Let’s face it. We all want to be “cool”. and “how to be cool in college”








But not at the expense of being fake…right?








So how do you become the coolest guy in the college….








…while STILL being yourself?








Now today’s article & video will give you two tactics to being cool.








1. How to be cool in college (what items to wear that signal cool)








2. How to ACT cool (what behaviours to master)








But why does it matter?








Because men that come off as cool are viewed as more attractive & more powerful.








Who doesn’t want that?








1.Stand Up Straight















Looking cool starts with a strong presence. It’s how well you carry yourself in front of others. Having a good straight posture when you’re standing up (or sitting down on many occasions) is crucial here.








Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy reveals certain body language gestures that can signal weakness or timid-ness:








  • Slouching
  • Slumping
  • Making yourself look small








Avoid these gestures and always check whether you’re doing them subconsciously.








2.Don’t Try Too Hard















Less is more when it comes to showing who’s boss. You’re not going to impress people if they feel your words and actions are contrived. The key is to do fewer things… and do them effortlessly.








Just  Think about it – what makes every James Bond character so iconic? Is it the fact that he fights bad guys and saves the world? A lot of cops and secret agents have the same job. But only he can do it like its no big deal.








3.Wear Stylish Shades 















That’s right – sunglasses are cool. They aren’t just used for blocking  out UV light and protect your eyes. To find the ideal shades is like finding the right hairstyle. It complements your face and brings out your personality.








4.Rock a Leather Jacket 















These days we still love the old suit and tie, which makes sense since it always looks classy. But we shouldn’t forget its casual counterpart – the leather jacket.








For many centuries leather was a rare commodity that only the wealthy got to wear. And when leather jackets came around they brought a perfect mix of function and style. They offered warmth and protection from colder weather. They were used for those funky wardrobes back in the middle-to-late 20th century. Those wearing them were the original “bad boys” who weren’t afraid to rebel.








5. Get Jeans That Fit Well 















Everybody has a pair of jeans. We all know how convenient and fashionable they are. But unlike most shirts and shoes – getting well-fitted jeans isn’t a straightforward task.








To become the coolest guy in jeans you need to consider the different fitting factors:








  • Waistline measurement
  • Inseam measurement
  • Fit style (thigh and seat proportions)
  • Leg cut (change in pant leg size from top to bottom)
  • You should see how broad your thighs are compared to your calves. You want just enough room in both the front and back areas of your torso. All these things depend on your body structure.








6. Add Some Stubble 















You might think clean shaven is the most “proper” look but every man needs a little facial hair. I’m not saying you should grow a full beard – just stubble from a couple of days without shaving.








There are studies that reveal women find short-length stubble the most attractive type of facial hair. Some traits associated with it are maturity, aggression, and dominance.








Obviously, you don’t want any drastic changes to your usual appearance. Or maybe your work discourages full-grown beards. But a bit of stubble is just right. It’s the look of a stylish modern-day alpha male.








7.Walk into A Room & Know People 








For being how to be cool in college, You’re automatically seen as the cool guy in the room when you reach out to familiar people and act like you know them well.








So what does this means? You should be more socialize and interact with everyone on normal basis not too creep. It’s also about exuding the kind of vibe you give off when you meet an old friend. The trick is being effortless.








If you can proactively make the whole group of guests feel comfortable – that’s a massive number of cool points under your belt.








8. Assume Everyone Likes You








This one involves a “mind over matter” kind of power. Dont think what people may say about you, if you are confident they will automatically fall for you. In a way, the same principle applies here (but not as visually extreme).








Believe that you’re well-liked. But don’t go giving a stranger or acquaintance a big hug! You don’t want them taken aback by the sudden gesture of closeness. Assume they like you – but not that they’re on the same level as your actual friends. You should still respect their space.








9. Know The Rules & Break them








Some rules are meant to be broken – or there’s a right time and place to disregard them.








Many might feel strange wearing a multi-colored suit. But Daniel Craig’s Bond in Skyfall makes the clash between a midnight blue tuxedo and a black shawl collar work. He owns that unorthodox style knowing he’ll be looked at the same way. It just makes him even cooler. So figure out which rules you can break and what types of fashion you can pull off.








Or maybe you’re going on a first date and hear it’s best not to discuss your work life. I disagree – what you do for a living is important. Shouldn’t you know each other’s day-to-day situation if you want a serious relationship? You’ve got to let those details out if you really want to impress. Nobody wants to waste time with a facade of someone. Be open about yourself.








10.Know When To Drop The “Cool” Attitude















Never try to be too cool, you should know when you have to got be stop and try not to over-duo anything. You need to remind the crowd that you’re a human being and not some robot with a pre-programmed agenda. This is how you go from “one of those cool guys” to “an awesome guy.”








So these are the tips on how to be cool in college and behaviour ways to play smart!








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