30 Most Popular Braid Hairstyles for Men [2021 UPDATE]


You must have heard about, “ASAP Rocky”, might be some people’s favourite rapper. Do you like his box braiding hairstyle? Then you are at the right place to know more about the most popular braid hairstyles for men.

In this article, I’ll tell you about,

  • History for Braid hairstyles for Men
  • How to Style braid hairstyles for Men
  • Which Hair type and thickness suits braiding hairstyles?
  • Here’s how to make your braids last longer.
  • Ideas for Braid Hairstyles for men
popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Braids have taken the hairstyles to some next level. Not all can rock the braids. People will surely judge you a lot and you will get notice more than often, so keep in mind for those eyes on you. Braids hairstyle are used to convey power and status in some cultures in Africa to Scandinavia and China.

Many rappers have started to adopt this hairstyle, so, this is experiencing a resurgence in contemporary culture too. Special thanks to long haired guys, who are sick of keeping the old-fashioned man bun, and embracing this change in hairstyle culture, embracing African culture to counter a white supremacist-sympathising president.

The History of Braid Hairstyles for Men

Braids has history with many cultures in Africa and parts of America and Europe too.

Braids were mostly worn by women, in many occasions by men particularly warriors, like Ethiopians and Celts. Braids have a plethora of cultures, from native American pigtails to Chinese staircase braids.

But nowadays, braids have become more households in recent times, though they have not completely lost their culture vibe, but they are definitely progressing to popular hairstyle.

In the era of major struggle with black community, they began to reject the white beauty standards, and in need to be define themselves, they demanded hair be long and smooth, in favour of their native culture.

Major celebrities like Stevie Wonder popularised the style, waking many riots due to political resonance in 1990s, likewise in recent as a reaction to the deaths of young black men at the hands of US law enforcement.

But anyway (leave the serious part) many braid hairstyles for men particularly box braid hairstyles for men has taken a huge popularity surge not only in African American community, as well as many other countries. It is also one the most long-lasting of braids hairstyles.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

How to Style Braids for Men?

  • Let your hair grow for around 8-10 weeks, don’t rush the process.
  • You can use moisturizer which suits your hair to make the hair damp.
  • Blow dry your hair carefully, try not to damage your hair from excess heat.
  • For proper styling, keep the plait not to tight, that’s an important part.
  • Do the side part.
  • Make your one plait on the side part and create a cane-row at the top.
  • Pull the hair from side and back properly to maintain the proper shape.
  • You can create a quiff at the top, to make it look even from all angles.
  • You can pin down two plaits together or let the braid to fall naturally.
  • Make your plaits look a little untidy, to give it more rational look.

Which Hair Type is suited for braid hairstyle for men?

Braids are possible on all hair types, it’s just that your hair type defines how your braids will hold up. But wavy hairs or curly hairs give the optimal results. As wavy or curly tend to be more rough or hard, so they can maintain the plaits properly, otherwise fine hairs are hard to keep in one shape.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

What Hair Thickness is required from braiding hairstyle for men?

Ofcourse, its best to avoid braids if you are facing with thinning or receding hairline. This can expose your scalp. Plaits made are very tight, so, they can make things worse. And when you take off the braids, you may end up worsening your condition.

So, hairs with no hair fall or no receding of hairline and well-conditioned hairs are suited. It doesn’t make much difference with thin or thick hair, but thick hairs generally last longer.

Here’s how to make your braids last longer.



  • Moisturize daily
  • Use a conditioner which suits your hairs. Don’t let your hairs dry out, use some leave on oil or conditioner.
  • You can wash your hair every 7-10 days.
  • Use a pointed applicator to run smoothly through your coat braids.
  • Use a silk pillowcase, while sleeping to protect your hairs while sleeping. As, smooth fabric won’t pull hairs when they dry out.
popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Check out these hair products for men and shampoo for dandruff.

Also, check out the best beard styles and mousache styles to rock your braid hairstyle.

30 Popular Braid Hairstyles for Men 2020

Short Braid Hair for Black Boys

For people having short hair or even medium hairs either they can use extensions, which is explained in later section of article, or they can still possibly tie them with thin braids. That is the best braids style people with short hairs can achieve. Or at the last wait for your hairs to grow long.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Box Braid Hairstyle with Undercut

Box braid hairstyle is popular with both men and women. People add extension if they don’t have long hair. This allows you to have long hairs, and don’t have to wait to grow.

If you add braid extensions then box braid hairstyles with weave become low-maintaining and requiring minimal styling and washing. Box braid looks funkier; thus, you need to be aware of the insanity of looks coming on to you.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

Cornrows are currently the most popular braid hairstyle with weave which you can get. Single and double braids give you option of playing more with your hair, with that you can add more texture.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Cornrows with Man Bun

You can add a touch to your cornrows by adding some textures and curves which ends with a man bun.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Middle Part Man Braids with Bun

Split your braids from the middle, creating two parts and then join them to create a single bin for a fierce hairstyle.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Male Braid into Bun

Got bored of your man bun, then this male braid is perfect for you. Just add a single braid to update your boring man bun to a braid hairstyles for men.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Braid and Mini-Bun

Think of a braid as an accent for short hair instead of the basis for the overall style. A small inverted braid is perfect for adding pizzazz to the standard man bun.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Short Dreads with Short Hair for Guys


popular braid hairstyles for men 2020


Short dreads are alternative to long and troublesome dreads. Longer dreads can be tough task to handle. That’s why short locks are more popular. While many people just let the upper part of their hairs to have dreads, and let the side part or getting undercut. You will look great with any braid hairstyle for men.

Male Braid Style for Tattoos

Braid hairstyle with weave can allow you to have a head tattoo. Post Malone recently posted with his new head tattoo. And the best part you can cover it up afterwards, if you want.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Long Braids with Shaved Sides

If you have been growing your hair in this pandemic, then you can try to switch to dreads. You can easily achieve this look and looks great on everyone.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Lil Yachty’s Beaded Braids in Cherry Red

Braids are already very bold to have, then add on Cherry red to them is even bolder. Lil Yachty’s beaded braids in cherry red, are very unique braids, that are being dyed cherry red and decorated with beads at the end. They are suitable to all, and more to those who dare to have them ad carry them confidently.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Black Long Dreads

A typical African hairstyle which has long dreads. They are an island inspired hairstyle. These long breads have inconsistency with them, which gives them more proper look. This hairstyle is for those, who think that nothing is perfect.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Braided Extensions

Extensions are easy way to get yourself braided hairstyle, if you don’t want to hazzle for years, for hairs to grow long enough. Box braids are very popular which uses braid extensions.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020
Braid with lines

This hairstyle is unique, as it has lines created and the sides completely shaved.

popular braid hairstyles for men 2020

So, these are the top 30 braid hairstyles for men 2020. Do you think you can pull off this hairstyle? Do you have a braid hairstyle? Then tell us!

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