30 Stylish Arm Tattoos for Men 2020


Arm tattoos for men are one of the most show off and coolest tattoos ideas you can have on your body. In fact, with arm tattoos for men you can’t go wrong or if you are drunk and stupid. The best part about the arm tattoos for men is that they can be designed to match with back, chest tattoos or even neck tattoo. The arm is the ideal spot for the most of the guys, who are getting their first tattoo.

For instance, an upper arm tattoo can be made hidden at the work and also allows your artwork to go up your shoulder and wrap around to your chest or back. Also, your outer bicep tattoos extend to the triceps, this leverages the long smooth surface. Lastly, there is absolutely no limit to cool arm tattoos designs, with mythological figures, to numerals, or your favourite artwork, different shape, sizes or colours that fit.

Are tattoos for arm popular?

Tattoos for arm have taken a huge popularity in recent times. Many people are getting inked and many have achieved almost full body percent tattoos. With tattoos people try to express their ideas, beliefs or simple for cool aesthetics.

So, if you are looking for some great ideas for arm tattoos for men to inspire you, then oh boy you came to the right place. With arms being popular inked area, I will show you some coolest arm tattoo designs for you to get inked. Some arm tattoos for men cover whole arm, forearm or whole upper arm or which covers only bicep or triceps. This post will give you a right idea about what kind of tattoo you want.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

Before getting a tattoo make sure, the place you work doesn’t bother you having visible tattoos. If this is an issue than make sure to have an upper hand arm tattoo so that you can easily cover it up. You can either choose tattoos for aesthetic issue, though many people seek to express something from this art.

Make sure to read these tattoo mistakes you can make while getting a tattoo!

How to pick tattoos for arm?

You should be aware that by getting inked on the arm means that you won’t be able to hide it, it will be visible most of the time, unless you wear long sleeves. That makes the tattoos for men can be show-off, whenever you want to do so. Tattoos for arm represents masculinity and toughness. They are personalized to accommodate your belief, taste, style and creativity. For some this creativity, art can be used to symbolize something special, memories, places and even special event or day.

The Position on The Arm

The positioning of the tattoo depends upon the size of it. If it’s a big tattoo then you can size it up with upper arm with shoulder and getting it with back tattoo or chest.

There is sleeve tattoo which covers around 75% to 80% of the arm area. Then there are tattoos which extend from shoulder to upper back space. And then there are tattoos that can cover your wholes forearm and bicep, triceps and shoulders. Once the are of getting inked has been finalized then it is the right time to decide the dimensions of your tattoo.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

Choice of Tattoo Design

After you have chosen the arm, the next decision is about the tattoo design. There are many tattoo designs, you will see some in this article too, and you can see more on the internet, magazines or even check some celebrity tattoos. Some tattoo designs, goes from arms to shoulder or even till back or chest. You have to decide, do you want a big or small tattoo or even medium size. Or make a tattoo design which can relate with other arm too or even someone else. Sleeve tattoos are inked from shoulder to wrist.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men
The 3 Decisions for Arm Tattoos for Men 2020

First decision for arm tattoos: The first decision is finding the place for getting inked. You will have to make smart choice on this, on where to get inked, as arm tattoos for men are tend to be visible and might cause a problem for you at your work place. In that case a shoulder or chest tattoo would be a better option for you as it can easily concealed during the work at ease.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

The second decision for arm tattoo: Think about the pain. Honestly, even in forearm tattoo where the pain is slightly less than other regions, it might be possible it might not lesser pain. Think of the places where the pain is lesser in comparison. On shoulder before of the muscles and fatty issue, the pain of getting inked is easier to bare, compared to wrist where there is no fatty tissue.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

The third decision tattoos for men: Once you gathered right information of the above stated decision than vary this according to your personal choice and style. Skin colour plays a role, a black and grey ink won’t pop up, you’ll have to pick some other colour scheme, and that for paler skin, they have advantage with only just dark colours.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

Chinese and Japanese Arm tattoos

Chinese and Japanese tattoo designs are very popular. They represent the Chinese and Japanese culture pretty nicely. If you love Chinese or Japanese culture, the you can surely consider them up in your arsenal. There are many tattoo artists who has perfected in the cross-culture tattoo designs.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

Cool Skull Arm Tattoos for men

Skull tattoos have been popular for a long time now. Since 90s and 80s they have been in sight. And this is an excellent skull arm tattoo, with some basic dark colour black and grey ink to create a very well-made realistic skull.

tattoos for arm tattoos for men

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