12 Best Beard Trimmers 2021

Have a full-grown beard or still struggling with patchy and can’t create do much? Then check our best beard trimmers collection to create new touch ups, styles and much more on your beard and look fashionable!

Well, there is a beard trimmer to meet all of your requirement, even whether you are a fashionable scruff or 5 o’clock shadow. With the help of trimmer, you can create epic fades and lines and get rid of excess ear or nose hair. If you have started to have a full-grown beard, then you should invest in one of the mentioned best beard trimmers 2021.

Before we go deep into the best beard trimmers available in the market right now, we have some pearl of wisdom from pros on how to use them and some details upon it. A major thing to remember while trimming your beard is, make sure your beard is dry, when it is wet, it becomes difficult to see the length of your beard. If you are a newbie in this, then just don’t hop onto the beard directly, instead start with a longer guard. And make sure to clean and rinse your blade and beard after trimming to remove the extra stray of beard hair that left dangling on the blade or the beard.


Which Beard Trimmer Is Best for You?

  • Trimmer Length Range

Most of the trimmers come with attachable combs that can range from 0.2mm to 30mm, that allows you to trim your beard in different range of lengths.

  • Accessories

Some brands provide extra set of accessories to improve your shaving experience. Whether they are blades or bag to carry everything or even a sample beard oil, check out which gives you a better option for a bundle option.

  • Battery Life

Check out how much your beard trimmer last long, you if do your trimming in the morning and finding out that your trimmer isn’t charge, that can ruin your morning.

  • Recharge Time

Battery life is one different issue, but also take a note how much time it takes to get back to 100% charge. Although most of them take an hour to regain their juice.

Check out these beard products 2021

How Often Should You Trim Your Beard?

Unlike shaving, trimming won’t hurt your skin. So, you can actually trim regularly. You can trim from 2-3 days every week, the more you maintain the less time it takes to trim the next time. if you let sometime between the trimming then the shape will disappear and will take longer to achieve the desired shape.

Pro tip- make sure to apply beard products like beard oil to keep your beard shiny and nourished.

How We Test?

Our team themselves tried and tested these products before putting in this list. Tested over 2-to-3-week period. They are judged on the basis of how effectively they cut, battery life, usage, how easy they were to clean and maintain.

Should you lubricate your beard trimmers?

Yes, ofcourse, with machines, you always have to take care of them, make sure the blades don’t get rusty. Apply couple of lubricating oil every few weeks and then to make sure the blades move smoothly for optimum performance.

Can beard trimmers rust?

Most of the modern trimmers are now made with rust-proof metal, but still is good chance somehow, they might get rusty. It’s good practice to regularly oil the blades to avoid them getting wet. Also leaving in damp environment is also not advisable. Keep them in dry places for optimum protection.

12 Best Beard Trimmers for men 2021

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip

Most powerful trimmer in the game, they make the sharp and capable beard trimmers in the market. It gets your beard in shape, whatever the size is long, short or medium. Comes with multiple guards to fit any length. Although it’s on expensive side but the quality they provide is top-notched, they have the “most bang for your buck” when compared to models at similar price tag. And its lightweight too.

beard trimmers for men 2021

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 Vacuum Trimmer

If budget is not an issue then this Philips Norelco gave us the best results, but coming in second place after ofcourse Wahl’s. Easily maintains a beard, with no fancy and complex usage in it.

beard trimmers

Hatteker 5 in 1 Men’s Trimmer Kit

You find Hatterker again in this list, their products are such amazing performers. You can use it all over, easier to use to keep the edges of beard in good shape. Company claims to be it fully waterproof and to clean the blades, company encourages users to soak the trimmer under a faucet between your frequent uses.

beard trimmers 2021

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor Styler 3-In-1 Body Groomer and Beard Trimmer

This Gillette is a small, lightweight and with its small size its surprising how powerful it is, which runs on a single AA battery. Good thing about this is how affordable it is, if the battery gives you some issues, you can just replace the trimmer instead, it’s that affordable. It’s well suited for people with shorter facial hair, because longest settings is around half an inch.

beard trimmer 2021

Hatteker beard trimmer kit

Beards deserves more care than you provide them. Consider this beard kit as the holy grail. It has all the tools required from spot-check hairs in hard-to-clean places. With this Hatteker’s kit, with 12 different heads and guards to accomplish your goals and yes, it also includes a straightforward trim too.


Panasonic ER-SB40-K trimmer

With 19 different cutting settings and 9,800 cuts per minute, its one hella fast! It is suited well for maintaining chest, groin and back hair and ofcourse coarse whiskers too.

trimmers for men

Bevel beard trimmer

One of the top-level trimmers in the game. It’ll give you a clean, barber result along with the line ups along the cheeks, moustache and neck. ofcourse, you should know how to use the tool too. Go-to device for neck cleans up.

trimmers for men

King C. Gillette Beard Trimmer

This is a very simple trimmer with three combs attached to it with many different lengths. Giving plus features like sliding adjustment, easy to swap of lengths settings. Rigorously tested, these provided accurate cuts every time. it can be used for a quick trimming session.

trimmers for men

Best Budget Buy

Vo5 Beard Trimmer

This trimmer is made for a simple purpose of trimming. Provides a cut with one comb attachment ranging from 2-14mm. also has a great battery life, makes great choice for travelling purposes. Lightweight and less noisy than others. At just under £15, this is a real bargain. One of the most affordable ones.

trimmers for men

Braun Beard Trimmer BT3020

Braun is a very well-established brand in the world of gromming. They make sleek, comfortable to hold and simple enough to use for anyone. With battery life of 40 minutes of trimming, so you shouldn’t be caught the short of time with it. Made for regular use, unfussy use on beards and excels in that role. £19.99.


BaByliss For Men Pro Beard Trimmer

With the usage of Japanese steel blades, this is a very well put-together trimmer that is designed to be simple and thanks to use of one attachment that is adjustable. While you need to improve your trimming skills to get the required results, your perseverance is ultimately extended dip in the shower.

trimmers for men

Gillette All-Purpose Styler

We all know Gillette has been in shaving business for a long time, with Roger Federer and John Cena doing its advertisement. So, this Gillette all-purpose tool is perfect for tidying up your facial fuzz when it doesn’t require any major work. This one is particularly suited for those unruly neck hairs in need of regular touch-ups. After that, you can make your beard with three combs (2mm, 4mm, 6mm), followed by once-over on the sides for some crisp and defined lines and finishing.


So, these are the best beard trimmers 2021! Do you have a full-grown beard and not styling it? Then choose a beard trimmer from our list and use it to create new styles. Show us your style, use hashtag #thefashionwolf and get a chance to featured on your social media!

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