40 Best Asian Hairstyles Men 2021

Asian hair types are known for their thick hairs, a feature which not every nationality has. There is a lot of hair experiments room. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Asian men are typically first in line and copying a really tough hairstyle. From all out going to buzz cut to mullets to long hairstyle to taper fade and many more, we’ve gathered the collection of best Asian hairstyles men.

Asian men tend to have thick, straight or even curly hairs and the best way to take advantage of them. With so many hairstyles you can follow up with, it can be difficult for some to pick just one and style them. From a taper fade to undercut and to short, long or medium on top, Asian hairstyles are always trendy and number of different modern hairstyles. And with K-POP giving ore exposure to it, they heavily influence these new hairstyles. Asian men are always on point with the top hair trends.

Korean’s have set a high standard for the fashionable culture of hairstyles, which are heavily influenced by K-Pop stars. However, let’s not forget top knot and man bun originated from Japanese Samurai culture. And many Chinese men have become stylish and with rise of Tik-Tok in India has also evolved many Asian hairstyles like the Eboy haircut! Because of these reasons, we felt it’s great idea to dedicate an article to the coolest Asian hairstyles men.

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Asian Hairstyles Men 2021

The thick, straight hair allows the Asians to sport them almost any hairstyle well and lots of Asian mens who are known for the crazy and coolest hairstyle trailblazers. But with that being said, as the hair are thicker that doesn’t mean they are also dense. There are some haircuts which aren’t really practical to get.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best Asian hairstyles men, which can be achieved by everyone. These haircuts will not only work perfectly with Asian hair but with every hair type. From trendy Korean hairstyles to stylish long man bun from samurai, this article has it all.

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Asian men are known for thick and straight hair, with that said they have ability to just get about any hairstyle, whether be it fade, undercut, slick back, comb over, man bun, crew or buzz cut. From modern mullet to trendy medium length or long or eboy haircut. This gives them flexibility to style all those cool haircuts for Asian men and willingness to outgoing fashion-forward.

Is Asian hair different to cut?

Ofcourse not! Hair structure might be different, but you cut hairs same everywhere. But a lot of barbers don’t have the experience. The back should be cut certain, which an unexperienced barber can’t do. Barbers have to be trained in that way to “flow like water” over bumps and ridges.

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Is Asian hair thicker?

Asian hair is usually stronger and thicker, in comparison to other hair types. They majorly grow out more straight naturally. This makes the hair a lot oilier and hair retains moisture more.

How do Asians get thicker hair?

9 Tips to Make Asian Hair Thicker

  • Nutrition.
  • Supplements.
  • Shampoo Less Frequently.
  • Dry Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Hair Treatments.
  • Hair Oils.
  • Curl Your Hair To Add Volume.
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Now, let’s take a look at the 20 best Asian men’s hairstyles for 2021…


Thick crop is one of the most classic one of the Asian hairstyles men young Asian chooses. Crop shows the thickness.

Crops are well-rounded cuts and creates a sense of fullness. Messier crop also looks very great and works with almost any outfit be it formal or informal or cocktail attire.

asian hairstyles men 2021


Short quiff are popular hairstyles all over the world, but thicker hair gets the best result.

Instagram: @skyloren2

asian hairstyles men 2021

Long comb over

asian hairstyles men

Asian undercut

Undercut is also very popular with Asian hair. This short comb combined with undercut gives volume to top and high-contrast look. For a fresh style, tell the barber to add a line up.


College Boy

A cool, classy hairstyle. With medium length fade with a high top and faded sides. A very eye-catching hairstyle. Don’t forget to brush the top, to give them more texture and add the cool look.


Samurai Bun

Man bun has caught a lot of attention recently. With the whole lockdown thing, this has given everyone a chance to grow out their hair for once. This has given a rise in popularity to man buns. Tie up the hairs at the end to get the top knot. This Samurai bun can be truly a jaw-dropping look.


Jin’s Messy Curtain Hair

This is the reason why many Asian hairstyles men are popular. BTS member can be notorious for there coloured hair dyes. We see Jin here with a more neutral and natural hairstyle and colour.

Textured French Crop with Taper

This French crop looks great with a clean shave to create the Asian look. Higher the taper the real kick it gets.


Side Swept with Taper Fade

Side swept are very basic, but if you combine it with taper fade, it becomes the best. The quiff is carefully architected for added style points.


asian hairstyles men 2021

Zhang Kai’s Medium Crop and Side Part

A very formal cut that any man can make it shine. Here’s the man himself Zhang Kai, showing how’s it done! The wispy medium crop to go with his side part keeping it light-hearted and casual.


asian hairstyles men 2021

Triangular Brush Up

You can make an ordinary hairstyle to a fancy one. This triangular brush up is exactly whats happened here.


asian hairstyles men 2021

Dropped Tapering with Faded Temple

What if I say this hairstyle is a mix of pompadour, quiff and a brush-up? Even better with high fade and drop fade sides. Moreover the subtle line ups has thick texture, too much to handle man!


asian hairstyles men 2021

Asian Fade Haircut

Asian fades are very, I mean very popular and works well with almost every type of style and event. There are many different forms you can consider to get, whether its something edgier and badass or professional or classy. The best types of fade are the skin fade and mid fade.

asian hairstyles men 2021

For example, a low fade is very common in formal and professional places. Because it blends the hair but doesn’t expose too much of the scalp. The low fade starts just above the ear and curves around the sides and down to the nape.

Ultimately, taper fade is the hairstyle which takes the W with the best short sides, long top hairstyles for men. You can make a messy spiky hair, with a slick back fade and comb over fade, quiff, faux hawk fade or crew cut.

Tips to Make Asian Hair Thicker


Nutrition is something that is one of the most important things to get healthier hair. Its all about what you eat, eating healthy foods and less junk food.

Eat items which has high level of Biotin like almonds, eggs and sweet potatoes are great for the hair. Other foods like a juicy steak with lots or protein will also help the hair follicles grow.

Be consistent with what you eat and maintain a strict diet.


Make sure to ask an expert before using supplements. You have to use them moderately, using excess can be risky. There are a handful of supplements available in the market, which works different for different people.

Though the ones I recommend are given below.

Shampoo Less Frequently

If you think your hairs are bit rough and thin, then stop washing and shampooing your hairs every day. The shampoo will wash out the natural oils from the scalps leaving it for dryness or hair thinning or giving dandruff.

If you want to get thicker Asian hair, its important to take care of your scalp. The shampoos I recommend.

Dry Shampoo

You can always use dry shampoo on the days you feel not to wash your hairs. Mind you dry shampoo doesn’t make your hair thicker, but improves the hair quality to a great-extend.

That’s why dry shampooing your hair are necessary. Dry shampoo is great for all hair types and some Asians wash their hair every day, like me!

I don’t recommend at all to wash your hair every day, don’t try that! Like I said before, everyday washes out the natural oil, which could lead to hair thinning, which I have excess hair oil!

Hair Oils

Hair oils are great for your hairs. It doesn’t necessary works for everyone. I already have oily hairs, so, it makes it bad for me. Otherwise, it works for most of the people.

Since, almost everyone has different hair type and other needs, so, its completely fine if hair oils don’t work for you.

I do advice to try some different hair oils, with different products put in them. nowadays many different products are there from you to choose from.

These are the best Asian Hairstyles Men 2021. If you have thick hair then you can get one of these Asian Hairstyles Men!

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