2000s Fashion for Men

2000s, was a great time for the music industry, many musicians changed the fashion industry too. 2000s fashion trends took a toll on us all and many of the trends we swore by. Today, I’m going talk about 2000s fashion for men.

After been in this lockdown for long, everybody has started to feel nostalgic, and many found photos, many did throwback. I saw some of photos, no I’m not going show those, but I’ll show you the 2000s fashion trends.

2000s fashion for men

We’ll revisit some of the craziest but great trends or which people thought at that time, from Juicy Couture tracksuits to True Religion jeans

2000s was full of weird and attentive fashion but we feel you if you don’t remember the era of public bone-baring low-riders, its floppy newsboy caps. But there are many more ways to embrace the 2000s fashion. Read our guide to know more about the trending trends which were popular during 2000s and are getting noticed now again.

There has been numerous fashion that have revolved around the 2000s fashion and it was emblazoned everywhere: “JUICY”. The juicy tracksuits were the must have items, worn by major celebrities like the Brad Pitt, Britney, Beyoncé, every other celeb’s outfit you tore out of Teen Vogue magazine and stuck to your wall. Its just not ends at the juicy track suits, classic sportswear brands also got their two-piece game back strong. Recently, Kendall Jenner was announced as Adidas Originals ambassador.

Early 2000s fashion for men

There were many things had a huge impact on the fashion in the early 2000s. For men, the major trending looks were involved with leather jackets, a dress shirt and some chunky shoes. For women, colour palette was filled with shiny colour and reflective metallics. For inspiration, you can check out Britney Spears and NSYNC were the major trendsetters in that time. 90s fashion and 90s grunge fashion had early reasons why 2000s fashion shaped up so much.

Tight-fitting jeans were the go-to thing back then. The blue denim jeans which may bore some young wearers. Thus, fashion in 2000s were introduced with change in colours like lime green and bright yellow shades. The coloured jeans are now popular with everyone.

early 2000s fashion

Leisurewear and casual clothing become the biggest trend in early 2000s. Denim was considered a staple for women and men, going beyond jeans to shirts, hats and jackets. Common looks for 2000s fashion women were, I think crop tops, low-rise flared jeans, hoodies, cargo pants, jean, shirts, ribbed sweaters, sweatshirts and sneakers. Fashion in 2000s looks for men included denim, cargo pants, polo shirts, tracksuits, oxford shoes, flip-flop and sneakers.

If we look back at the 2000s fashion then the elegance took a battering, then the era also showed the worse name – the ‘noughties’. Read the article below to check out more about the 2000s fashion.

Justin Timberlake, NSYNC and denim overkill

Justin Timberlake was the heartthrob in 2000s, right? the 00s-era JT featured some of the bangers of the 2000s with his band NSYNC, he picked up this from another heartthrob boy band Backstreet Boys and made some great pops. But the clothes weren’t the best thing in the game.

The worst thing that happened in 2000s was the denim obsession and JT and the boys loved the freaking stuff. Asa going beyond the obsession with double-denim, which they insisted one random jean patches all over the shop.

And there are lot of blokes in their forties walking with male-pattern baldness, is that a thing as a style? NO! It’s just that their hair snapped off in the great gel avalanche of 2000s.

It was a period where hair gel would be peaking in every boy’s room. The likes of liberty X and 5ive were the main offenders!

The 2000s fashion had its bizarre and particular trends, for better and for worse, the millenniums has started to pick them up again, with their own style. Although anyone who saw their own old photos of past certainly had sworn to not to do them again. Yet the fashionista’s of today always come back with a new entire look.

2000s fashion is often described as a great mixture of old vintage and ethnic, as well as for numerous music-based subcultures. The hip-hop in general was very popular, EMO and punk look also become very popular among the celebrity look.

It was a great time for people in their twenties to adopt a new style as smart casual type. The globalization has incorporated in the trends of the decade from different continents styles, such as in Middle East and Asian countries.

In the early 2000s, there was a shift from the 90s fashion to introduction of the new trends of 2000s. recently, we saw a large-scale revival of the clothing designs from 70s, 80s and 90s era.

Many 80s and 90s fashion had carried over to 2000s fashion. For women, crop tops were replaced by camisoles and skirts gave to bubble skirt and sweater dresses. There was also a revival of ripped jeans, animal prints worn with sandals and headbands. Although the look that gained the most popularity was the oversized look.

In mid 2000s fashion, it was mixed with a bit of 1960s and 1980s throwback, with black leather jackets, slim jeans, Ed Hardy T-shirts, flannels and sweaters. They were also a time for dad hats, aviators were everywhere, motorcycle boots. The men’s suit designs were seen from 80s inspired looks.

Pop stars like the Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and many boy band groups made the 200s fashion memorable. Some of the stars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber rose to fame in late 2000s.They all had some part in the 2000s fashion which they later styled in 2010s onwards.

Late 2000s fashion for men

Many styles from early parts carried over to latter parts (not that we are proud), with a few expectations. Men’s 2000s fashion was a mix of 1980s fashion and 1920s throwbacks. With black leather jackets, slim cut jeans, overcoats, flannel shirts, V-neck sweaters and Ed Hardy t-shirts. Dad hats were famous, wayfarer or aviators, motorcycle boots, Vans, converse or sneakers. Power suits mens also update from 80s to have a slimmer tailored cut.

If you’re not a small child selling papers on the street corner in 1905, you shouldn’t be wearing a newsboy cap. That’s as true now as it was in 2005.

late 2000s fashion men

What 2000s look are you going for?

But if you are reading this article, you are looking for 2000s style, so make sure to hold on, read the whole article. Many 2000s clothing trends start to worn out till the late 2000s, but rise of fast fashion and many affordable clothing brands, and celebrities growing influence as style icons.

2000s fashion men

As with all the decades in past, trends and looks changed as the decade was coming to end, so if you want to put an outfit together, don’t think a tracksuit from 2001 will do the work. There were many 2000s fashion trends that came and pass by quickly. Then if you are going for a particular look, be sure to style it right.

Famous 2000s fashion for men Outfits

The Good And (Mostly) Bad of Men’s 2000s Fashion for men

There were many fashion blunders especially for men. This era has too bad reputation which isn’t hard to believe when we remember necklaces, outrageous hairstyles and the multiple popped collars (I mean why they exist). But there are many styles from 2000s coming back and actually worth discovering.

2000s fashion men
2000s fashion men
Low-Rise Jeans in 2000s fashion for men

In the early 2000s, low-rise jeans were very popular, the back-middle belt look, it was the most wore thing in junior and high schools across the country.

2000s fashion for men

Cardigans have very fine line between them, which is deemed acceptable and absolutely not. Cardigans are very tricky to pull off, there’s should be someone style-savvy human to show how it’s done. Ever seen the O.C.’s Seth Cohen, aka fictional influential leader of 2000s geek chic.

2000s fashion for men
cardigan in 2000s fashion women
Sweatbands Major 2000s fashion for men

Sweatbands had a bizarre crossover appeal, either going to a party or gym or any sport. It became a huge hit in hip-hip style, they were like the batter’s gloves in the 90s. If you are punk or emo fans, then sweatbands shouldn’t be unknown to you, they were the ultimate accessory for them. But now, sweatbands have now become a part of sports inspired trend.

2000s sweatbands
Streaky Hair Highlights

Uh, I still see some people with them, but your favourite boy band had them. everyone had them, especially your barber. For some months, I’m sure you also had them. Sure, in retrospect the style looked obnoxious but at that period of decade they looked cool and like your hairs were sun-kissed. check out these eboy haircuts for some inspiration.

Streaky Hair Highlights 2000s fashion men
Velour tracksuits

Many famous brands like adidas or expensive brands like Gucci have started this tracksuit trend again. But this trend back into the depths from whence it came, even Drake attempted this at his birthday party, can’t do the damage done in te past. We are looking for Eminem and Juicy Couture.

Still many brands are selling these tracksuits with all the pride but many brands also dropped this menswear clothing vibe.

velour tracksuits fashion in 2000s
Livestrong Bracelets

If you don’t have a bracelet or a band still on your wrist, then you are most probably not from 90s. they were huge hit at that time. If you have never seen this iconic yellow, then you are missing out, everyone had these rubber bracelets. Not that it makes a difference everyone having the same thing to wear, but wearing it everywhere—it’s one of the key philosophies of the new millennium, right?

2000s fashion mens
All-Over Prints

You can’t go 2000s fashion for men, without all-over prints. Brands like Bape and Billionaire Boys Club helped to all over prints onto everything they see as wearables, t-shirts to hats to generally everything.  Repeating icon or trendy graphic, coupled with pastel colours, these made the streetwear awesome at that time but not now although, this make sure everyone knew your personal style from at least two miles away.

all over print
Big Face Digital Watches

These 1980s trend was coming back in 2000s, with these big face digital watches. 80s had these giant Casio or G-shock. The bigger the watch face the better when it came your timepiece. They are very loud-as-hell colourway, these watches rock if you didn’t make a ton of cash.

Big Face Digital Watches


Scene styles became popular and heavily influenced the rave and punk fashion. This look involved biker jeans, hoodies, shirts and studded belts. With hairstyles like emo styles and spike and coloured hair played a huge part.

2000s fashion men

Rappers had a big influence in the fashion with their own clothing lines in 2000s, Jay-Z, Nelly, Diddy and 50 cent, many included baggy jeans, tall and long t-shirts, velour suits, bubble jackets and puffer vests paired with sweatbands, headbands, boots and sneakers, the major Adidas Superstars.

hip hop 2000s fashion trends

Streetwear is usually focused in casual clothing, like jeans, sneakers and basic tees. In the late 2000s, many popular streetwear styles included distressed skinny jeans, loose tops, tracksuits, track pants, graphic t-shirts, hoodies, thrift tees and Timmy Hilfiger and US Polo Assn brands. Sneakers were also had an important part of the look, the Nike Air Jordan and Adidas Yeezys. Shoulder bags were also a popular accessory for men.

2000s fashion men
The EMO Guy

Emo fashion trickled into the mainstream, youtuber Logan Paul did an emo in one of his videos.


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Emo is mix of goth and punk styles. Outfits were often black with skinny jeans, band t-shirts, belts and checked Vans. No emo outfit was complete without the outrageous hairstyle, most common were choppy cuts with long side-swept bands dyed black, blonde or bright colour.

emo look

When the athleisure trend came, clothing blurred the lines between gym and outfits you would wear to be seen in. While the boy band NSYNC preferred to rocky slouchy, often velour, tracksuit all the time, today’s trend showcases a more tailored fit.

In fact, Supreme created a collection that featured a velour tracksuit very reminiscent of the 2000s era. But because of these brands, you can look magazine ready in a lazy lounge outfit!

tracksuits fashion in the 2000s
Cargo Pants

One of the items in this list, which is not terrible, you either love or hate cargo pants. Now, cargo pants are now more streamlined and looks classic. We have come long from ridiculously oversized, baggy cargo pants that always looked like they were about to fall down anytime. You can easily pair with simple t-shirt or crewneck sweatshirt and sneakers for that effortless street style cool vibe.

cargo pants 2000s fashion for men
Skater Style


Before Segway, skates or skateboard or also called Eboy style were very famous, everyone had those, and had Vans. However now this style has become evolved into more punk rock. Avril Lavigne, really does justifies the skate style. While 2000s look required more baggy jeans, chains, sneakers, but now trends have become silhouette, less baggy jeans and some good old Vans.

skater style 2000s fashion for men

So, here is 2000s fashion for men, do you like the 2000s fashion trends? Some of you may not like it but feel embarrass while seeing your old photos, but, hey, those were famous at that time!

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