20+ Best Black Men Hairstyles 2020 Update!

Afro hairs have reputation for being unwilling to cooperate, but more often it seems determined to exact opposite. There are excellent haircuts for black men to experiment with. In this article, I’m going to show you the best black men hairstyles 2020!

Afro can take some work but can be shaped into different style too. Sharp and neat haircut with ability to hold shape well.

Many celebrities have shown rocking the best haircuts for black men in recent times from Travis Scott to The Weeknd. They have set the benchmark of black men hairstyles.

If you are feeling you can’t hold your afro and do not know any mane step then that’s where we step in. I have talked to some experts in this fields who are professional in managing hairs, we have compiled all of the tips and tricks you need to make your afro hair majestic.

What’s the best black men hairstyles?

Our Favourite Haircuts for Black Men

  • All-Over Curls. …
  • Closely Cropped Buzz Cut. …
  • Full Buzz. …
  • Natural Full Afro. …
  • High Fade Cuts. High fade cuts are retro yet cool. …
  • Thick Curly Styles. Natural curls are making a comeback. …
  • 360 Waves. Go for a 360 waves style. …

Black men generally opt for an easy haircut which is fade haircut, which features disappearing of hair much higher than the natural lines of hair line and back of the head. With low fade disappears about an inch above hair growth and while regular fade is something in between these two. As a rule, you have a regulate type, when you get your first date.

Generally, hairs are tightly coiled natural hair can also look fabulous in high top fades where the top can be kept vertical position, while the sides and back are trimmed to fade. With temple fades you can transition between lengths too.

What are the best black men hairstyles?

  1. Box Fade.
  2. Afro Fade. 
  3. Hard Part with Fade.
  4. Line Up. …
  5. Twists With Fade. …
  6. Wave. …
  7. Curls With Fade. …
  8. Buzz Cut.
  9.  Crew cut

What is Drake’s haircut?

Drake’s haircut continues to be a popular men’s hairstyle. Simple and low-maintenance, Drake’s hair usually consists of a buzz cut with a low or high fade on the sides and a line up at the hairline. Drizzy even sometimes incorporates a part in his hair for a more unique look.

20+ Best Black Men Hairstyles 2020!

Geometric cut

Geometric cut brings true art to live with a cut that utilize shapes and accurate lines for a stunning result. This cut is amazing and its urban feel and freedom with straight or curly thick hair.

black men hairstyles
Waves + Low Fade
black men hairstyles
Box Fade


This box fade by Khalid is very infamous among the rapper and ball players back in the late 80s and early 90s. you can still rock this hairstyle with 3-5 cm top and shorter for a tighter look.

black men hairstyles
Short and Crisp

This short haircut seems to never go out of style and looks wonderful on anyone wanting to get a simple look clean and neat.

black men hairstyles
360 Waves

When a short buzz isn’t enough, you can add the 360 waves to add plenty of dimensions. This 360 waves version carves waves so they work with hair whorl and land along the forehand. This is a very popular haircut for black men that wants hair short and stylish.

black men hairstyles
Long Top, Short Sides

This is one of the most basic and classic black men hairstyles. Sweet short sides and long hair top fringe trend allows guys to choose from the different types of fades. You can experiment with different fade or even different length of the mohawk. Ultimately, this will surely look badass.

black men hairstyles
Line Up with Waves

You can add waves to your line up and do the buzz cut which provides another trendy dimension. Use some brush and pomade to start creating these sleek 360 deep waves. A thick beard, will complete the whole look.

black men hairstyles
Line Up with Short Curls and Fade

This line up with short curls and fade is what you need to be in the fashion game. This is very neat and trendy too.

haircuts for black men
Textured Waves

If you have textured hair, then improve them with textured waves, consider this style to add the wavy motion to curly hair. This mid fade continues the waviness and unifies the cut.

haircuts for black men
Line Up with Temple Fade

Line ups are very famous hairstyle for black men. This is great for active guys who are always on the get go. If you don’t want the hazzle of maintaining your hairs, then this is a perfect hairstyle for you.

haircuts for black men
Dreadlocks with Undercut

Ty Dolla Sign

Ty Dolla Sing’s signature dreadlock have been very popular. This black men hairstyles is with an undercut make a impression when styled or dyed. Dreadlocks and braid hairstyles are very popular among black men, this resonate deeply with their heritage, its time you also start to rock it

haircuts for black men
Caesar Cut

Michael B. Jordan

Got so fame from his role in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan notable and favoured of all, a Caesar cuts are top choice by black men. This cut is low and dark fade techniques, which can also favour wavy textured hair. You can easily spot this haircut in your everyday life with many men rocking this cool haircut.

haircuts for black men
Curly Top with Burst Fade and Design

Odell Beckham Jr.

Coming in hot with another amazing hairstyle, this burst fade cut with personalized design is one for the most creative of barbers to execute. From edgy fade to neck, this is a unique look to flex up. You can mix it with hair colour combo to make it your own.

haircuts for black men
Full Afro with Line-Up

The Weeknd

This full afro is inspired by The Weeknd. Look how easily he pulls this is off in his song. This is the easiest of all the black men hairstyles for black men and one of the trendiest black men hairstyles of 2020 too.

haircuts for black men
Curly Fade with Lines

This curly hairstyle with undercut is a very stylish option for anyone. Undercuts are great for anyone who wants to try bleaching.

haircuts for black men
Fade with Diagonal Lines on Top

This is a very modern touch fade with is intricating at first. This diagonal striping is cut into upper part. The side part separates from the top from faded side.

haircuts for black men
Bleached Mohawk Fade

Afro Mohawk is go-to for most of the black men. Because they have this natural hair texture, you won’t have any product to keep it up. Just maintain your hairs by combing regularly. With or without bleached, this style looks cool.

haircuts for black men
Classic High-Top Fade

This is a classic high-top fade, which looks good on everyone. Gives a strong and powerful appearance. It looks retro and the sharp part gives a modern touch.

haircuts for black men
Curly Afro Fade

If you have curly hairs then, this black men hairstyles is for you. This is a great style with a fade that allows hair to grow and curl on the top. complete your look with well-trimmed beard and you will have the trendiest haircut.

haircuts for black men
Hair + Beard Design

Beard can also complete your look with the hairstyle, this year has been no different, with everyone growing beard. The jagged lines contrast with curly hair.

haircuts for black men
Short Dreadlocks + Temple Fade + Black Beard

Dreadlocks are very cool if you got the confidence to pull them off. This dapper look with a temple fade creates a mohawk out if the short locks. This is a cool hairstyle, looks great with stylish shirt, suit and scarf.

haircuts for black men
Medium Length Curls + Low Fade + Line Up + Beard

This medium length curl combines a geometry with spiral curls. A low fade cleans up the edges around the medium length hair while the black beard is shaped as a square chin and curved lines at the cheeks.

haircuts for black men
Half Moon Part + Short Twists

This high and tight haircut has a great twist highlighted on the hair top. a shaved half-moon that divides the hair into two sections which shaved lines cross each brow. Probably the coolest haircuts for black men

haircuts for black men
Fade Haircuts for Boys

Being stylish doesn’t have any age. Start from young days, boy. This is a high and tight texture on the top. Fade haircuts are very much suited for boys as they look great without styling.

haircuts for black men
Twisted Hi-Top Fade + Infinity Part

A different and cool version of simple high-top fade, this has added a loot of textures and a cool side part that meets the mid fade.

haircuts for black men
Pompadour + Temple Fade

Pompadour is beautifully rounded in shaped instead of a boring flat top. this is a fresh kinky curly hair cut. A temple fade to finish this fresh af look, into a classic pomp shape.

haircuts for black men
Burst Fade Mohawk + Thick Beard
haircuts for black men

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