How to Rock 70s Fashion for Men?

People do share a lot of throwbacks nowadays, but you wouldn’t find many people throwback of 70s fashion for men. Fashion in 70s, was adoring yet classy. Nostalgia is a funny and great thing, right? it looks back on the adoring decades, picking out timeless trends and remembering how utterly crap were they. Also, now 70s fashion for men, considered cringy and shuddering disgust. Never mind, in this article, I’ll tell you more about 70s fashion for men, and how the fashion in 70s has changed the fashion now.

mens 70s fashion

Although, I’ll tell the truth, the charge sheet is epic: male perms, chest hair were the highlights, which looked like chest hairs, all on all it was a monstrous orgy of bad taste.

There were many after-effects of 70s fashion for men, fashion in 70s particularly specialized in savage hangover. There was regret, following shame, and follow a great phrase to describe: “never again”.

1970s fashion has inspired a lot in 80s fashion and 90s Fashion. we can see many same textures and patterns.

Revival of 70s fashion for men

If the revival of 70s fashion for men has to happen, then the door of minimalist, which has sartorial equivalent of health and safety gone made. I’m sure, it’s not possible now to look like utter tool but to borrow meaningless reality TV catch phrase, “You’ve got to take risks in life etc., etc.”

70s fashion for men had lots of clean lines and neutral palettes, so we can welcome back it in menswear, that isn’t on a self-imposed fun ban. In this article, I shift the 70s fashion men through the tat to bring you the key 70s fashion trends to rock this year. The rest you can leave the rest to Tom Jones.

mens 70s fashion

What Did People Wear in the 70s?

People started to wear bold and daring outfits in 70s, which people can’t wear now. While there were many looks and eye-catching patterns and colours, interesting textures like suede, satin and corduroy. Bell-bottom, platform shoes, long collared shirts, tight tees and turtleneck sweaters and leisure suits amongst many others.

What did men wear in the 70s?

When somebody thinks of 70, they think of fitted and under tucked shirts and bell bottoms. Although that was a classic look, but there was a lot more to offer in 70s fashion men to this one look. Fashion was very varied at that time, there were no rules in the fashion game.

If you are planning to go for a 70s look then, first check your details (fittings). This guide will give you information about the 70s fashion ideas you can put in your wardrobe for a classic 70s shoot.

mens 70s fashion

Early 1970s Style

During the beginning of the 1970s, there were several main fashion groups for men. However, many overlapped in style. For example, while gents could either be part of the hippie subculture or peacock revolution, it was likely that they’d wear bright colours and bell-bottoms no matter which category they were in.

mens 70s fashion

Late 1970s looks

John Travolta’s character in Saturday Night Fever is a perfect example of Disco style for men. Three-piece suits with flared pants were popular in powder blue, white and beige.

What should a man wear in the 70s party?

70s fashion disco was very popular in the 70s. Disco styles for women, includes wrap dresses, tube top, spandex shorts and high slit skirts with chunky heels or boots.

70s fashion for men

70s Fashion for Men

70s fashion for Men was all about individuality and expression. Many traditional fashion rules were broken and androgynous looks reigned supreme. Key styles that were popular were peacock revolution, hippie and disco looks. Thanks to influx of cheap clothing, one could easily showcase what they belong to or switch between them.

70s Fashion Clothing Items which were Popular 


Corduroy, is the one fabric item, which we have inherent from 70s. Plus fabrics like corduroy are having resurgence in winter and can be worn as in suit form or through casual separates.

mens 70s fashion
Patterned Knitwear

Winters must be time of the year that you mum will beg you to wear a patterned knitwear on the school picture day have become hot property.

It’s all about the nostalgic feeling of wearing a classic vintage knitwear and giving it a modern reworking and with much better fit. Prada has let the vintage feels of the men’s knitwear.

If really want to commit to 70s vibe, stick to the theme and pick pieces with corduroy trousers, shirts and brogues to achieve a more modern take on a retro look.

mens 70s fashion
70s Fashion Hippie

70s hippie style was very popular. One of the most significant style of 70s mens fashion. although the look started in late 60s’, but peaked in 70s, making items like bell-bottoms, tie-dye tops and headband. To rock the look today try incorporating one authentic piece of few hippie inspired modern design.

70s fashion for men
Peacock Revolution

With the globalization and industrialization, business becoming booming and we saw the 1970s men beginning to dress more unconventional ways. Outfits were becoming modern, unique and with bright colours included, that revolutionized the 70s mens fashion. and the style of discovered the peacock revolution. The bold use of colours, with satin shirts, tunics, turtlenecks and bell-bottoms.

mens 70s fashion
1970s Style Trousers

Trousers have been variant in every decade and in 70s bell-bottoms were kind of thing, to exaggerate leg openings below the knee. They were as popular as denim that we now have. But popular in 70s fashion women, we still yet to see them now a brave to bin his slim cut gear and decide to sacrifice his reputation.

70s trousers
1970s Style Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are still popular and in 1970s, they were starting to popular. Although every decade has history of wearing turtlenecks.

Although they originated in 20th century for college athletes and military personal, they got popular since 1920s. They have resurfaced in 2000s too.

mens 70s fashion
1970s Style Patterns

Some turbulent days of 1960s, the following decade we saw some great style patterns and giving children and grandchildren something to cheer and laugh about, while having that reminiscence of the old times.

Geometrics, paisley, more the better the colours used. Nobody was shy in the 1970s. Your day might still have a paisley shirt, that will surely remind him of the glory days. Bee Gees, one of my favourite bands.  

mens 70s fashion
Shearling Jackets

With the use of processed fur around the lapel, the Shearling jackets, made a name for them. They have enjoyed the longevity, worn by pilots in Second World War and thanks to there extra presence of the silver screen.

And in late 70s fashion for men, they transposed the lapel into a suede shell which is as near as to 70s fashion men you can get!

mens 70s fashion

Pic Credits – Denny Balmaceda

Roll Neck

Roll Neck is edging back into this decade and have become mainstreams in recent fashion seasons. They are a more refined way to keep warm that slinging a scarf on. They truly defined fashion in 70s.

70s Hairstyles

Like every decade of fashion, there comes a hairstyle, that defines that decade. While bohemians preferred a more natural look, and disco divas opted for a shaggier cut instead. Hippies, often rocked the flowing waves. Pixie bangs were also favoured in 70s fashion women.

70s fashion

Who were the fashion designers in the 70s?

  • Halston
  • Missoni
  • Diane von Furstenberg
  • Thea Porter
  • Bill Gibb
Diane Von Furstenberg’s 1970s fashion

Diane in 1974, made herself the now-iconic wrap dress, which was relaxed, silk jersey dress that could suit every women’s body shape with ease. Available in small range in 1970s prints, she was quickly renowned most marketable designer since Coco Chanel. And by 1976 Diane had sold 5 million pieces of the dress throughout the world, she did that in 1970s. a true 70s fashion icon.

70s fashion for men
Cher’s 1970s fashion

Cher rose to fame in the 70s, as one half of the Sonny and Cher. Chery released 10 albums in 70s, damn that’s a lot. She nailed and trialled absolutely every trend that fashion in 70s had to offer, meaning she defined the 70s fashion women. And still she is considered one of the legends.

70s fashion for men
Halston’s 1970s fashion

One of the 1970s’ most popular guy, the legendary designer Roy Halston Frowick, shot to fame, with his draped gowns and the jersey halter dress. You can find him at Studio 54, accompanied by Elizabeth Taylor on one arm and Liza Minelli on the other.

70s fashion for men

So, this is the 70s fashion for men. Most of you probably won’t know much, because we are millennials, but it’s good to know fashion history, right?

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