Best Drinking Games and in-house party games

Summers and best drinking games go hand in hand. What better to do than sit with a group of your friends, and gulp down those cool drinks with some fun coupled with it? Just remember, don’t forget to eat first.

Most of the people, especially the students will be soon going on vacations to enjoy this summertime, for which partying is the cornerstone. Just sitting around for drinking can get pretty boring, hence *drumroll* best DRINKING GAMES to liven up the experience.

Well for obvious reasons, they are banned in colleges and universities, but they never fail to lighten up the party or it can go either, well let’s not hope for that! But who cares if you never drank in your dorm rooms, then you are seriously missing memorable college experience! All this leads to drink games played in the party, whether sober or not. And now there is only one thing to do that is- Playing drinking party games.

Let me tell you the craziest, pure madness of the all the best drinking games right here on this post. So, is your cup ready? Let’s have a shot!

Best Drinking games for two

1.Two Truths, One Lie

Best part about this, it can be played with only two people! But come one drinking with friends would be cooler.
People face each other and spill out three statement. Out of these three, one will be a lie while the other two would be the truths about his life. The other person has to guess the wrong statement out of the three statements that he had made. It is imperative to sit in front of each other so facial expressions can help the opponent in guessing out the answer. The player who says the wrong ‘lie’ will have to drink from his cup.

Best Drinking games without card

2. Flip Cup

Split yourselves into two equal teams, and line up at either side of a table facing each other. Take some cups (plastic ones if you don’t want to hurt yourself) and place on in front of each player. Fill them up so that you all have the same amount to drink.
So, it goes like this, drink your whole drink at a go and keep the cup at the edge of the table and fip it. Try to flip it till it lands straight up. The next player is not allowed to start their drink until the one before has had a successful flip. First team to finish wins.

3. Fives

Puff!! This is the game which can cause real heat between friends (play at your own risk :P). This is played like rock paper and scissor expect only 0 as in rock and 5 as in paper are the only option. The first person counts to three, and then shouts out a multiple of five – this is their guess for how many people will show their ‘five’.
So, in people of 4, max shout is for 20. If you get the number right, you can remove your hand from the game and you’re safe, then it’s the next player’s go – but only if you manage to say ‘thank you very much for the game of fives’ without looking happy about it. If you can’t, you drink. If you’re left with your hand in, you drink.

4. Straight face

Warning: this requires a minor level of brain usage.
Everyone writes a sentence on a piece of paper (with the intention of raising a smile. So, a joke, a pun or something shocking) and pops it into a pile, cup, hat or whatever vessel you have to hand. So, one by one each person takes a piece of paper and read it, if anyone laugh take a shot people!

5. Most likely

A slightly less annoying version of Never Have I Ever. Participants take turns finishing the sentence ‘who is most likely to…’. This may become sex-related or vulgar at any point but you can always choose not to. At the same time (perhaps count down from three) everyone has to point to whoever in the group they think is the most likely to do whatever funny/dirty/inappropriate thing was said.
Whoever has the most fingers pointed at them drinks.

6.Never have i Ever

Most of you have probably played this game at an eight-grade sleepover, the difference is that instead of putting down a finger, you take a shot. Someone in the group says something that they haven’t done, if you have done what they say, take a drink. When you have put down all your fingers, you are out of the game.

7. Beer Pong

Let’s start off with the most well-known drinking games, beer pong. There’s a requirement of two teams with cups kept in triangle form and ping pong ball. Fill each cup with 1/3 beer and take turns trying to land the ping pong balls in the other team’s solo cups. Just shoot the ping pong onto the other team’s cup and they drink that, simple.

8. Power Hour

Power Hour isn’t technically a game; however, it’s a favourite for college students who don’t feel like sitting around a table. Many are available free on YouTube or can be downloaded. This game is just starter, you play songs after a break and when song starts everybody take a shot. Whenever the song changes, everyone has to drink. Everyone is encouraged to dance to the songs in between drinks. This is a popular choice for those who are “pre-gaming” and want to get a slight buzz going before they head out to their destination for the evening.

9. Buzz

What you need: Drinks

7 is buzz number, how? Start counting from 1. Each person says the succeeding number. But here’s the catch whenever 7 comes people has to say buzz, even if number contains 7 or is multiple of 7. As easy as that!

10. Quarters

Looking for a fun drinking game, yet that does not require many resources? Quarters is the answer to your concern. It does not require more than a glass and a quarter.
Players gather around a table with a glass in the centre of the table.
Each player places s quarter on the edge of the table and tries to flip it into the glass.
The one who succeeds in doing this, can direct anybody to drink. This person also gets to implement the rules as he wishes them to be. The true king has risen!
The rules are in place till someone else takes to flip the quarter accurately. Or when another king succeeds the throne.

11. Drunk Jenga

When you are already drunk it is more fun right? Jenga such a popular game of focus and here drunk Jenga will be the best drinking game designed for a party of friends. There are just set of rules written on the back of Jenga you remove.
A single block of Jenga contains a fun task tha you have to do. Rules can vary wildly such as “gulp down three drinks at one time”, “pick your nose”, or “dance whenever asked to”. The more creative the activities get, the more fun this game gets to be.

12. Drink game- Drink while you think

This drinking game is a very classic one for which everyone must know the rules. All the players gather around a table in a circle. The first player says the name of a famous person, for example, Tom Cruise. The next person has to come up with a person whose name starts off with the same alphabet as that of the last name of the previous person, for example, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Players have to drink constantly while thinking of a name, and if they are unable to come up with a new name, or they say a name that has already been said in that round, then they lose the game. If the drink is finished while the player is still in the thinking process, then the play automatically passes to the next player.

Movies Related Best Drinking games

13. Harry Potter Drinking game

The Harry Potter drinking game plays with two rules. For every series of the book/movie, there are new rules. The movie is played, and the players sit around together. Everybody has their drinks with them. The rules for drinking up and chugging are as follows:


  • A close up of Harry’s scar comes up
  • Professor Quirell stutters
  • A staircase moves
  • Somebody warns Harry not to say Voldemort’s name
  • Hermione reads a quote from a book
  • Gryffindor wins or loses points


  • Seamus lights something on fire
  • Harry stares at the mirror of erased
  • Hermione says: “Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse expelled.”

So, these are the best drinking games for your next in-house party!!!! Have any more game that you play send it to us on our social media!!

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