30 Popular Braid Hairstyles for Men [2021 UPDATE]

Celebrities and many musicians especially rappers, have styled the famous braid hairstyles for men. Rappers like “ASAP Rocky”, might be your favourite rapper with the coolest braid hair men right now. If you are thinking do change your hairstyle, then you might consider braid hairstyle. For that, we have a perfect article for you. In this article, we will tell you more about these best braid hairstyles for men 2021.

The article will include topics.

What is the history of braid hairstyles for men?

How to get braid hair men?

What hair are suitable for braiding?

Tips on taking care of braids.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Braids have been popularized a lot in recent times with many celebrities have tried it, Justin Bieber recently rocked the braid hair for some time. Braid hair surely gets a lot of attention and many eyes will be on you to judge, so keep this con on mind. Braids are generally easier to get with people having long hair, who needs to change some style and embracing the history roots of African culture to counter the old boring hairstyles.

The History of Braid Hairstyles for Men

Braid hair have history dating long back in parts like Africa and few regions in America too. At first, braids were preferred for only women, and the warriors, the Ethiopians and Celts, styled the braids to show cast their strength.

but recently, braids have gone into fashion, and the trend of getting traditional and culture vibe hairstyles have come back.

With more and more struggle for the black community, this trend of getting a culture and tradition for them is important to stay alive. Celebrities like Stevie Wonder, have been the reason to popularize them and waking political resonance in 1990s.

But anyway, keeping those things asides, braid hairstyles for men have taken a huge popularity hit in many Africa American community, and many parts of the world.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

How to Style Braids for Men?

Styling braids are never easy, you have to have long hairs, with a lot of taking care. read the tips to learn more about it.

  • Firstly, having long hair is a must.
  • Use proper conditioning and shampoo to take care of your hair.
  • You can use moisturizer to keep them not getting dry.
  • According to style, do the undercut or the side part.
  • Create a quiff at the top and make it even.
  • Getting a braid from professional, pin down plaits together.
  • Keep it little untidy for a rugged look.

Which hair type is suited to get the braids?

Braids are kind of possible in all kind of hair type, it’s just that, how you want your hair to look like. But if you have curly or wavy hair type then consider yourself lucky, because they are the ideal hair type for braids. They are rough and not straight, so they give better hold to the braids, because straight hair doesn’t give much hold.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

What hair type are not suitable for Braiding?

Taking care of hair should be top priority. You should get hairstyle according to the condition of your hair. if you are facing hair problems like the receding hairline or the widow’s peak then it is best to avoid the braiding, because it can damage more than you think. The constant pulling back of hair may not be benefitting in the long hair. can expose your scalp even sooner.

And if you have thin hair, then also you might face some hair loss, thin hair doesn’t have much hold. Prefer braiding only if you have thick hairs.

Tips on how to take care of your braids.

  • Using shampoo and conditioner is important.
  • With constant pulling, your hair might get dry, use a good Moisture.
  • Wash your hair one a week.
  • Use a pillowcase which won’t dry your hair, like a silk pillow is good option. Cotton pillowcase will soak the moisture from hair.
popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Check out these hair products for men and shampoo for dandruff.

Also, check out the best beard styles and mousache styles to rock your braid hairstyle.

30 Popular Braid Hairstyles for Men 2021

Short Braid Hair for Black Boys

Short hair is not generally preferred but if you still insist then you can use extension to get the braids or tie them with thin braids. That’s the best you can do, or wait for them to grow. Best Short hairstyle with braids.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Box Braid Hairstyle with Undercut

Box braid is the most popular style for both men and women. With short hair you can add extension and if you have long hairs then you can weave and they become low maintenance and don’t require much effort and washing. Box braid looks the best.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Cornrows Braids

Cornrows are good option in braid hairstyles for men, single or double braids give more options to choose from and play more with your hair. they also give some more options to add more volume and texture to them.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Cornrows with Man Bun

Like we said, cornrows have many styling options and with this man bun look, you will have the most intimidating style. But make sure to have the confidence to pull them off.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Middle Part Man Braids with Bun

Middle part braids are also popular in braid hairstyles. Just split your hair from the middle and then join them to give a single bun look.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Male Braid into Bun

This one has a good option to create a man bun with your braids. Just add a single braid to change the look of your hairstyle.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Braid and Mini-Bun

Another option for short hair is to this hairstyle. With small braids on the top and add the bun with the usage of extension.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Short Dreads with Short Hair for Guys


popular braid hairstyles for men 2020


With these alternates coming up, now everyone can have the braids. No need to have the hazzle of growing your hair long and to have time to take care of them.

Male Braid Style for Tattoos

Post Malone recently got himself a head tattoo, and with weaves you can have the option to cover it up and to reveal at any time you want.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Long Braids with Shaved Sides      

With undercuts are popular, they have indulged themselves in braids too. With braids on the top just add the undercuts to the sides and optional to get on the back too.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Lil Yachty’s Beaded Braids in Cherry Red

When you want to take it up a notch, then with braids you can colour the braids too. Lil Yachty’s has coloured his braids cherry red. They are very bold to have but suitable for all, those you have the guts and dare to have them dare to give it a shot.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Black Long Dreads

Black long dreads are a typical traditional African hairstyle. They are inconsistent braids which gives the proper tribal look.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Braided Extensions

Actual facts, extensions are the best way to get the braids, because it won’t affect your original hair. and you can easily get it off anytime you want.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Braid with lines

This is a very unique one with sides completed tapered and lines are created.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

So, these are the top 30 braid hairstyles for men 2021. Do you think you can pull off this hairstyle? Do you have a braid hairstyle? Then tell us!

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