20+ Best Praying Hands Tattoo 2020

Praying hands tattoo holds a lot of meaning, itself and from person to person. We do pray hands when we are praying to God. This iconic design was depicted in 1508 by German print-maker, Albrecht Durer. If you ever get a chance to visit Albertina museum in Vienna Austria, you could still see it today. In this article, I’ll show you the best praying hands tattoo 2020.

While this will be very popular alongside religious and cross tattoos, or Bible quotes, there’s just a lot more to then just purely giving them religious meaning for some gentlemen.

The fact is, when two hands come together and join, this symbolizes a peaceful and quite physical body. In simple terms, by putting hands together you creating a clear mind, silencing your senses and physical body at once for absolute peace and reflection.

For many people, it’s a way to honour and remember a lost family member, or loved one. It can serve as a small strong hold to hang onto hope and raise ourselves up from the dark times of sorrow and sadness too.

Regardless of how you interrupt the meaning then, I’m sure if you are going to get a tattoo, then these 30+ best praying hands tattoo for men. In this article, I have included small and simple from art to colossal body ink and read more for inspiration.

At the first glance, a tattoo of praying hands won’t sound a god idea, but it holds a great meaning. It’s up-to the person to choose the tattoo design, sometimes a tattoo is just for yourself and not to show off to others. Many people get the mixture of praying hands tattoo with other tattoos like doves, roses, rosary beads.

Roses and Rosary praying tattoo

What is the meaning of praying hands tattoo?

Meaning beholds each individual. It symbolizes the pain, sadness or can be religious from person to person. While many put a quote a alongside a family member next to the praying tattoo.  It’s very common and popular to get a verse from the Bible, surrounding the praying tattoo.

Some people prefer short and simple and some tends to like large pieces with comes int contact with them will surely see it. If you thinking to get another tattoo, or even your first tattoo, then go for a small and simple praying tattoo. This article will give in depth about the praying tattoo, and explaining the designs of some too. There is no shortage of ideas for best praying hands tattoo.

In fact, praying tattoo is a great way to show the world that prayers are important part of your life. To cherry on cake, they look beautiful, as you will see in this 30+ best praying hands tattoo collection.

3D praying tattoos

This praying tattoo has a basic black ink blend but gives a great 3D look. The tattoos have praying hands rosary and three roses at the back. It can hold a special meaning for someone and looks even better.

This is a very eye-catching tattoo and holds a very specific and special meaning. There are the teary eye over the set of hands of rosary and the word Respect, is between them. This is masculine look and impressive on the guy’s arm.

hand praying tattoo

Hands in prayer mode.

Hands are being used to pray through are subconscious mind. This seems to concealed under the skin. This gives a 3D look as if hands are hollow and hands are inside. This design is very unique and can easily grab someone’s attention.

hands in prayer tattoo

Like any other tattoo, these tattoo patterns also have very different and unique meaning to different people. A similar tattoo of different people can hold a completely different meaning who is getting for themselves.

Where to get praying hands tattoo?

Placement of any tattoo matters a lot. someone people just get tattoo for the sake of it, many just get a tattoo as a lost bet. Here this tattoo design on the side of stomach gives a very attractive vibe and that red rose further unfolds different dimension on the praying hands. You can get this tattoo on your forearm, arm, back, chest, large one on leg or small one on neck.

Best Praying Hands Tattoo 2020

Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo

There are countless variation of the praying hands tattoo, this is because tattoos have become more and more common and not such a taboo in recent times, but do make to avoid tattoo mistakes while getting them. Tattoos has become rise of body art fashion.

Like this you can give an inspiring quote to your praying hands tattoo, to deliver a message of pain and strength you have endured so far, to go even further than before. This specific message on it is one of the most popular tattoo variations.

best praying hands tattoo
Crown of Thorns

The praying hands are inside a circle, crown of thorns. This particular tattoo holds a lot meaning to the design. This wreath of thorns is beautifully placed in front of praying hands as slight variation and uniqueness. You prefer the one that suits you, make your style.

crown of thrones praying hands tattoo
Skull Praying Hand

Religion has a huge part in everyone’s live. Anyone and in any form, with their hands folded, praying will associate with a religious bent of mind.

best praying hands tattoo
Inside a Cross

This one is a beautiful one, praying hands holding the cross, when reverse it, here, the hands are inside the cross rather than being vice-versa. It looks very simple but extremely lovely to look at.

best praying hands tattoo
Folded hands Inside a Lotus

Lotus are very beautiful flower and combing them with tattoo, will look unique and look. This tattoo brings out a lot of aesthetic beauty. This also serve as a reminder for the Lord’s strength.

best praying hands tattoo
Praying Hands with a message tattoo

Message tattoos are always better. They are mainly associated with a thought or lines from sacred books. This tattoo and the message will remind and encourage you to going the right path. This brings out the motto behind applying the tattoo.

Virgin Mary Praying hands tattoo

This one is a popular Virgin Mary with hands clasped in prayer. This ink work, combines a perfect style and sketch tattooing into the theme of faith. This art has great facial feature are the highlights, they look realistic and expertly crafted in black and Gray.

virgin mary praying hands
Finger Praying Hands Tattoo

In this finger praying hands tattoo, the designs are thick, lined and worn. They look very realistic and look good, complemented by the rosary looped over. As there is not much space the tattoo is dark and closely together. This tattoo portrays perfect blend of dark colour and used more variety in the shadow.

finger praying hands tattoo

More Best Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas 2020

hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo
hands praying tattoo

These are the best praying hands tattoo 2020 you can get, add your unique touch to these and make your own design.

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