Best Beard Styles for Men 2020

Looks like it’s the season of the Beard trend! With the “hipster” look making into the headlines of Men’s mainstream fashion segment, there is a huge demand for unique beard styles for men. Many guys, including a few celebrities and influencers, opine that the “No-shave” look is not disappearing anytime soon! Many short beard styles have been also trending, as summers is coming having a short beard style would be preferred.

Do you know how to grow beard faster?

Different beard styles have always been on trend. It’s a fact that girls like a clean shaven or a proper beard person more than a person who just a patchy weird beard. So, in this article I have so best beard styles for men for each kind of beard style you want to have and try on. If you could grow a full-fledged beard then you could also try it.

Sometimes it can get difficult to match a beard style with certain kind of shape of face. So below given choices of best beard styles for men can give you clarity about that.

But before this you need to have best beard products for men to maintain your beard properly. Like your hairs need to be healthy you also need to keep your beard healthy.

Given the variety of trendy hairstyles, many men are now combining short hair (fades and undercuts) and long hair (man buns and top knots) with short, medium and long beard styles. The number of different beard styles is limitless and the best shapes and designs are ultimately up to you and how handy you are with a beard trimmer. Here are the best beard styles for men! From the different kinds of beard cuts and trims to how to style a beard, this is everything you need to know about men’s facial hair styles!

If you are looking for a new beard style, or to change your old style, then we have gathered a collection of most popular beard styles 2021 and which looks best with which face type. But the important thing is to have a healthy beard, check out here best beard products to use in 2021.

Short Beard Styles for men 2019

Short beard styles are easy to grow out and simple to trim. Short beards range from scruff or stubble to full facial hair.

Stubble Beard

Chin Curtain with Moustache

Black men beard styles those who want to maintain and grow full beard.


Not everyone gets a full beard properly, but that doesn’t mean that other beard styles don’t look good. Sometimes, patchy looks good too. Let your stubbly grow for about 3 weeks, and you have scruff! Scruff is kind of shaggy beard, so you have to just keep it tidy with some minor trimming. Check out the best trimmers.

beard styles

The Full Beard Au Naturel

One of the most badass beard styles, and they are committed to the beard life. Patience is the key to get this style and regular upkeep. With you have to spend a lot of time to keep it stylish and healthy. Use beard brush to get it untangled.


Full Beard

Like above, you have to style it with caution. With a gradual process of growing, it for months, so have patients. Make sure to style your hair too, otherwise it might look bad.


Bushy Beard

The bushy beard adds great texture and enhancing your face shape. If you want to show off that chiselled jawline, then a bushier beard will do just that. Usage of beard oil is essential for this look, which prevents dryness and soften up the facial hair. also, this gives a more mature look.


Viking Beard

Vikings are known for their courage and bravery, and epic skills in battle, tattoos and also their beards. For men wanting a masculine look then try out this viking beard, thick facial hair.


Long Hair with Beard

Longer hair can be very versatile and is very complimentary with shorter beards. But you have to take care of both top hairs and beard. You don’t want a dishevelled look for this one. Pay attention to how you style your long hair for this one.



The short-boxed beard is a variation for your professional clean haven look. With a little length on the chin, gives sharp edges of the boxed beard and accentuates the jawline.


Circle Beard

circle beard short best beard styles for men 2020

Beard Fade

beard fade best beard styles for men

Balbo Beard

best beard styles

Anchor Beard

anchor beard best beard styles

Long Beard Styles for men 2020

Long beard styles have been fashionable and popular in recent years. A long beard requires much more grooming and care.

Slick Back Hair + Fade + Full Bushy Beard

Hard Part Comb Over Fade + Beard and Hipster Moustache

long best beard styles for men


Short Sides + Long Fringe + Trimmed Beard

Long Beard Styles for men 2020


Lumberjack Beard

Long Beard Styles for men 2020



Natural beard

Long Beard Styles for men 2020


The Hipster Beard or the Biker’s Beard Style

Long Beard Styles for men 2020

Van Dyke Beard

long beard styles david beckham

How to Shave Your Beard at Home?

Before going to this topic there are some things you should know. Wearing most of the beard styles is not something you can do in a short period. It needs lots of time & effort. You may need to grow your beard for a couple of months or more. But the sad thing is, after a long wait, not every man can grow a long beard naturally. In this case many choose some artificial ways like using beard-growing medicines, even doing surgeries. So, to grow a beard you must have that patience. The other thing is that make sure your face is comfortable with long beards. Sometimes having a full beard may feel itchy or redness may occur. Make sure that those syndromes don’t last long. If you have allergies in your face then you should consult your doctor just in case you want to grow a full beard.

How do I choose my beard style?

Things to keep in mind. How much time you want spend on your beard maintenance, your face shape and growth pattern. First, find out what face shape you have that choose your beard style. Second, you would know how much it takes you to grow beard, then accordingly, plan your beard style. There’s no point in aiming a full beard, if you have no hair around your jawline.

What are the best beard styles?

The best beard style, if the one which suits you and not the one that celebrity is rocking. Find out your face shape, your growth pattern to decide which is the best beard style. Still, scruffy, goatees are great styles, if you don’t get full beards.

What beard length is most attractive?

In a survey, it was revealed that heavy stubble is considered the most attractive beard length. This length is very easy to maintain and more hygienic that longer beards and also doesn’t hide the jawline either.

These are the best beard styles for men you are going to find in some time.

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