down shirts? The difference between button down and button up mens shirt is largely semantic, this article will describe both types well, so you know what you are looking at next time you go formal shopping.

What you call these button up shirts for men which has nothing to do with whether you start buttoning the shirt up or down, but it mainly deals with buttons on the collar. The simple thing is, if you can button down the flaps of your collar to shirt itself, then you have a button down. Otherwise, if there is no button on the collar then you have a button up mens shirt.

button up shirts for men

Everyone has a buttoned shirt, but do you know the difference, now you know, what you will call it. I know many of you didn’t knew about it, even I didn’t know this for a long time, but the knowledge should be passed down right?

It’s like button down shirt can also be made or called a button up shirt, but other way is not true, a button up shirt can’t be made into button down shirt. But if you see both the names, now you know the basic difference.

button up shirts for men

The two terms have become interchangeable, because nobody knew about this. But they are not same. There’s only one simple detail, but let’s check it out again.

button down button up shirts for men 2020

Let’s start with button downs.

Button down shirts are just like button up shirts for men, if you have button straight running down the center of the front of shirt. But button down shirts have small buttons right below the collar and button holes on the collar tips, so as to fasten the collar down to shirt.

The history of button down shirt goes back to 1920 style in England.

Button down style are made for polo players so they can fasten their collars to their shirts during matched. Specifically, they were also called as polo collar. Its just remedy to not allow the collars to be flapping up around their face while playing.

button up shirts for men

So, what’s up with button up shirts for men, then?

Button up shirts for men do no have any buttons under the collars, so they can’t be made button down.

You would probably say a shirt with a collar which has buttons on it, as button up but also be called as button down, that wouldn’t be wrong but technically its wrong. That’s what Chrissy Teigen tweeted on the Twitter.

She had a twitter poll and received a frenzy of replies from people with their opinions and while it doesn’t get any consensus from tweet TODAY Style is going to break it down for you.

The main thing to know about this is button down shirts have extra buttons on you to fasten the collar and not allowing it to flap around neck. Take a look at these images you will get to know the difference.

What commonly known today as Polo Shirts – Ralph Lauren doesn’t actually have those extra buttons. Those were made out for the tennis court. Where there is not much as bopping up and down as there would be on a horse.

Funny enough, what’s commonly known today as polo shirts — think Ralph Lauren — don’t actually have those extra buttons. Those were made for the tennis court, not the polo field, Collins says, where there’s “not as much bopping up and down” as there would be on a horse.

So, now you know the difference between button down and button up shirts for men? Do you knew this before? Tell us!

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