11 Best Shorts for Men 2021 and Different Types of Shorts.

Shorts for men are not for working place, keep this in mind always or not in night clubs too. Of course, you don’t want to be too comfortable at a professional place or at the bar. The mens shorts are made for a cool and casual look at the beach or a pool party. There is a place where you should know what to wear. So, here in this article, we will show you the best shorts for men and many different types of shorts 2021.

Shorts are generally not for everyone, and many wear shorts too casually they can actually wear anywhere. Of course, if you live at a hot place, then mens shorts must be your thing. Basic length of shorts should hit just above the knee. No more arguments. You don’t have to go out of the way to get a very patchy or flashy or shorts with so many pockets.

Such is the nature of menswear, just as tailored thigh-grazers, the rules change, tailored shorts are a still solid option. But suddenly there’s a whole new segment of attractive styles that play with length, texture and silhouette. In this article, I’ll show you the best pairs of short to a swear-free style this summer.

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History of Shorts for men

Shorts were introduced by the way of tunic and toga that paved the way for what we, today, consider modern mens shorts. At first, they were fashion-forward European men who wore what were at the time called knee breeches before they were driven into sports apparel by Americans a thousand years later.

In 14th century, they were made for use of military, they were used as a way to keep heavily packed and armed soldier cool in tropical climates.

How to Wear Shorts This Summer?

Many people wear shorts incorrectly. Length of the shorts can make your shorts can be wrong, if you wear long shorts makes you look shorter. Read more to know more cool tips and tricks on how to wear shorts for men this summer!

Short’s length should be just above the knee, to be precise be around 1-3 inches of skin above knee. This gives the appropriate look.

Don’t wear baggy shorts if you are a short guy, you will only look even shorter.

If you have a particular favourite shorts which are long, then you can cuff them with 2-3 folds to achieve the just above knee length and tie them with needle and cloth. Cuffed shorts look cool. You can even consider to get your shorts tailored to get the desired length.

Go sockless, or wear just ankle socks. Ofcourse, long socks have also made trend, but they erase the purpose of short look. Wear small or no-show socks inside your shoes for protection and to keep your feet from getting smelly.

You can go for patterned short and make your look casual and subtle by wearing something neutral colour shirt or t-shirt or you can go for the reverse, bold colour shirt or t-shirt and neutral colour shorts.

There are Shorts for Every Occasion

In winters, I don’t think anyone would wear shorts but in summer the trend of shorts becomes huge. Those shorts can be most of the occasion. Colourful shorts for beach, neutral shorts for chill night outs.

The Dos & Don’ts of Shorts for men

Shorts are easy to pull off but also very tough one. First thing first, you need to get yourself a well fitted length short. Not all men have similar proportions and the wat something fits on someone might not fit on you. So, try everything before your purchase. Do not opt for shorts in cheap or board-short fabric for everyday wear, this will give a juvenile impression and will not allude a mature aesthetic.

Stylish Summer Shorts for Men

There are different materials and designs in which shorts come but the most famous ones are the cotton and linen. Anything below knee is no and aim for length of knee length.

With large variety in patterns, colours and prints, you can really play with shorts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of chino shorts.

Choosing material of the shorts is very important because in summers you don’t your shorts to make you uncomfortable. Choose material like cotton, linen and chambray, these materials allow easy skin breathe. Don’t wear shorts with excessive pockets, cargo shorts tend to have many pockets, please avoid them.

Different looks with mens shorts.


Shorts are very casual; you can pair them up with casual long shorts or t-shorts. Go for a loafer or slip on, this will make a great beach side or chill night out look.

Smart Casual

The important is to know where to wear shorts. If the event is casual or beach or pool side party then you go for a neutral or colourful shorts. You can wear a white t-shirt or short, you can go for a blazer if the weather is not so much hot. Flip flop or loafer are great options to wear.

Best Colours for Mens Shorts

  • Old navy shorts are the best mens shorts if you look for a rugged and casual look.
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown.

Cropped Shorts / Short Shorts

Sounds confusing right? cropped shorts are the cropped version of already short clothing. Cropped shorts gives a retro vibes and shorter proportions like in the 80s. Shorts are very versatile and offer much option which most people don’t know about. For workouts and chill night outs these cropped shorts are must have. You can experiment with colours. Just a white t-shirt and flip-on you are good to go.

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Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts give great fit. The fit can give you a very smart casual look, and they are great for warmer months. They are very practical with minimal efforts. Choose colours like black, old navy shorts or brown, these colours will give you freedom to wear them with anything.

Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts are not cup of tea for everyone. If you have a big torso then it might look good on you, otherwise for shorter people, it will only make you look shorter. Still, you can try different fits and texture, so you don’t look out dated.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts have their own fan following (also, include me on this one). They are cool and stylish, and matches with almost any colour. Goes with shirts and collared t-shirts too and printed t-shirts are literally made for them.

Denim Shorts

If you like streetwear or a skater look then go for denim shorts. Denims give a lot retro and edgy vibes. They were very popular in 90s grunge fashion. Match these with printed, patterned or graphic t-shirts for a very cool and casual look.  Choose a thinner denim, otherwise a thick denim won’t be comfortable.

best shorts for men 2020

Linen Shorts

Linen shorts are the epitome for shorts. They are the most summer friendly shorts. They are available in almost every colour; they allow easy air pass through and diversity is great too. They are lightweight fabric.

shorts for men 2020

2 Basic Shorts for Men Outfit Ideas


Rugged Beach Look

A proper beach look. Pair a chino or tan colour short with a white shirt or t-shirt with flip flips or loafer. if wearing shirt then make sure to leave the button undone to get that rugged beach look.

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Basic White Tee & Denim

A white t-shirt and a denim short combination are the easiest to have yet the most cool and casual outfit present in the fashion game. The fact this simple look so stylish is unbelievable. Complete your look with some basic accessories like a watch and sunglasses for the complete beach look.

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Best Shorts for Men in 2021

Bonobos Lightweight Chinos

Bonobos offers lightweight chinos with wide variety of options in colour but at a higher price range. Do remember good quality doesn’t come cheap. You can pair them with a polo shirt for a smart casual look.

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Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Short

These Volcom’s Chino shorts were design for the British Military to have a durable form of clothing which is also pleasant to wear. This brand made the clothing sturdy, with mid-weight cotton and gives a very sophisticated character. You can wear them with a button-down shirt or graphic shirt for a smart casual look.

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Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Short

Amazon essentials have come a long way to make their product known for good. They offer 100% cotton fit shorts. They are affordable, fresh and versatile.

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Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Cut-Off Short

Levi’s is already known for their fashion history, don’t want to explain it again. They offer variety of shorts, from chinos to one of the best denims short available in the market.

levi best shorts for men

Made by a world champion surfer and now a fashion designer, its California brand for sustainable clothing. They are made from cotton and provide the most comfortable looks.

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Lululemon Mens Shorts

Lululemon originated as a sportwear brand and now deals with most of the things. Lululemon mens shorts offer the coolest sports and casual clothing. Founded in 1990s in Vancouver, with yoga fashion was in demand they expanded to overall general sportwear. They made lightweight and versatile shorts.


Nike Mens shorts

Everyone loves Nike, no denying in that. Nike has been making some of the best shorts for sports, which can also be used as casual look too. They are comfortable for every workout you can perform. One of the best options if you are looking for running shorts.

Nike Men's Sportwear Club Shorts

So, these are the best shorts for men 2021. Summers are the only season where you can wear shorts, so make the most of it.

How long the length of mens shorts should be?

The length of your mens shorts should be above the knee cap that is the easy way to measure them otherwise they should be in range from inseam to 9” to 11”, depending on your height too.

Length depends on two factor –

Height – height should be the first factor how long your short should be.

Your leg muscles – shorts expose your legs and if you have chicken legs then you won’t be that confident to show your thigh muscles in that situation you can have a longer length.

Despite these properties, for some transitioning from jeans to shorts can be difficult. You should pair them cautiously. Too short can make you look weird, too long can make you look shorter, too baggy can make you look big. Matching them with blazer can make you look a bit of fool.

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