Do you which clothing is the most basic and still looks the best?? Plain White T-Shirt. That’s why I have tips on What to wear with white t shirt.

White T shirt with cargo pants

Cargo Shorts

Plain White T-shirt Most Basic But Most Stylish!!

White T shirt

Baggy Hipster

The venerable white tee is a fundamental part of a man’s armour, like good shoes, a decent haircut, and shining pearly whites.

This foundational item is in plentiful supply, with a range of cuts and weaves for fussy or oddly shaped dressers. As a cornerstone of the male wardrobe, most guys can and should get well acquainted with them at some point. White t-shirts are a low-cost staple that you can wear with just about anything.

You might be thinking white tees are as boring as it gets, but finding ways to incorporate them is about as straightforward as Vegemite on toast.

If your inspiration is running a bit low, the five below options will hopefully inspire a shopping expedition that’ll put you in good stead for all-season sartorial victory.

A white men’s t-shirt is the staple item you can never own enough of. To what our Editors consider a key piece for your wardrobe, we have curated the definitive guide on how to get the most out of it, and alternatively what to wear with white T shirt while looking stylish.

Printed White T-shirt and Overcoat


Overcoat with White T shirt

Overcoat with White Tshirt

You can’t go wrong with a classic T-shirt and an overcoat. Perfect for the in-between seasons, this ensemble offers a timeless aesthetic with an unexpected twist. Pair this with jeans or trousers, sunglasses, and you’re set. No matter the colour of the outer layer, you’ll be the most stylish man in the room.

White T-shirt and Vest
Vest and white T shirt

Vest and Tshirt

Unleash your inner rockstar with a white T-shirt and a vest. Whether it’s denim, dark or something colourful, these are a great way to freshen up an outfit without wearing too much. Opt for a style with buttons, made of cashmere or wool, and you’re going to look like a million dollars everywhere you go!

White t-shirt and Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans with white tshirt

Baggy jeans with tshirt

Keep it casual and fresh in a pair of baggy jeans and a clean white tee. Whether you roll the bottoms up or you let them hang loose, this ensemble is an excellent option for every day. Pair the two with a blazer or an overshirt, and you’ll be ready for any event throughout the year.

White T-Shirt Under A Shirt

denim with white tshirt

denim with tshirt

White t-shirts and denim button-ups are like those two guys in your friendship group – on their own they’re decent company, but put them in a room together and they turn into rockstars. Combining a plain white tee and some form of denim – a shirt or jacket – has been a war winning strategy for guys since forever.

David Beckham is the leading man of the denim-tee marriage, usually relying on a dishevelled-but-not-sloppy aesthetic that is probably harder to pull off than it looks. Because you’re relying on basics that won’t date as seasonal trends invariably change, this option has a heap of mileage regardless of season.

Layering a white tee and denim shirt with a jacket-scarf pair will keep you stylishly insulated when it’s too nippy to rock solo. In summer, it’s as simple as rolling up the sleeves with a pair of navy chino shorts.

White T-Shirt With Jeans


Adam Levine Wearing jeans with white tshirt

Adam Levine Wearing jeans with white tshirt

As an alternative to chinos, a pair of smart jeans with a tucked in white tee will let you dip your toes in formal waters but keep you miles away from the risk of overdressing.

This manner of dress carries across the seasons, whether you rock it on its own in the brutal no man’s land between November and February, or add layers when it cools down. You should look for pants without belt loops and raised fronts.



White T-Shirt With Knitwear

White Tshirt with Knitewear

Further proof of the white-t-shirt’s versatility: not only does it look good on its own, it looks good layered under most anything you want to put on top of it, including this heavy winter knit.

There’s something about the contrast that’s cool – take a warm weather garment, throw it under something that’s decidedly more suited to less balmy months, and you’ve got a recipe for fashion magic.

White T-shirt and Black Trousers

What to wear with white t shirt

White Tshirt with black trouser

For the events where jeans just won’t cut it, why not pair a plain T-shirt with some black trousers? Combine the casual appeal of the shirt with the classic suit pants, and you can style the rest to suit the occasion. From a smart casual event to a catch up with friends at a bar, you can’t really go wrong in this stylish ensemble!

White T-shirt and Double Breasted Suit

What to wear with white t shirt

White Tshirt with double breasted coat

Combine a formal design with a laid-back edge in a double-breasted suit and white T-shirt. The contrast of the two styles creates a stylish outfit that can flatter a massive range of occasions. This minimalistic aesthetic works great in smart casual events or if you’re headed to a business casual function. For warmer months, light shades of cream or stone look the best. It’s an easy way to dress up or down in any place and looks great on everyone.

White T-shirt and Layering

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Experiment with your style by adding some layering into the mix. You can’t go wrong with a white T-shirt, so why not mix things up a bit. A patterned shirt with jeans and leather jacket creates a retro feel to any outfit. Whatever you choose, let your creativity shine through!

White T-shirt and Scarf

White Tshirt with Scarf

White Tshirt with Scarf

When the mercury drops, and it’s time to rug up, why not consider a T-shirt and scarf? From small and thin styles to something chunky and funky, there are so many ways you can rock this look. Use this accessory as a way to spice up or complete an outfit.

White t shirt with shorts


Most basic for the summer casual. Whether going for meeting or beach looks great on both the occasions

High Waisted trousers with White Tshirt

high waitsted

high waisted

What to Wear with White T Shirt

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. A white T-shirt gives you the perfect canvas to try something new
  • Clean a white T-shirt with other whites to avoid colour run.
  • Layer bold patterns and shades with a white T-shirt to make the outfit pop
  • Look fresh by pairing a white T-shirt with other pale shades. This looks best in the warmer months.
  • A classic crew neck should be your go-to basic T-shirt.


So that’s what to wear with white t shirt for MEN! These are super simple combinations! So don’t worry they wont cost a huge price tag!


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