Best Shorts for Men 2020 and Different Types of Shorts.

You don’t see men wearing shorts to working places or casually hanging at a bar. That’s because, shorts are made for a summer beach look or a pool party. You need to know when to wear what. You can’t wear shorts to a formal event, hell no! So, today I’m going to tell you about different types of shorts for men and the best shorts for men 2020.

Not many men prefer to wear shorts, not in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere anyway. So, that’s why shorts have been fixed where the weather is warm. Stick on a pair of tailored shorts which hit just above the knee. End of conversation.

You don’t need to be that guy in the weird patchy shorts, vest and flip flops, with skin shade sprouting from most unexpected places. It’s all changing.

Such is the nature of menswear, just as tailored thigh-grazers, the rules change, tailored shorts are a still solid option. But suddenly there’s a whole new segment of attractive styles that play with length, texture and silhouette. In this article, I’ll show you the best pairs of short to a swear-free style this summer.

shorts men

History of Shorts for men

Shorts were introduced by the way of tunic and toga that paved the way for what we, today, consider modern shorts. At first, they were fashion-forward European men who wore what were at the time called knee breeches before they were driven into sports apparel by Americans a thousand years later.

In 14th century, they were made for use of military, they were used as a way to keep heavily packed and armed soldier cool in tropical climates. The trend caught on; civilians were beginning to sport these so-called knee trousers as casual wear.

How to Wear Shorts This Summer?

It’s very crucial to wear shorts correctly. Too long length will make you look shorter, too short on a tall guy will just look awkward. Here are some tips on how to wear shorts for men this summer?

  • The length should be just above the knee, around 1-3 inches of skin above knee, this will visually balance out the leg and don’t look disproportionate.
  • Go for tapered shorts, and skip the baggy cargo if you are a short guy.
  • If your favourite shorts have long length, then just cuff them 1-3 times until you achieve your desired length. You can sew them at the place, if they don’t slip around or unroll themselves. Cuffed shorts look super cool and stylish.
  • Consider to get tailored if the fit isn’t perfect.
  • Go sockless, or wear just ankle socks. Ofcourse, long socks have also made trend, but they erase the purpose of short look. Wear small or no-show socks inside your shoes for protection and to keep your feet from getting smelly.
  • If you wear a patterned short or coloured one, they try to subtle your look by wearing neutral colour shirt or a loud colour on the bottom should not be fighting with a loud colour on top.

The Right Shorts for Every Occasion

In winters, it’s easy to style a pair of slim, dark jeans. But as the summer comes, those bottoms of your jeans will start creeping above your mankles and over your knees. Short are to wear for almost every occasion and how you should style them.

Dos & Don’ts of Shorts for men

Shorts are easy to pull off but also very tough one. First thing first, you need to get yourself a well fitted length short. Not all men have similar proportions and the wat something fits on someone might not fit on you. So, try everything before your purchase. Do not opt for shorts in cheap or board-short fabric for everyday wear, this will give a juvenile impression and will not allude a mature aesthetic.

When to Wear Shorts for men?


Shorts are the equivalent to relaxed looks. Team them with a linen button down or a simple t-shirt. A pair of espadrilles will elevate your look and are much more appealing option to choose.

Smart Casual

It’s important to know where to wear shorts. If any event is casual enough to wear shorts, then make your look a smart casual look. If so, then pair a chino shorts with simplistic dress shirts, preferably a white shirt, you can throw a blazer for style not to be worn all the time. Loafer or sneakers are great to pair them with.

How long should be your shorts?

Like pants, shorts too are measured via inseam, the length from crotch to the hem.

Short lengths which are coming – 5”, 7”, 9”, and 11”.

Length depends on two factor –

Short fit factor #1: Your height

Your height determines how long your inseam is. The taller you are, the longer the inseam you require, so don’t get into daisy duke territory.

Shorter guys (5’7”) should avoid longer inseam, so you don’t look like a Juggalo.

Short fit factor #2: How confident are you about your thighs?

A short-fit factor is that people don’t discuss your thighs. While you can wear any length but while wearing a 5” length for shorts, I don’t have an MMA fighter’s body to pull it off.

So, if you are like me opt for a longer length to avoid the mix and confusion.

In general, for any type of shorts, 7” length is a pretty universally flattering length. I still recommend to test and try out what is your style and length.

Only thing you need to remember is that, your shorts should never go past the knees, ending on your knees is okay, anything past that is too long.

What are Different Types of Shorts for men?

There are many options, variety to choose your perfect looking shorts. So, we are going to look at different types of shorts for men. Read along to know the best shorts for men 2020.

Cropped Shorts / Short Shorts

This is a weird one but cropped shorts? You heard it right, cropped shorts give a retro vibes and shorter proportions like in the 80s. They are very versatile short styles, offers much flattering slimmer to medium body types and works terrifically for casual days and nights alike.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bit of colours, given the shorts are typical casual staple piece. Team these with white tees, espadrilles and accessories like baseball caps, watches and sunglasses.

best shorts for men 2020
Tailored Shorts

The tailored shorts provide a chino vibe with inflexible material, which reserves a smart casual look, they are great for a casual looks for the warmer months. With being stylish they are also practical and allow your legs to breathe. Choose a versatile colour like navy, beige and khaki, which will give you a great deal of adaptability for your wardrobe.

Baggy Shorts

Baggy shorts are little tricky to pair, you have to ensure that they are well balanced for your body type. Ensure what works with your body and height. Try different fits and textures, so that you don’t look clownish or dated. Preserve a much shorter length with your baggy shorts.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are very popular for guys. They are cool and casual in style and colour ideally matches with every colour. Goes with polo shirts, shirts or t-shirts. They are practical too, contains pockets to carry your personal belongings.  Avoid if you are stocky build. Pair them with a well fitted white t-shirt for perfect summer look.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts a bit streetwear and skater theme with a stylish edge. Being baggier than other shorts and skater style them perfectly. Match these with graphic t-shirts to make a casual look. Try to purchase a thinner denim for summer wear or else they are little heavy and thick.

best shorts for men 2020
Linen Shorts

Linen fabric is perfect for summer, it allows water to pass through it, making it summer friendly. Linen is available in many colours, which gives diversity to whatever look you choose, also it’s a lightweight fabric, will keep you cool on the hot and sunny days. Great for your next beach vacation outfit. Wear flip-flops on the beach with them.

shorts for men 2020

2 Basic Shorts for Men Outfit Ideas


Rugged Beach Look

This rugged beach look is perfect for beach or pool party. This is a great look for guys who do not prefer the tapered short look. Pair a tan short with a white tee, roll once or twice, paired with a soft blue button-down shirt. Leave the buttons undone to make it more casual and push up the sleeves too. Pop a hat and sunglasses to finish off the look with casual sneakers or flip-flops.

shorts men
Basic White Tee & Denim

One of the most basic and yet cool, casual outfit is the basic white tee with denim shorts. This is a perfect classic summer look. Plus, it looks very stylish. Make sure the t-shirt fits you well and shorts with appropriate length till knee. Complete your look with simple accessories, like a watch and sunglasses and prefer to wear white sneakers.

shorts men

Best Shorts for Men 2020

Bonobos Lightweight Chinos

Bonobos is a higher end option but the quality they provide is worth the price. These shorts are ultra-soft and durable pima cotton. You can wear these shorts with a polo shirt and you will fresh.

best shorts for men
Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Short

These essential shorts are 100% cotton mid-length, the slim-fit chino from Amazon, its one of the best. This might a very affordable shorts for men that you can purchase. It looks fresh, versatile and affordable too.

best shorts for men
Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Cut-Off Short

Levi’s has the history of great menswear clothing line, and their 511 slim cut-off shorts for men are no less. These are some old design ones, but the slim fit short are definitely a revamped version of the former, with sleeker look. Made with 100% cotton, stretchy and snug piece. One of the best shorts for men.

levi best shorts for men

Outerknown founded by a fashion designer and world champion surfer, a Californian brand built on sustainable clothing. They are made from Organic Cotton; they are comfortable and looks better in overall rugged look.

best shorts for men

Lululemon is more than a sports brand, it has the perfect balance of a sports and casual brand. Founded in Vancouver in late 1990s, the company made inroads for yoga fashion before expanding to general sportswear. The shorts are made with four-way stretch, lightweight, versatile and sweat-wicking fabrics are perfect for casual and sporty looks

Shorts for men Nike

Nike provides one of the best sportswear for men. These shorts for men Nike are the best sports shorts you can get. Affordable, comfortable and versatile too. You should definitely, get your hands on them. This is the best shorts for men running.

Nike Men's Sportwear Club Shorts

So, these are the best shorts for men 2020. Summers are great to wear shorts, you should definitely try them.

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