50+ Best Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs 2020

A butterfly type of insect associated with transformation and serenity. Most people get a small butterfly tattoo designs to represent the changes they have met in their life or to signify how a tragic moment have shaped their life into a new and better version of themselves. In this article, you’ll find the best small butterfly tattoo designs 2020 and know their meaning.

Like a butterfly, which starts as a caterpillar, becomes a cocoon for several days and transform and evolves into this beautiful creature with wings, most people admire the transformation and associates with it with how beautiful they are now as a whole.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

In a recent survey, conducted in US with over 1000 people it turned out that, women have one or more tattoo than a man. Over 59% of women have a single tattoo or more and only 41% of men have a tattoo. With that in mind, we have got the thing you want, best collection of the small butterfly tattoo designs.


A small butterfly tattoo is a great choice. Although people think it as a feminine tattoo, but men can have it, too. Just alter the design, maybe incorporate skulls and other elements to make it look more manly.

The most popular places for a small butterfly tattoo designs are on the chest, neck, lower back or shoulder.

You can personalize your tattoo, so that, it becomes unique to you only. This way you make sure, nobody else has same design as yours.

You can combine different elements to make your unique and creative tattoo, such has roses, or a rainbow. You may add geometric symbols to bring out your personality.

Choose additional designs like your zodiac signs, initials or musical symbols. In this article you will find best collection of it.

Small Butterfly tattoo meaning

The butterfly also represents love, peace and transformation. Let’s remember that butterfly starts as a completely different creature, and through time caterpillar evolves into this beautiful creature Butterfly, which we all know and love. This transformation is symbolic to many people that have changed or grown from their past. Sometimes it is as simple as the change from girl to woman or maybe overcoming a fear or dark period, whatever it is, we don’t want to dig on the meaning, it is yours at the end. Now just check out the best butterfly tattoo designs.

Best Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs


Everyone loves colours, beautiful monarch butterfly looks great.

small butterfly tattoo designs


Butterflies and plants go together in nature. If getting a large tattoo in your books, then this is definitely it.

small butterfly tattoo designs

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are very popular and they look hella cute. These are adorable and subtle and they can work anywhere on the body, wrist, forearm, lower back, neck. many options to choose from.

small butterfly tattoo designs

Simple Butterfly

Nothing can beat the simplicity of a simple butterfly. Its meaning can resonate with anyone. It represents freedom and beauty. Leave the wings empty, and let the black do its thing. Make it large or small and dainty – the choice is yours.

small butterfly tattoo designs

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterfly is the ultimate symbol of beauty and royalty. This is a very classic design and is a timeless piece and sure to get complements. Choose a traditional style with gold wings or make it your unique design by adding a modern touch to it. Choose an experienced artist with some detailed artwork – every detail matters!

small butterfly tattoo designs

Butterflies look very cute, interesting and spark your imagination. Some detailing, shadows and realistic colours will bring you butterfly to literal life.

3D Butterfly tattoo

3D butterfly tattoo looks great, even for this, just have the right shading, detailing and colour combination on your skin tone will make your butterfly pop and look very natural.

Magnificent Monarchs

One of the most recognizable specimens in the butterfly species. The vibrant orange and black wings have high contrast, this will be a great tattoo to last longer and pop out more.

Monarchs were very brave and fearless, known for always finding, way back to their home through dangerous and different routes to their mating grounds in South America. This gives even more deep meaning to your tattoo. This also resembles perseverance and fighting in the toughest terrains. With a tasteful shadow and detailing this design will look great, faded borders giving vibrant wings a dreamy quality.


The placement of your tattoo is the most important. In this article, we’ll also give you ideas where to get that design on your body. You can also consider unconventional placement and different proportions to elevate your standard design.

Large butterfly

Another bold choice is here, the subtle curves of your body with careful placement. Try different placements of butterflies to keep things interesting, rather than simple looking down on the wings.

Simple style

Simple style is simple and sweet. It is very intriguing enough to make the cover story! You can get a similar tattoo with your friend for an instant custom look. Keep it interesting and unique by resizing and position. The classic outlines and borders are artfully placed in the above design to show off the shoulder and thus flatter her body in a subtle and yet unmistakable way.

A Geometric Butterfly Tattoo

I’m not sure a wing pattern like this actually exists in nature, which is what makes this butterfly feel super cool and original.

Red Butterfly Tattoos

This red outline of this tattoo incorporates the vibrant color of a butterfly but in a totally unexpected way.

An Itty-Bitty Butterfly Tattoo

This little guy is so cute it hurts—but not as much as getting it done probably felt.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Blue is one of my favourite colours, portrays more than just beauty, it represents joy and luck. One of the stylish and timeless pieces of ink that will look good for a lifetime. Blue Butterfly tattoo designs pigment with this shade will last longer than others. There are many options to choose from, just pick a placement for your ink and think twice about the size.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

The combination of semicolon and butterfly symbolizes strength and showcases overcoming of the hard times and struggles. Great choice for people who want something powerful on their skin and this will be a reminder of the inner strength to meet challenges in life. Although opt for a small size, you don’t your butterfly to overpower the semicolon. This looks best on the wrist.

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

Every traditional has some great history behind it, so why no depict the meaning of butterfly’s life of transformation with everlasting style? A bold and vibrant, which is a great for a first tattoo.

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Wrist is a very popular place for getting cute and adorable tattoos, and butterfly is the best you can get on your inner wrist. They are close to you all day and act as the perfect canvas for your next ink. Choose a design, small enough to conceal easily. One of the painful areas, so better get prepared. Do some research regarding this before getting it. Read here for some tattoo mistakes!

Neck Butterfly

Neck tattoos are very seductive and intimidating and has become increasingly popular choice for tattoo lovers. Excellent idea for those who love risks and being bold. As the area is difficult to conceal, make sure to think twice, getting a tattoo on neck. Neck is also the places where it hurts the most to get a tattoo. Opt for a small and delicate design on your skin, add a soft color or black outline.

Chest Tattoo

A very bold choice, chest tattoos are very popular among both men and women. Popularized by Rihanna in mid-2010s, it become picked up the trendiest tattoo location among women. Butterflies represents rebirth, so what could be the best location than under your heart? As the skin is quite sensitive in that region of the body, it will hurt more than other regions.

Behind the Ear Tattoo

A very delicate place to get a tattoo. This spot is easy to conceal and looks most intimidating, and impressive whenever you show off. As the area is quite then, and with only bones, it might hurt more than other places. A simple butterfly flying or sitting is the perfect concept for your first piece.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

It is one of the most popular choice tattoos for women. This is ink comes in many shapes, form and with a lot of meaning too. These designs connect with femininity and love, but also represent changes, resilience and hope. With powerful meaning and a stunning option for anyone.

Where is the best place to get a butterfly tattoo?

Butterflies are beautiful creature and if you truly admire their beauty then, they can go anywhere on your body. Th shape of wings makes for great framing, so they look great at chest, collar bone and lower back. Other location are shoulders, arms, especially the inner forearm and back of the upper arm.

What celebrity has a butterfly tattoo?

Many famous celebrities have butterfly tattoo designs, which includes Kylie Jenner, Drew Barrymore, and Bar Rafaeli.

Some Butterfly Tattoo Designs


So, now you seen the best small butterfly tattoo designs 2020! Do you like butterfly? If you already have it, show us! Tag us in your social media! or if you dont have a butterfly tattoo, go have it, what are you waiting for?

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