Aren’t you tired by your crush not liking you back? Your Style game isn’t just on point? Today Im going to give you 9 Clothing items to make your Crush like YOU! Yeah YOU!

1.A Fitted Sweater

Not only for all the seasonal activities going on, but also for the fact that I get to wear one of my favourite layering options…..the sweater!

In fact, I have a collection of about a dozen high quality sweaters that keep me warm, work with the rest of the clothing in my wardrobe, and look great on me!

When you think of sweaters most men think of just the classic, generic pullover they wear atop a white t-shirt or other base layer.

This is a good starting point, but there are so many other features and varieties that go into this timeless piece.

Probably the most important thing to look for when buying a sweater is the material it’s made from.

This is especially true given sweaters are usually made to help protect you from harsh conditions and cold climates. The material really does play a part in the level of warmth it will provide you.

The five buying tips are:

  •  Material
  •  Size
  •  Style
  •  Color & Stitching
  •  Price

Fitted sweaters show off your muscles.(only if you workout lol!)  Now ask yourself, what is one thing women love in a guy? That’s right, muscles. This is one clothing item you can wear that will perfectly fit your body and instantly make you more attractive. If you wear a baggy sweater it will make you look overweight, but a fitted sweater will sculpt your body perfectly and cause you to look much more desirable in a woman’s eyes.

2.A Beanie


This is one clothing piece that can work miracles for some guys, but not for others. It all comes down to your head shape. If you have a perfectly shaped head, beanies will make you look super sexy in a female’s eyes. However, if you don’t have a perfectly shaped head, a beanie will throw off your look. Figure out if wearing a beanie would enhance your attractiveness and use it to your advantage!

Choose a simple beanie.

Guys fashion tends toward a more subdued style. Sequins, bead work, and decorative stitching can be a bit too difficult for men to comfortably pull off. Knit patterns can work, but the color palate should relate inversely to the complexity of the pattern. The more intricate the pattern is the more subdued the colors should be.

Choose neon colors

if you are hunting or otherwise participating in winter activities that require you to be very visible. If your hanging around in a coffee shop, or going on a date leave the neon colored beanie at home. Neon colors are generally appropriate for practical rather than fashionable purposes.

Match the hat to your hair.

Depending on the hairstyle you wear certain approaches to head wear will be preferable. If your hair tends to be done up in the front let it peak out from the beanie.

If you put a lot of time into your hair make sure you have some visible. Remember though the beanie might unsettle your hair if you normally wear it without product, so it is perfectly acceptable to cover the entire top of your head with the beanie.

Stick it on your head.

Wearing the beanie without rolling the edges is a trendy way to wear a beanie. Generally, when wearing a beanie this way you will pull it down to cover part or all of your forehead.

3.A White Tee Shirt

white t shirt

A quality white t-shirt does a lot to your body without you even realizing it. White makes your body look thicker, and black makes your body look thinner. So, if you are a naturally skinny guy, it would benefit you to wear a white t shirt. It will make you look more buff to a woman and instantly make them more attracted to you. If you are a chubbier guy, black is the way to go.

White t-shirt gives a great look for the summer.
Layering is an art. And the white tee should be the canvas, says Laurent Coulier, head of menswear at Menlook: “Wear the T-shirt under an open casual shirt. There’s an element of tailoring involved, but the unbuttoned touch ensures your look is relaxed.”

Effortlessness isn’t the only benefit.

“Staples such as a white tee and black jeans anchor colour and prints, so feel free to mix it up,” says Coulier. “Plus, several buttons fastened around the middle can provide a more continental option.

Smart-casual dress codes can be difficult to navigate. Let a white tee be your pilot. “Tuck a crew neck tee into a pair of smart, relaxed-leg trousers,” says Coulier. “It nods to 1950s menswear, but can be updated with a pair of classic sneaks and a neutral worker’s jacket.”

If you’ve not yet dabbled in wide legs, tapered trousers work too. Just make sure the tee is snug (it helps if you know your way around a treadmill).



Every time my family went out shopping, I would look for a new pair of sunglasses that could outdo my current pair. When I finally found one that I liked and bought it, it wasn’t long until I broke it or lost it (maybe intentionally), having to buy a new pair.

Finding the right pair of sunglasses is never an easy task. All the details matter.

When searching for your perfect pair, it’s important to ask the right questions.

  • Does it line up with your eyebrows?
  • Do the shade color match your hair? Skin tone?
  • Does the style go with the style of your clothing you wear?
  • What does it convey about your personality?

I can write a book on the art of sunglasses, and that’s not something to really brag about, just that I’m serious when I say I was obsessed with them as a little kid. Over the years I have become a connoisseur when it comes to choosing the right pair.

Make the most of your next purchase.

You don’t have to break the bank. Some of the designer sunglasses that people buy for themselves might as well cost 10 dollars with the way it looks on them. It’s not the price that matters, but how well they suit you.

If you want to get rid of dark eye circles, eye bags, or any other abstraction around the eye are, throw on a pair of shades. Sun glasses will instantly make you look more attractive because it adds a sense of mystery to you, and they also get rid of eye bags or dark circles as I mentioned previously.

A great pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your look – even if you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

The trick, of course, is knowing what the right pair is for you.

5.Black Fitted Jeans

Blue jeans

The perfect pair of jeans.

The holy grail of a man’s casual wardrobe.

Denim can be dressed up….dressed down….and worn to pretty much any event short of a black tie gathering.

So if jeans are so great, why do some men wear jeans that make them look bad?

Why do so many men find it difficult to find the perfect jeans?

3 Reasons

  • A lack of understanding of what jeans look good on their body
  • A lack of suitable styles available when they make the selection
  • Confusion about the style details such as weight, wash, and detailing.

Styles To Avoid

  • Wide leg and baggy jeans will look too loose on you.
  • Skinny jeans make you look even slimmer. They tend to be too roomy – creating a sloppy appearance and draw attention to your skinny legs.
  • High rise jeans will make your bum look flat.

What Fit To Wear

  • Slim fit, straight leg and boot cut jeans suit athletic men.
  • Low rise styles are better than high rise ones.
  • Pockets on the jeans should be small and wider set – to show off your toned bum.

If you want to know of clothing item that makes you 10x more mysterious and desirable, it’s black jeans. The color black is proven to implement thoughts of curiosity from a woman’s stand point. Also, black is just sexy. It makes you look manlier and more attractive. So, make sure you have a well fitted pair of black jeans in your closet.

6.Cropped Shorts


Shorts are a summer essential, but finding the right pair to flatter your figure and work with your body type isn’t always easy. Let’s be honest: Sometimes shorts can be the worst.

Shorts are perfect for weekend shenanigans, dog walks, the beach, the pool, barbecues, picnics, romantic walks in the park…you get the point.

Shorts are inherently casual, but that doesn’t mean they have to look adolescent and sloppy. So why do most men look so bad wearing shorts?

Well, they’re just not wearing them correctly. Their shorts don’t fit properly, and they’re not wearing the right styles.

How Shorts Should Fit

  • To make sure your shorts flatter your body type, you need to pay attention to the length AND the width (the leg opening).

Let’s start with the length…

Shorts Length

  • Just like with swim trunks, it’s crucial that your shorts don’t go past your knees. They should stop at the top of your kneecaps (at the longest).
  • I like my shorts a little shorter, so most of my short stop 2-3 inches above my knees. This is a matter of personal preference, but I don’t think any man looks good with shorts that go past his knees.

Shorts Width

Avoid this!

  • After wearing shorts that are too long, the second most common mistake that guys make is wearing shorts that are too wide.
  • Just like pants, most mass-manufactured shorts will be too wide through the leg. Unless you have thick legs, you’ll need to look for “slim fit” shorts or get your shorts tailored.
  • You want to avoid the trapezoid silhouette – where your shorts are wider at the bottom than the top. This happens when the leg opening (or circumference) or your shorts is a lot wider than the circumference of your leg.

Your shorts don’t have to be skin tight. They should be fitted and comfortable, and you should be able to move around.

Make sure you there’s a little wiggle room between the fabric and your skin, but not more than a couple of inches.

Here’s a quick list of what to avoid:

  • Cargo pockets
  • Large, bold patterns
  • Obvious branding/logos
  • Distressing (tears, rips, holes, stains)

Stick with solid colors and small scale patterns or prints. For example, if you like polka dots or floral prints, that’s totally fine. Just make sure they’re small in scale (small dots or flowers).

Especially during the warmer seasons, cropped shorts are a necessity. When you wear a quality pair of cropped shorts, it shows women that you know style and it also allows them to see your quads. Women like to see skin on guys, just like we like to see skin on women. So, if you show a little skin as well as your beautifully sculpted quads, you are in for a fun night!

7.Pull Over Shirts

These shirts are the real definition of sexy. Pull over shirts allow you to unbutton a few buttons where you can show off some chest. As mentioned previously, women love to see some skin. So, wearing one of these shirts will make a girl instantly interested in you because you look like a sexy stud.

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